How Many Steps in a Kilometer?

How Many Steps in a Kilometer
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How many steps in a kilometer? – A simple question that is usually asked by people all over the world. There are different reasons why one may want to know that how many steps are in one kilometer. Don’t worry your reason may be any today we will talk about it in detail.

How Many Steps in a Kilometer?

During walking an average person takes between 1240 to 1800 walking steps in 1 kilometer. Results change as the stride length changes. While running because the stride length increase, an average person takes 400- 1240 running steps per kilometer.

Stride length of An average person is approximately 2.1 to 2.5 feet.

The benefit of knowing steps

Knowing the steps will make it easy for reaching the desired goal. Walking 20000 steps in a day will become very easy when you know the steps needed to cover the distance.

For covering the 10 km or 8.4km distance an average person will take around 12000 steps.

Factors affect the measurements of steps

Stride length and step length


Stride length and step length are the two main parameters used by coaches to analyze athlete performance. And by doctors to diagnose the injury.

What is stride length?

Stride length is basically the distance covered by each foot to complete the step.
Let’s see it through an example

  • Stand still, and then step your right foot forward.
  • Then step your left foot forward in front of your right foot.
  • The distance covered during this process is your stride length.

To calculate the exact distance, start measuring the distance from the starting point which is the toe of your left foot, and end at the ending point which is the toe of your left foot.

What is step length?

Step length is the distance covered within taking the one step forward by you with one foot.
Let’s learn with an example

  • Stand still in a position so that your both feet are together in the same position (no one ahead of the other).
  • Now, take your left or right foot forward as a step.
  • The distance or motion performed during this process is the step length

To get the distance right, start measuring the distance from the heel of your behind foot to the heel of your front foot, or you can measure from the toes of your feet.

To calculate your stride length and step length you have to apply a formula.

Walking 3000 steps in a day for an average person are declared as normal by studies. Challenging yourself for more than 3000 steps in a day has great health benifits.

Step length calculation-

To calculate the step length

  • Mark the starting and ending point and start walking from that mark(starting mark).
  • Count your footsteps and keep counting to the endpoint.
  • Now divide the distance covered from starting mark to end mark in feet by no. Of footsteps, you took to cover that distance. [Step length= distance in feet÷footsteps]

Let’s take an example to understand it more- Suppose the distance between the starting point and ending point is 30feet, and it took you 20 steps to cover the distance. Then your stride length would be 1.5 feet.

Stride length calculation-

To calculate the step length

  • First, divide the steps with 2 (because the distance counted in step is of a single foot, and whereas in stride both feet distance is counted as one).
  • Suppose your steps are 20, then dividing it by 2 will give you 10 as strides.
  • Now divide the strides in this case 10 by the distance measured(30 feet). [Stride length=distance in feet ÷ stridesStride length= 30 ÷ 10 = 3

How many steps does it take you to walk a km?

If we go by the average statics of person footsteps in a km, which is 1200, and there are 3280 feet in one kilometer.

To measure the steps you take in one km. Walk for one kilometer. And then divide 3280 feet by your step length. Suppose your step length is 2 then dividing it by 3280 feet you will get 1640.
( You take 1640 steps in one kilometer).

Tip: To find accurate and more precise result, increase the distance. So, if your distance is 30feet increase it up to 80feet.

How many strides does it take you to walk in a km?

How many footsteps a person takes to cover a distance is usually depends on the stride length and step length but, there are some normal factors that can make a difference in
measurements of footsteps.

  • Height
  • Age
  • Illness or injury

Illness and injury are exceptional in this case, but there are surveys and studies which give you some basic information about how many footsteps you will take to cover the particular distance.

Measurement of steps by height

Many people or professionals have believe that height contributes more than 40% percent in stride length. Although it is not completely proved correct, some studies have also shown that the 40% number is just far from the truth. But still, you get a rough idea of a person’s stride length by his/her height.

Below is the basic chart or rough outlook of stride length according to person height.

Height in feet Footsteps per km
5 feet 1571
5 feet 1 inch 1545
5 feet 2 inches 1520
5 feet 3 inches 1496
5 feet 4 inches 1473
5 feet 5 inches 1450
5 feet 6 inches 1428
5 feet 7 inches 1407
5 feet 8 inches 1386
5 feet 9 inches 1366
5 feet 10 inches 1346
5 feet 11 inches 1328
6 feet 1309
6  feet 1 inch 1291
6  feet 2 inches 1274
6  feet 3 inches 1256
6  feet 4 inches 1240


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Measurement by Walking, jogging, running, and sprint

Steps Walking Jogging Running Sprint
500 0.275 km (275m) 0.4 km  (400m) 0.525 km  (525m) 0.650 km (650m)
1000 0.55 km (550m) 0.8 km (800m) 1.1 km (1100m) 1.3Km (1300m)
1500 0.825 Km (825m) 1.2 Km (1200m) 1.625 Km (1625m) 1.95 Km (1950m)
2000 1.1 Km (1100m) 1.6 Km (1600m) 2.15 Km (2150m) 2.6 Km (2600m)
2500 1.375 Km (1375m) 2  Km (2000m) 2.675 Km (2675m) 3.25 Km (3250m)
3000 1.65 Km (1650m) 2.4 Km (2400m) 3.2 Km (3200m) 3.9 Km (3900m)
4000 1.925 Km (1925m) 2.8 Km (2800m) 3.725 Km (3725m) 4.55 Km (4550m)


Frequently asked questions

How many steps per km?

1250 are the total steps an average person takes per km.

How many steps in 2 kilometers?

It takes 2500 steps for an average person to cover 2 km.

How many steps in 5 km?

An average person takes 6250 steps in 5 km.

How many steps in 10 km?

An average person takes 12500 steps in 10 km.

How many steps in 12 km?

An average person takes 15000 steps in 12 km.

How to measure the footsteps

The best way to measure the footsteps is by counting yourself without any tech technology, because of inaccuracy.

  • App – measuring the footsteps with help of a mobile app is the easiest way out there. To
    do so you have to install a particular app that will count the distance and footsteps with the help of GPS. For more accurate results prefer open areas, over, complicated Zig Zac
    routes. Because of the GPS signal, it may count the extra or fewer steps, depending on the signal.
  • Pedometer watch – Watch is the other easiest way but the only demerit of this is that
    usually, Fitbit watches show inaccurate results without the motion of your arms, and you
    have to spend some money first. But don’t worry, pedometer watches are not usually
    expensive if you compare them with other watches. Some of the best pedometers watch out there are –

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  • Walking on a measured track – This is the best way to get accurate measurements of your steps if have time. To do the measurements walk on a track because tracks have
    always a calculated exact distance and that is 400metres. Take one walk around on
    the racing track while calculating the steps in your mind. Do this process twice to get promising results, and most of the time the result is accurate. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

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