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How to Tell if Your Glutes are Growing?

how to tell if Your Glutes are Growing
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Growing a nice round butt or glutes is not an easy task unless you are genetically gifted. But anyone can grow their glutes by doing exercises and taking good nutrition. The only question that pops into our mind when we see ourselves daily in front of the mirror is that- are my glutes growing? And which leads to today’s article topic which is how to tell if your glutes are growing?


● How to tell if your glutes are growing?

● Signs that show your glutes must grow

● Signs that show your glutes will not grow

● Natural errors that stop the growth of your glutes


How to tell if your glutes are growing?

Compare before and after pictures

The best thing to do is to compare the old and present pictures. Always take before picture because you will never see changes by yourself easily, so the best way is to take a before picture and compare it with another picture month later, and you will definitely see the difference in your glutes if they are growing or not.

Check the pant waist

The first thing you can experience if your glutes are growing is a change in your pant waist fitting. If you see the pant is getting a little bit tighter it means your sweet is paying off.

Measures with measurement tape.

The one common thing you can do is measure it yourself with measurement tape. Just make sure you have the previous measurements.

Ask a person who has never seen you in months

Well, this the best way because usually, people can pick the physical change in the human being quick than any emotional or internal change.

So you can ask your friend or family member with whom you don’t meet regularly because he is the person who can experience the change, rather than asking people who you meet regularly in the gym or at the workplace because they can hardly pick the physical change because the growth process is slow and it is difficult to measure the little difference daily.


Signs that show your glutes must grow

You are doing heavy squats

Well, if you are going heavy in the gym with squats. Then, you are basically breaking the muscle tissue which is a must for any muscle growth.

Make sure you are adding weight in every set. And also avoid doing 15 or repetition of squats if you want your glutes to grow because then it becomes the overuse of a muscle which usually leads to injuries(knee pain, lower back pain, etc) because of heavy load on your back.

Instead do 8 reps of every set. You can increase the set maximum to 4 sets to really hit the glute muscles.

You are on a caloric surplus

If you are high on calories that is a good sign because you need more calories than you burn out in a workout. And if you are doing heavy squats then it demands a good heavy diet for you to feed that muscle.

Eating required protein

If you’re are eating a required protein according to your weight, then it is a sign that your muscle will grow because protein is consists of 20 amino acids that fill the protein blocks, and in return, protein fills the muscle blocks (the muscle tissue that is a break).

Not doing cardio

Doing cardio can be very helpful for many reasons, but not for growing glutes or nice round ass, because when you do cardio somehow you will lose the amount of muscle and fat ( Skinny with belly fat )from your body. And instead of getting the glutes bigger, you make them smaller. So, if you are not doing cardio it’s another good sign for the growth of your glutes.

Taking rest

If you are taking a good rest and giving your muscles time to recover. Basically, you are growing your muscle. Yes, rest is a must if you want to grow your glutes or any muscle. Not only bed rest, but it’s also important to take a gap of a few days between the same muscle workout.

So, if you are doing this as well. It is sure if not much, your glutes are growing at some level. Because you can not keep the genetics out of this.

Training your glutes twice a week

If you are training your glutes twice a week, then you are basically pushing it, and not letting the muscle to forget the tension which plays a huge role in muscle growth.

Although once in a week is recommended for beginners in the gym. But that only for building the muscle mind connection and getting the form right.

If you want to grow your glutes then you have to train twice a week while maintaining a sufficient gap between workouts ( Full body HIIT workout with weights ), so that muscles get time to recover.

Well, if you are already doing it then you are doing almost everything that leads to the glutes or butt growth.

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Signs that make sure your glutes are not growing

If you are trying all but you still your glutes are not growing, then it is sure that you are doing some exercises and things that you shouldn’t be.

Doing cardio every day

The one common thing you do daily is cardio. But you do it in the morning and your exercise is in the evening. Well, it doesn’t matter you still lose the muscle mass you build in the gym.

Doing heavy squats is enough because doing two different exercises will 1) make you caloric deficient, which means you need more calories 2) it will definitely use some fat and muscle mass as a fuel.

Doing bodyweight squats

The biggest mistake you can make is doing bodyweight squats when you want to grow those beasts because one way or other you are just activating your glutes, the muscle tissue is not breaking which is important if you want to build muscle.

Eating only protien

If you are eating only protein or a diet that has very few carbs and fats quantity then you are making a big mistake and you are indirectly stopping the growth of your glutes.

When you lift heavy, it demands more energy, and carbs and fats are the best sources of energy. And on the other hand, you need some fat on your glutes if you want your butt to look round unless you don’t want glutes like bodybuilders.

Training glutes once in a week

You are following the same old routine which usually prepares the muscle every week to get ready for another week.

Although some people can get results by training once a week. if you are lucky enough to have genetics like that. Otherwise, you have to train them twice to see the growth.

Also, make sure you don’t train your glutes more than two times because basically, you are pushing the muscle limit, and not giving the time to muscle for recovery, which is a must for muscle growth.


Natural errors that stop the growth of your glutes

Quad dominant

Lots of people are found to be more quad dominant nowadays. Don’t know the reason but in this, the more pressure is on quads and you train your quads all the time, and not letting the glute muscle involvement.

The common way to notice this problem is just by seeing the difference between your quads and glutes. If you find the large difference in which your glutes are too big as compared to glutes, makes you a quad-dominant person. Which is a problem that can be solved through doing specific exercises for your glutes.

Glutes are not activating

When you come to this point where you don’t feel the pump or pain or soreness in your glutes. Then it means your glutes are not activating, which usually is the sign of weak glutes.

The best way to overcome this is by doing glute stretches. Read this article for information in detail – Glute Activation Exercises at Home

Not proper form

You are doing the all thing right but the form is wrong and you are not allowing your glutes to participate in the movement.

So, check yourself in the mirror while doing squats, to make sure the position is right. Or you can take the help of your trainer.

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