Does sleeping in the afternoon increase height

Afternoon naps are the most pleasant and relaxing than the night sleep. It is a common phenomenon that is not limited to any age group. From Newborn, adults and old people all love to sleep in every part of the world. So, this raises a question, is sleeping in the afternoon is bad or good, and Does Sleeping in the Afternoon Increase Height? To answer this question we have asked a certified sleep consultant to explain how sleep affects our body and why most people love to sleep in the afternoon?

Without any further delay, let’s answer your all questions that are bugging you.

Does sleeping in the afternoon increase height?

Yes, afternoon sleep has effects on physical growth and height. A single afternoon sleep will not have any effect on your height growth. But over the long term, it affects the growth of certain individuals. That’s because our body produces growth hormones when we sleep. You may have heard in your childhood, parents telling you to sleep if you want to grow taller. Many of us didn’t believe it then, I always thought this is used to trick me to stop messing around and also if I am sleeping my parents can do their work quietly. Although I love to sleep, so there was no worry for my parents to ask me to sleep, most of the time I was sleeping.

So, is there any way that afternoon sleep could change my height and make it grow?


According to experts, it is a fact that our body produces growth hormones during our sleep, no matter if you are sleeping in day or night. When we sleep our pituitary glands produce growth hormones and add them into your body’s bloodstream. This affects our growth as it has a direct effect on our bones, they thicken, strengthen, and lengthen little by little. At this point, you know that afternoon sleep boosts our height and improves our physical growth. Now we know how Does Sleeping in the Afternoon Increase Height.

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Does zero afternoon sleep equal zero height increase?

Even if you don’t sleep in the afternoon, you are still going to sleep at night. Physical growth is not dependent on which time you sleep but it depends on how much you sleep without any disturbance. According to experts, your body produces more growth hormones when you sleep than you are awake. So, we say that you grow more when sleeping than you do when you awake. Afternoon sleep is an extra hour in your sleep cycle and an extra hour of sleep will directly influence the growth hormone in your body. So, if you don’t have an afternoon nap, you releasing of growth hormone decrease which is not good for your physical growth.

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How much Afternoon Sleep is good for your height growth?

It looks like a silly question to ask, as we mentioned above sleep is good for your health and well-being. When we are in deep sleep our mind and body relax which promotes our psychological functions and metabolism. Good sleep without any disturbance promotes the health of every organ, cell, and mind.

You may have seen it, babies sleep more than 16 hours because it’s their physical and mental growth time. The best way to boost their growth is with a healthy diet and good sleep.

So in the end, regardless of day or night you can sleep at any time and grow Your height along the process.

If you are a frequent afternoon sleeper, you have to make sure that you don’t overdo it as there are some drawbacks of afternoon sleep. But first, let’s see the benefits of afternoon sleep.

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Benefits of Afternoon Sleep

There are multiple benefits of afternoon sleep but this time plays an important part. Afternoon nap, the most common term used for the short duration of sleep in the afternoon (mostly between 10-30 minutes), and if your sleep exceeds this time limit it has different benefits and drawbacks.

Benefits of afternoon naps between 10-30 minutes

  • According to a sleep consultant taking a short nap increases memory and lighten up your mood.
  • Reduced fatigue is one of the prime benefits of the afternoon nap.
  • It is good for people with anger issues as it calms our nervous system.
  • Reduce stress hormones in the body and relaxing your mind.
  • Increase alertness and reaction time if any activity.

Benefits of afternoon sleep longer than 30 minutes

It has all the benefits we mentioned above, but there is an additional benefit which is one of the primary factors of why afternoon sleep for 30 minutes is better.

  • Napping during the day diminishes homeostatic sleep drive.

Hemostatic sleep drive is the scientific term used to indicate the sleep pressure. When we have a good night sleep our body relaxes and hemostatic sleep drive pressure decrease, but as we continue in our day of hard work and stress, it starts to increase. It can only be reduced with a good sleep. Of our afternoon sleep is shorter than 30 minutes, hemostatic sleep drive doesn’t fully decrease and we may have fatigue, bad mood, and an increase in stress. So to avoid all this it’s better to have a good afternoon sleep more than 30 minutes, but make sure it does increase more than 2 hours. As long hours of afternoon sleep can interfere with our ability to fall asleep at night.

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Drawbacks of Afternoon Sleep

Afternoon sleep has more advantages but it lacks in some categories.

  • Sleep Inertia – sleepiness after waking up from sleep. It could interfere in your work, it decrease your alertness and concentration for half-hour.
  • Night sleep problems – 30-minute naps do not have any effect on your night sleep but afternoon sleep more than 30 minutes could create drastic changes to your night sleep patterns.


If you have insomnia or poor sleep at night, you have to stop sleeping in the afternoon as it could worsen your sleep at night. But if you are in desperate need of sleep in the afternoon as you are sleep deprived, you could follow these steps to improve your afternoon sleep.

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How to take the Best Afternoon Nap

Few steps that will boost your afternoon nap if you experience insomnia or have poor night sleep problems.

Set a timer – It is the only way that could benefit you from your sleep problems. Set a timer for 15 minutes ( not longer than that at any circumstance). In this time disconnect yourself from this world and remove any thoughts ( kind of like meditation) you don’t have to think about anything.

Naptime – There is no perfect time for you take nap, but according to studies, it is stated that 1 – 3 is the best time for you take nap. But can choose, which is convenient for you.

We hope you have the best Nap of your life!

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