Coach vs Michael Kors

Coach vs Michael Kors

Coach vs Michael Kors: Have you ever wondered which is the best among these designer fashion brands? If Yes, then you already know that these are one of the biggest names when it comes to handbags, for several decades. Both companies perform in the same sector and are suitable for men and women of all ages. 

To help you choose the perfect fashion brand for you, check out this comparison of Coach vs Michael Kors!

The main difference between Coach and Michael Kors is that the Coach features classic, elegant, retro, and vintage style handbags, with lighter tone colors, and the Michael Kors provides a more fashion approach with different designs, showing modern artwork, with glossy colors. The materials used in both brands for making handbags are different. 

In this article, you will find out what makes the Coach and Michael Kors so iconic. You will understand the differences between these two handbag products. Finally, you will find out which is a better handbag brand. 


Coach vs Michael Kors

Let’s check out which brand is better, in terms of quality, style, color, material, durability, and price.

Coach vs Michael Kors: Quality

Both brands are considered the premium choice when buying a handbag, because of their stylish design and their quality. 

Overall, the quality of both brand handbags is similar to some extent, as they both use high quality, supple, and authentic leather. Although, the quality of the handbag changes in different categories of bags, stemming from designer bags, everyday bags, tote bags, wallets, and many more. We will help you know about the quality difference, so you can get the perfect bag for your preference.  


In terms of the quality of designer bags, Coach has a slight edge over Michael Kors. This is due to the production of making vintage, classic style handbags, which are followed by expert craftsmanship, and stitching. Most the Coach handbags follow the similar consistency of building a perennial handbag that will last for many decades and withstand upcoming fashion trends. 

The increase in quality of Coach handbags, gained a higher audience in the last few years, where the people are appreciating the authentic, and long-lasting handbag designs. It is now one step closer to reaching the identical quality level as other high-end fashion brands like Gucci, Chanel, or Louis Vuitton. 

In addition, the production difference between both brands for making bags is quite different, as Coach handbags require more time to fully build a handbag. 

This includes softening the leather for a long time, ensuring that there are no shortcuts, and the design is smooth, supple, and able to last for decades. 

Michael Kors

Michael Kors is popular for its quality similar to Coach, as it also uses genuine leather. On top of that, it is widely recognized as the fashion statement of handbags. Michael Kors has built a reputation for making high-quality bags with trendy modern designs. 

However, due to the change in the design, the handbags are lacking in the handcrafted area, when compared with Coach. This statement is provided by numerous everyday consumers. 

However, the difference between the quality of both these handbags is very small, and most people can’t even spot the difference. You can only spot the difference if you know the material, stitching, and handicraft. Michael Kors was launched in 2010 and in just a few years it is now one of the topmost high-end designer bags, because of making high-quality and trendy design bags. 

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Coach vs Michael Kors: Price

The price difference for both brands Coach and Michael Kors varies depending on the product. Although on average, the price range for both brands is similar. The premium and designer goods of both brands range from $400 – $600. Some of the designs are expensive due to their style, and limited editions. 

Clutches range a bit lower aa compared to shoulder purses, in both brands where the price is between $300 – $500. 

Apart from the handbags, both brands have accessories, where shoes typically range from $100 – $175 in Coach, while in Michael Kors the price range is a little bit higher from $150 – $200.

The limited and special editions for both brands can go up between $1000 – $18000.

However, Michael Kors is very popular in the clothing category, the Coach doesn’t have enough clothing options. Michael Kors Clothing offers Premium and quality material, and stylish design, which can be easily seen by celebrities like Gigi Hadid. A dress from Michael Kors has a typical price range of $150 – $350.

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Coach vs Michael Kors: Material

Coach handbags are made from different materials, which include:

Canvas, Coated Canvas, Denim, Exotic, Jacquard, Leather, Pebble Leather, Signature Coated Canvas, Smooth Leather, Straw, and Suede. 

Every handbag made by Coach uses one of these materials, and these materials are classified as one of the best materials for handbags. In addition, these are genuine 100% materials that are naturally obtained, and man-made, thus offering more durability. 

In contrast, Michael Kors uses a very limited type of material in their handbags, which includes calf leather, Cotton canvas/leather (92% cotton/8% polyurethane), Faux leather, and Pebbled leather, and other types of Leather. In particular, Michael Kors most handbags are made from leather, while Coach handbags also use other types of material, at different price ranges and different styles. 

Both use 100% material like leather canvas, to build the strongest and most stylish handbags of all time.

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Coach vs Michael Kors: Style

Coach and Michael Kors, take a different style road where the Coach brand motto is to build classic, timeless design handbags, Michael Kors, takes the opposite approach, of building new, modern design handbags. This is the only category, where both these brands show a big difference. 

On top of that, if you want a more elegant, vintage design, and handbags that match all your outfits, then Coach handbag styles are the best. The prominent feature is that their handbag style is simple, with no additional flares, rhinestones, or big chunky initial, etc. 

In contrast, if you want to take fashion approval, and immediately shine in the fashion world, then Michael Kors is what you should buy. There is a wide variety of unique designs, that are not available in other brands. 

At last, the style choice depends on the individual, and how she wants to identify herself, as a classy woman, or fashionable woman. However, both brands will offer premium handbag quality and are in collaboration with popular celebrities. 

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Coach vs Michael Kors: Color

The color category shows the vast difference between both brands, where the Coach usually offers a broad selection of pinks and whites, or light tone colors. 

If you are in for a more vibrant color, then Michael Kors is the one you should look into. It offers a wide variety of colors from blues, purple, green, yellow, and many more. Michael Kors also has a pattern design handbag, where there are different colors mixed in structured patterns like stripes etc. 

On top of that, Michael Kors handbags are shinier as compared to the Coach, this is due to the use of shiny, darker colors, where Coach handbags sometimes look dull, due to the limited design and color availability. 

Coach vs Michael Kors: Durable

Both brands are made from high-end material, and go through an extreme quality inspection, to deliver the high-end product. However, coach handbags are considered more durable to their extreme manufacturing process, which includes several layers of softening the leather, and are built using an extremely accurate and strong stitching technique. So, a coach handbag will last more than 2-3 decades without showing any signs of damage. 

On the other hand, Michael Kors handbags are still durable as other brands, but comparatively, with Coach, these are as durable. This statement is expressed by users in different fashion forums. Despite that, Michael Kors handbags will remain the same for more than a decade. 

Where are Coach Handbags Manufactured

Earlier, Coach used to make their handbags and other accessories in New York. However, fye to the huge rise in demand for Coach goods, the production of Coach is shifted to different countries. Now, Coach handbags are crafted in Cambodia, Vietnam, and the Philippines. For limited editions, the Coach handbags are still made in a New York workshop. 

So, if you buy a special edition, you can be sure that it is made from the best quality material, and inspected under the best management team of Coach. 

Where is Michael Kors Handbags Manufactured? 

Michael Kors handbags are manufactured in China and the Dominican Republic for cost-effective reasons. However, to make Michael Kors handbags flawless, every Michael Kors handbag, and purse, is inspected thoroughly, before it is sent off to a retail store. 

Is Coach designer?

Yes, Coach is a Designer and Luxury brand. It ranks in the top 10 list of designer brands in the world which includes Yves Saint Laurent, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Chanel But, and Dior. However, Coach is still below the top-tier designer brands, but still, it is a luxury brand that offers high-quality goods. Although, it is more a reliable designer brand, which is still within reach of many consumers who want to taste the luxury goods while spending a lot of money. 

This brand is the sole reason why designer bags became popular in the 1990s,  as it was offering high-quality material and good design at affordable prices. Also, the brand is considered a designer, when people can spot the goods from its logo, and also if it is in the top tiers of fashion brands. 

Coach is a renowned handbag brand, which is popular for its craftsmanship quality, classic designs, and ability to last for a few decades without taking any damage. 

Is Michael Kors Designer?

Yes, Michael Kors is a high-end designer brand, but unfortunately, it is not considered a luxury brand. Like any other designer brand, Gucci, Prada, or Dior, has an exquisite line of expensive handbags that are not affordable for a middle-class person. However, this brand also offers a wide variety of middle-range goods, at a very affordable price, thus it cannot be considered a luxury brand. On top of that, Versace is owned by Michael Kors, thus making it one step closer to the top-tier fashion brands in the world.

The brand is all about beauty, elegance, luxury, quality, and style, and all incorporate into a sense of expression of true femininity and inner desires.

Adding all these features results in some of the products of Michael Kors, being as expensive as $2000.

Michael Kors is taking a fashion initiative, where A-list celebrities like Victoria Beckham and Halle Berry Ashley Olsen, and Kate Hudson, are collaborating with the brand. 

A brief history of Coach

Manhattan Leather Bags was the initial name of the Coach brand, and it was founded in 1941 by a couple, Lillian and Miles Cahn.  The name changed to the Coach when the founder was impressed by the Baseball Club and later made 12 showing his gratitude, with a collection of 12 handbags, which showcased like a baseball glove. From the beginning, Coach used high-quality leather to make his goods, and it featured magnificent stitch work and craftsmanship.

To rise above the competitors, they set the prices 50% less than the competing products. This led to Coach’s booming success, and collaboration with big brands like Bloomingdale’s, and Saks Fifth Avenue. 

Moreover, the Coach’s ultimate goal was to build high-quality products, and stylish, and make them affordable. Furthermore, Coach diversified its product range to include outerwear and jewelry, among other accessories.

Today, Coach is recognized as one of the top-tier handbag brands and is also ranked 497 in the list of Global Top 1000 Brands. Their current market cap of Coach is $3.29B.

Brief History of Michael Kors

Michael Kors grew up in Long Island, New York, and in his teen years, he had a keen interest in fashion. Then he enrolled in the Fashion Institute of Technology, New York, and also worked in a boutique called Lothar’s, where he started selling his fashion line. 

After this small success, he named the business Michael Kors Women’s Collection in 1981, where his collection was sold at Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman, Lord and Taylors, and Bloomingdale.

However, in 1990 his company had to declare bankruptcy. Furthermore, for 13 years he was working in different companies, as a designer, but quit his job in 2004 to build his own business. 

After he joined a show, Project Runway he was a judge and received popularity, and established his brand’s foundation. 

In the following years, he lowered his goods price,  and in 2017 he bought Jimmy Choo and Versace. 

Now, Michael Kors is recognized as one of the leading top-tier fashion brands with over a $1.3 billion market cap. 

Which is Better: Coach or Michael Kors

Both Michael Kors and Coach are the top leading fashion brands that offer products at an affordable price. In addition, the brand uses high-quality materials, excellent craftsmanship, and stitching techniques. 

Michael Kors tends to have a higher price range, but also has numerous new designs and styles. However, Coach is praised more for its quality, and they offer a more subtle, simple, and classy design. 

In durability, Coach is significantly higher as compared to Michael Kors, but it lacks trendy fashion. 

Overall, whichever company you choose, it all depends on your personal choice and the brand which suits your preference. 

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