Can You Wear Velvet In Summer ?

Can you wear velvet in summer

Most people dream of a summer wardrobe where you can wear anything you want, with no restrictions. And in this, I will talk about velvet.  there are some people who are skeptical that they can Wear Velvet In Summer or not?

Can you wear velvet in summer? 

Velvet is a winter and fall fabric, and is not a good pick for summer as it can elevate your sweat glands. still, it is a personal preference if you want to wear it in summer or not. Celebrities have been seen wearing velvet dresses in summer.  

There are many reasons why you should not wear velvet in the summer. But there are other scenarios also, where wearing velvet in summer is not that big a deal.

Firstly, I want you to know that, don’t get influenced by celebrities because they have to look glammy and photogenic and that is their job. But if you are a fashion lover, then  I suggest you go for light silk instead. 


Light silk is as premium and glamorous as you want it to be. You can wear it at weddings or to any function at night. 

Reasons why velvet is not good for summer

Can you wear velvet in summer

There are a few reasons why you should consider before wearing velvet in summer. 

Not breathable

The first and foremost thing is that velvet is not a breathable fabric. When I say not breathable, it doesn’t mean no air passes through it. What I mean is it is less breathable in contrast to summer fabrics. 

Velvet is basically made out of silk, cotton, wool, or synthetic fabrics. If velvet is made of wool, it will likely be very thick and increase your body temperature in summer. On contrary, velvet made of cotton, and other natural fabrics are likely to be more breathable. 

Moreover, velvet that is made of synthetic fabrics is likely to be less breathable as they are tightly woven, leaving no space for ventilation. 

Overall, velvet is less breathable if you compare it with summer fabric. If we compare it with the lightest summer fabric, linen, then it is velvet looks to increase the temperature. 

If you are a sweaty person like me, then it is a big no to velvet for you. But in the end, it is your own personal preference. 


Another reason why velvet is not a good pick for summer is that it is heavy. Velvet is a tightly woven fabric with a thick plush pile. 

If we talk about velvet that is made of plain fabric, which means from cotton, then it is a heavy fabric. Moreover, if velvet is made of synthetic fabric, it is going to be even heavier and the reason for that is synthetic material is heavy and mainly used in winter to block the wind and cold. 

Some of the premium light velvet does feel light but still are not light as you want them to be for summer. And if even you don’t consider weight a barrier then you have to buy a premium light velvet outfit, which can cost you some money. 

Dark colors

Another reason why you should avoid wearing dark colors is that it mainly has dark and light-absorbing colors, which increase the warmth inside. 

Velvet comes in a lot of different colors such as red, purple, black, and yellow. However, the main colors that are used in outfits are red velvet, purple velvet, and black velvet. Mainly the last two colors are used the most. 

Red is an okay color to wear in summer as it absorbs less heat. But when we talk about dark red color, black, Or dark purple colors which are usually the colors of velvet. They increase the warmth because dark colors absorb heat whereas light colors reflect it. 

So, if you are wearing black velvet in summer, then you will likely sweat as it absorbs the most heat. 

Doesn’t suit the summer vibe

Another reason why you wearing velvet is not a good idea for summer is that it doesn’t suit the summer vibe. Especially if you wear velvet during the day when the light is so bright and the temperature is too high. 

Even if you wear a short velvet dress for the evening party still it can be sweaty and you will feel more uncomfortable as fabric clings to the skin. 

Scenarios when you can wear velvet in summer

There are some scenarios where wearing velvet is not considered odd and also suits the vibe. 

Temperature is low

Firstly, you need to check the weather in the area where you live. If you live in a place where summers are like winters in other areas, then wearing velvet in summer has no problem. However, if you live in an area where the sun is burning all the city up, then you should run away from the velvet outfits and go for other alternatives. 

Party theme

So, there is another scenario where you can easily pull off a velvet dress without looking too different. Firstly, you need to make sure you only wear velvet at the evening party and not at any day party, even in winter. 

So, if you have to look glamorous for a party or a function that you are attending this night then choosing the right color and style will help you in pulling off the velvet very well in summer as well. 

What type of velvet is good for summer outfits? 

If you are wearing velvet in summer then it is better to go with one that is made of natural fabric and not synthetic. 

The hard thing is to find the right velvet for summer, as most of them are made of synthetic and designed according to the winter. You need to consider the color also.

If we talk about, winters then dark colors suit the vibe of it. But in summer, you need light colors and it is hard to find lighter dim shades of color. 

If you already have a velvet outfit then make sure to check if it is made of synthetic fabric or not. Synthetic fabric velvet is usually heavy and shiny. And it also feels less soft than natural velvet.

Alternative fabric to velvet that is good for summer

There are few fabrics that carry the same lushness as velvet fabric. But the best thing is that you can wear them in summer. So here are some alternative fabrics to velvet that you can wear in summer. 

Silk – silk is a soft fabric, and has a natural sheen. This is a moderately breathable fabric, which is more than velvet but less than cotton and velvet. The best thing about silk is, it is as luxurious and glamorous as velvet fabric. The premium outlook and soft-cool touch are what define silk.

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Is velvet good overall? 

Well, velvet is a premium fabric that is soft and gentle on the skin. It is made of natural fabric back in the early days. But as of now, many synthetic fabrics are used to make velvet. Despite that fact, velvet has been the symbol of royalty and a shadow of glamorizing world for over a century. 

But when it comes to velvet as a fabric, Is it really that good? Yes, velvet is an excellent fabric and everyone should have at least one velvet dress in their wardrobe, irrespective of their gender. The only thing is, velvet is costly and especially the one made with natural fabric like cotton. 

But wearing a velvet outfit is game on you, in winter. You can wear a velvet outfit to a night party or to an evening function. As it is already discussed that velvet is prior for winters and falls. 

There is one misconception of velvet besides being an all-year-round fabric, it is not durable. Well, is that really the case? According to the facts and my experience, it is not. 

Velvet is a durable fabric that can last long if you take care of it. The best thing about velvet fabric is that it doesn’t get frayed, no threads come out of it. 

This is also the reason why velvet is used to make sofas and other home decoration items. 

The main reason behind the durability of velvet is its tightly woven fibers. It means, fibers are closely packed and likely to get loose or tear. Velvet made of synthetic fabric is very durable and can last longer than ones made of natural fabric. The reason is synthetic fabrics are made to last longer, the only reason they were first made, and also to reduce the cost.

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