Does hollister jeans run small?

Does hollister jeans run small

If you are going to the Market to buy jeans then Hollister jeans is one of the budget-friendly options out there. But sizing complexity with Hollister jeans is always a big headache because the sizing is odd and numbers are also sometimes confusing. So, let’s discuss the sizing of Hollister jeans and do they run small or big.

Does Hollister run small or big?

As I already discussed Hollister has a complicated sizing guide. Most of the time Hollister jeans run small, and sometimes they run true to size.

If you are going to buy skinny jeans from Hollister then it is best to go with one size up. As they will most likely fit tight on you.

However, there are high chances that Hollister jeans will fit you right if you are buying baggy, curvy, or mom jeans. Legging jeans can also fit true to size because they have some stretch to them.


Besides skinny or super skinny jeans, if you buy any other jeans from Hollister it will fit true to size. To make sure about the sizing, you can buy jeans that have some stretch.

But it is believed that there is always 50=50 with Hollister jeans. Either it will run small or it will fit true to size.

Look at the material composition that is available in the description of the jeans If you buy online. Check whether it has spandex or elastane. If it has any one of those that means Jean has some stretch to it

The complexity of Hollister jeans sizing is due to their size chart. Hollister does odd sizing in their jeans which makes it difficult to understand the sizing as mostly we are used to even sizing.

But “even sizing is also available” when I opened up the Hollister website. So, do check that before buying anything. Maybe you will see even sizing in your area when you buy online.

To make sure you receive the right fit, you can also measure your waist area, hip area, and inseam match it with the size table of Hollister jeans, and then hit the buy button.

Few people have experienced a big size problem with Hollister. If there is any person who has received a big size then that might be either they ordered a large size or they didn’t take the right measurements.

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Do Hollister jeans shrink?

In 2024 most of the jeans from different brands come as preshrunk. This means they are already shrunken before they come into the market for sale.

But does not mean they do not shrink? If you put your jeans in high heat like putting them in a dryer. Then you can expect your jeans to shrink about a size.

Hollister jeans come as preshrunk to make sure they are preshrunk you can check the website of the brand. Preshrunk jeans can only shrink about about 2 to 5%.

However, if they are not preshrunk then the jeans can shrink up to 10 to 15%. This is because jeans are made of cotton and cotton can shrink to a maximum of 20% if not preshrunk.

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Usually, when you wear the jeans they again stretch out. But if you don’t want your jeans to shrink in the first place then just wash them in cold water and let them air dry. Don’t dry them under the sun or in a dryer.

If you buy jeans from Hollister and don’t want them to get tight after washing then the better idea would be to go with jeans that have some % or elastane or spandex.

Read the material on jeans and buy those jeans that have 5 or 7 % elastane or spandex to make sure the jeans are stretchable.

You can pick any brand of jeans, if it has spandex or elastane in it then it is going to stretch. The greater the percentage of any of it in the composition of jeans the more stretch you get.

I avoid buying jeans made of 100 % cotton as they are most likely to shrink and don’t offer any stretch. I like to stretch in jeans so I always go with jeans that have 90 percent cotton and some percentage of spandex or elastane.

You should also avoid jeans that are made of polyester and cotton. They are very uncomfortable to wear.

Cotton fabric is best for jeans and denim and you should only look for that in jeans. A good pair of jeans is always 90 percent cotton.

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