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If you are looking for the best alpha male movies, we have included every movie star who played an alpha male in movies and also the stars who are alpha males in real life too. From James Bond to Don Corleone we haven’t missed out on a single movie, where a star played an alpha male.

Here are a few beat alpha male movies, check out the full list:

The Godfather

The best classic gangster movie of this century. There is still no movie that came close to catch the essence of this blockbuster movie. There are three installments of The Godfather movies and in every movie, we have not one but two alpha males. They are father and son, the alpha gene must be inherited. Don Corleone’s amazing personality and bold voice could terrify any actor facing him. According to rumors, all the supporting actors were terrified of the actor. Not in movies but in real life he is an alpha male. This is one top of our list of the best alpha male movies.

American Gangster

The movie is based on the real-life alpha male drug lord Frank Lucas. The movie features Denzel Washington as portraying the top drug lords. Every incident of the movie is based on real life incidents of Frank Lucas. The story follows around how one man fooled the FBI and the tricks he used. There is two version on Frank Lucas, one side he is a family man and on the other side he is mastermind alpha male drug lord. The true criminal never reveal his identity and this masterpiece movie is how he has done that. This movie takes second place on our list of alpha male movies. This happened to be streaming on Netflix.


Top Gun

This is the reason why we love Tom Cruise and how he played the alpha male portrayal in Top Gun. There happens to be a second installment of the Top Gun series. Top Gun: Maverik is going to release in 2021. Tome cruise plays a cocky jet pilot. One of the most favorite scenes of Top Gun is how he stands up to his superiors and never backs down and also how he flirts with Kelly McGillis that happens to be her instructor. If you have missed the best role of Tum Cruise’s life when he plays an alpha male you have missed a lot. You can stream this alpha male movie on Netflix.


Featuring Al Pacino, this Crime drama film broke all records in that decade. It is one of the best mafia movies of all time. The story follows Tony Montana ( Al Pacino) and he managed to build the biggest drug empire in Miami. His friend Manny ( Steven Bauer) and Tony face every other drug lord in the city with their alpha man attitude. Besides its great success and amazing cinematography, this film holds deep into the character of a man pursuing to be an alpha male. Al Pacino’s brilliance acting of being paranoid and a man lust after power, he is a worthy movie to watch. This amazing film is binge-worthy of Al Pacino’s lifetime movies in the alpha male movies list. 

The transporter series

Featuring Jason Statham as the action star and an alpha male that is real life. The transporter series is one of the best blockbuster movies of Jason Statham in his lifetime. The transporter series based on the life of an ex-soldier who turned mercenary

‘transporter’. His job is to move products without damaging them and killing anyone on his way who caused trouble. Everything was going great until he is tasked to save the life of women. The destination is filled with drug lords who want to kill her, the only one who can do this impossible task is our alpha male Jason Statham.

Ocean’s Eleven

Ocean’s Eleven is a 2001 heist film directed by Steven Soderbergh featuring George Clooney, Brad Pitt, and Julia Roberts. The story revolves around Danny Ocean, a gangster who assembles 11 people to steal money. The robbery takes place in the wealthies casinos of Las Vegas. George Clooney made the plan to take revenge to beat his rival Terry Benedict. Both rivals are considered as the alpha males, and to know which one wins at last. Check out this amazing film on our list of alpha male movies list. 

Gangs of New York

This 2002 Martin Scorsese features Leonardo DiCaprio in a gangster Avatar. This movie is so immense that it got nominated for 10 Oscars. The movie is based on the 1862 period and the early era of American Culture. As the name suggests, this movie feature gangsters in New York in 1860. This movie broke all the records that year with Leonardo DiCaprio’s performance as Amsterdam Vallon. Leonardo DiCaprio plays an alpha male and his motive is to rule all over new york. This alpha male movie is critically acclaimed and loved by the audience. The duo Leonardo DiCaprio and Martin Scorsese was so great, they decided to work on other projects like Avatar. Watch this amazing film on alpha male movies on Netflix. 


Another Martin Scorsese blockbuster movie bases on the gangster era in 1995. With an amazing cast like De Niro and Joe Pesci, this has to be on our list of alpha male movies. These two actors are not alpha males in films but they are alpha males in real life too. This movie was released after the huge success of Martin Scorsese Goodfellas. Martin was not looking for another gangster movie but first look at the script, he decided to make this movie. This was said by Martin Scorsese in an interview. This alpha male movie is Based on the book by Nicholas Pileggi and Robert De Niro plays Ace who runs casinos in Las Vegas and rises to the power.

James Bond Movies

The person who was the real alpha male in real life. On his life journey, all James bond movies are made. In every movie, James Bond is an alpha male. There is not a single character that could beat down the charisma of James Bond. James Bond was portrayed by several actors. Sean Connery in the 1960s, Roger Moore in the ’70s and ’80s, and Pierce Brosnan in the ’90s, and this was continued by Daniel Craig in 2006. All movies of James Bond represent him as an alpha male and every movie is watch worthy. If you want to know the best alpha male characters in movies click here.

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