How To Bleach Black Jeans White

How To Bleach Black Jeans White

Steps on How To Bleach Black Jeans White: Bleaching or dying is a common practice, every person has once to turn their old clothes, into new clothes of different shades. The most popular is dying your jeans black, as black often starts to fade, and if we keep it again, it will always remain solid black. However, bleaching is a different process, where the clothes are turned from dark shade to light shade. You can use bleaching to transform your navy blue jeans to a light blue shade, within hours. So check out what steps and methods to do, bleaching without damaging the fabric like a professional.

How To Bleach Black Jeans White?

It is possible to turn your black jeans into fully white jeans, with bleaching. Bleaching extracts the dye from the fabric, thus making it lighter. And similarly, black color is also extracted from the jeans.

However, black is the darkest color on the planet, and it holds the strongest dye, and removing it is very tough.


Why? Bleaching chemicals react with the dye and remove it from the fabric, but also destroy the fibers in the fabric. 

In addition, to turn black jeans into white jeans, you have to bleach them many times. By performing bleaching on the same cloth continuously, it ruins the material. Thus, making it useless.

So, we would recommend you not bleach your black jeans to convert them into white.

Also, there is a very low possibility, you can extract every black particle from the jeans, without damaging most of the jeans. 

However, if you are still up to the task, you can use the methods mentioned above, which will help turn your black jeans into white jeans. 

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What Happens When You Bleach Jeans

Bleaching denim, even if it is black blue, or any other color, will follow the same process, and the fabric will suffer similar destruction. When the bleaching chemical reacts with  the denim fabric material, it

How Long Does It Take To Bleach Jeans?

Assuming you’ve already mixed your bleach solution, simply soak your jeans in the mixture for 20-30 minutes. Check on them periodically to make sure they’re bleaching evenly. After 30 minutes, remove them from the solution and rinse thoroughly with water. This process should be only done once if the jeans are of light-blue shade. However, with a dark shade like indigo, or navy blue, then you have to repeat this process more than 3-5 times, to fully turn your jeans white.

How To Bleach Blue Jeans White

Turning your blue jeans into white is quite easy. Blue is a color that is easily extracted with bleach compared to black. However, not all shades of blue dye come easily, dark shards are hard to extract compared to light shades. 

It is because, in dark-colored blue jeans, the dye concentration on the jeans is superior as compared to light blue jeans. 

If you want to turn light blue jeans to white, it takes up to 4-5 hours to get fully prepared. However, if the jeans are dark-colored like indigo, you might have to bleach them a few times to turn them white fully. Even then, there will be a slight hint of blue shade on the jeans.

Thus, only light-colored blue jeans are best for turning to white jeans, and not dark-colored jeans. 

Check out the methods mentioned above to turn your blue jeans into white.

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How To Bleach Jeans White Not Yellow

One of the biggest problems, when you are converting your old jeans to white jeans, is that instead of turning them completely white, it turns yellow. Lots of people who perform bleaching have come across this problem. 

The reason behind this problem is mineral deposits in the eater are attached to the fabric, which makes it look yellowish. 

If you already turned your white jeans to yellow then this method with help you solve the problem.

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Steps to remove yellowish from white jeans:

  1. Put the jeans in a bucket full of water. 
  2. Add the baking side to the bucket, and swirl the water. 
  3. Leave it for a few 10 minutes. 
  4. The minerals deposited on the white jeans are removed by baking soda. 
  5. You’ll have a clear white pair of jeans. 

Method 1: The salt method

Want to create a faded white jeans design, and give your jeans a hint of a distressed look, then this method is for you. You need 3 tablespoons of salt, and a bucket filled with cold water. 

This method will turn your blue jeans into white jeans completely. 

It is only good for adding a creative look to your jeans. The salt doesn’t remove the dye from the blue jeans but it roughens up the fibers. This creates a white stylish design on the Jean. 

Step guide to using the salt method to create white abrade design. 

  1. Add cold water in a washing machine Or in a bucket( the choice is yours). 
  2. Add three tablespoons of salt( any salt will do the work). 
  3. If you want to put a specific design on the knees or butt, then add ½ tablespoon to that location. 
  4. Leave it untouched for 40 minutes. 
  5. Then swirl the washing machine, and keep it running for 10 minutes. 
  6. If you are doing hand washing, then try to swirl a few times ( there is nothing you can do). 
  7. Washing machines are going to make this method easier. 
  8. Then after 10 minutes, remove the jeans from the machine. 
  9. Once again, wash the jeans without the use of detergent. 
  10. At last dry, the jeans inside out outdoors and let the wind do its work. 

The result will be holding brand new jeans, with a little white distressed design on the specific location you want it and the overall whitish look on overall jeans. 

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Method 2: Simple Washing Machine Bleaching Method

This is the easiest technique to bleach jeans white, as it requires a few steps, and it is the safest method. This method is best, if you bleach your white jeans again, to make them completely white. Sometimes, the white jeans turn yellow or start losing their white color and become a reddish, brownish color state, then you can use this easy method to again bleach the jeans with a little amount of workload. 

In addition, it is safer to wash using washing instead with hands, as bleach contains dangerous chemicals. 

Step guide to bleach jeans in a washing machine.

  1. Fill the washing machine with cold water and add a cup of bleach solution to it. 
  2. Put the jeans in the machine, and leave them for 45 minutes. 
  3. For an artistic design, you can also start the washing machine. This will help fasten the process of extraction of dye. 
  4. Drain the water, and then again fill it with cold water for washing. 
  5. Check if the jeans contrast according to your taste. If No, and you want it more faded, repeat the process. 
  6. Make sure to never use detergent while washing jeans. 
  7. You can use detergent, after 5 washes of jeans. 
  8. Turn your jeans inside out, and let them air dry. 

Despite being the easiest method, it is not the efficient one, as the person has very little control over the fade contrast. 

It is good, for bleaching white jeans, getting rid of any unwanted dye on them, and making them again fully white jeans. 

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Method 3: The Paintbrush Bleach Method

It is an unusual method of creating white jeans, but it is the best method to create dynamic designs on jeans. If you want your light blue jeans, with a touch of white urban design, then you must use this method. This method will not only make your jeans look extra fashionable but also will show your creativity.  

Material required: Paintbrush, bleach, water, and your imaginative power. 

Step guide to building the design on the jeans using bleach:

  • Firstly, you have to create an outlook of the design of the jeans. And seal the rest of the jeans with duct tape, plastic bags, etc. Just make sure that the sealed part of the jeans does not get wet. 
  • Add half a cup of bleach solution to a small bucket with cold water. Try to make it thick, by using less water. 
  • Use a paintbrush, or even a toothbrush, and dip it in the bleach solution. Then rub it inside the design outlook.
  • If your Jean is dark colored, then the solution should be applied with a thick coating while a light color shade, should only require a thin coating.
  • After 30 minutes wash the jeans in cold water and, let them dry. For a lighter shade, repeat the process.

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Why Not Bleach Stretchable Jeans?

You may heaver a lot of people, generally, professionals, to avoid bleaching your stretchable jeans. The reason is loss of stretch or elasticity in the jean after bleaching. Stretchable jeans are made of cotton, elastane, spandex, or lycra, which gives the jeans elasticity, but bleaching tends to damage spandex faster than cotton, thus ruining the stretch of the jeans.

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The only way to stop the jeans to lose their stretch is to also add a lower concentration of bleach solution and only allow the garment to sit in the solution for a very short period. Generally, instead of 30 minutes, you should for 20 minutes, however it will reduce the bleaching effect on jeans, and your jeans will be not too light faded, but it will be better than searchable lose jeans that lose their stretch, and becomes baggy,  and not in a good way.

Note: If your Black jeans are stretchable, it is impossible to turn them entirely white without comprising their stretchy nature.

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Steps To Take Care Of Bleached Jeans

The first step towards taking care of your newly bleached jeans is to wash them only in cold water. For the first wash do not use detergent, this will turn your white jeans into yellow jeans. [Do not wash any other cloth with the newly bleached jeans].

If you accidentally turned your yellow, the first and only step is to bleach it again using any method mentioned above.

There is no other way to magically change your yellow jeans to white jeans without bleaching. Also, do not wash your jeans with dark-colored.

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There is a wide variety of methods how to bleach black jeans White or any other color denim jeans to white or lighter fade, by a simple process called bleaching. For a small or very distinct lighter shade of the garment, only rinse it bleaching solutions for less than 10 minutes, the longer you wait, the lighter it becomes.