High School Romantic Comedy Movies
High School Romantic Comedy Movies

It’s not mandatory to watch a romantic comedy on Valentine’s day, you can watch it any other day. There are millions of romantic movies like all-time classic Titanic or Ryan Gosling Crazy stupid love but these classic have one thing Missing. They are not set in high school, every teenager first love story starts from high school, and watching high school romantic comedy movies makes us relive that time. These high school romantic comedy movies are filled with scenes that leave you laughing out loud and also have you sob over a sweet romance.

Here are the best high school romantic comedy movies of all time…

The Kissing Booth

Netflix has presented the new love defining love story at a high school. Every teenager is a fan of this Netflix movie. With so much popularity Netflix announced the third movie in this The Kissing Booth series. The third part is rumored to be released in 2021. The story follows Elle (Joey King), Lee (Joel Courtney), and Noah (Jacob Elordi). Two best friends Elle and lee made certain rules that they have to follow in their friendship. It sounds weird but that’s cliche that we found in every high school romantic comedy movie. Elle breaks rule when she falls for his older brother Noah, and the whole movie shows how this affect the two best friends relationship. The movie is filled with jokes, romantic dates, and guys flashing their hard rock abs.

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before

Netflix has everything for every person according to his favorite genre. This is a unique Netflix Original romantic comedy movie that deals with teenage stuff and jokes are tosses around every time. It stars Noah Centineo and Lana Condor. A classic teen story of a young girl, who can’t express her feelings for his crushes from childhood, she writes the love letters. But here the interesting part starts when the letters are mailed and her whole life goes upside down. To overcome this situation she made a deal with Peter (Noah Centineo) that works for both of them. But in the end, they fall for each other. Noah debut had made a lot of teen girls heartthrob with this movie. If you are a fan of romantic movies and a little bit of comedy also, this will be your favorite choice.


Candy Jar

It is based on the common cliche that tossed around in any teen movie or series. A poor girl and a wealthy boy love story. It all starts with a debate competition and in almost you ll see a love-hate relationship between our lead stars. The funny tricks they do to win is what makes this movie a worthy watch. As soon as the debate team rivalry stars they made up their mind that is the opposite ends but soon realize that they might have more in common and soon it makes a spark in their relationship. It’s a perfect example to say love can happen to any person at any time to anyone.

The Last Summer

Directed by William Bindley this amazing high school romantic comedy movie is placed at the ending of high school. Millions of movies show what happens in high school but this is the only movie that shows what happens in the ending of high school. Starring K.J. Apa and Maia this high school romantic comedy movie portray the life of students soon to enrolled in the college and making their last summer together. These teenagers are faced with the ultimate decision of their life and their battle with love and friendship. These teenagers try to make their last few months they have together and make this time epic and everlasting.

The Perfect Date

High school is all about dating, party, and love but not all of us are not lucky to find an actual date. With soo much peer pressure we have to bring a date to a special event to make us amazing. This high school romantic comedy movie is all about dating in high school.  The perfect date follows the story of a high school student Brooks played by Noah Centineo, who offers up a service to young girls for a fake date for special occasions. He is just doing this to earn some extra money for college. In his fake dates, he come across Celia (Laura Marano), which made him realize that his life could be worth more than this. After falling in love with her, he has a difficult decision, whether to shut down his app service or not. The high school romantic comedy movie is watching worthy and it’s best if you watch it with your friends.

Easy A

Directed by Will Gluck and starring Emma Stone this high school is to die for. Well, we are not sure about the romance but the film is full of comedy. This high school film follows the story when Olive( Emma Stone) lies to her best friend about losing her virginity to one of the college boys. They say, it all starts with a rumor when a girl overhears their whole conversation and stars spreading out in the high school. As the story spreads she finds an alternative method to face this problem and also improve her financial standard. She stars helping guys to pretend that they lost their virginity but she have to face serious consequences with it.

Can’t Hardly Wait

High school is the first place we have our first crush and at ending, we all have done some serious acts whether it’s a party or propose to our crush. I got rejected my first but still never lose hope. One day everyone will find someone. This high school romantic comedy movie follows the story of high school students last party when their graduation is approaching. One party, one night all the things that anybody wants to say to each other and confess their love it’s all going down in just one night. One epic party where multiple romance start, stop, and probably the last time thought to say to each other.

17 Again

High school, time travel, party, and young Zac Efron it’s pretty much anybody wants in a highschool romantic comedy movie. It all starts when our Chandler Bing on the verge of getting the divorce travels through time to his high school and has the last chance to make everything right in his life. Zac Efron is young Chandler Bing so he is going to sarcastic, funny, and goofy. Comedy, dance, sports, parties, and Zac Efron starting his school in a white Audi R8 is what this high school movie is all about. There is nothing better than this movie in this high school romantic comedy movie genre. We are pretty sure you are going to love it.

She’s the Man

She’s the Man is a 2006 High school romantic comedy sports film directed by Andy Fickman and featuring Amanda Bynes, Channing Tatum, and Laura Ramsey. There is no high school movie ever where there is not a school football team and the captain of the team is a badass with hard rock abs. This high school romantic comedy follows the story of Viola who disguises herself as her twin brother and mak s her dream come true to play football. Girls are mostly interested in becoming a Cheerleader but our Viola is different. As she disguise herself, she helps the high school soccer star to find him a girlfriend. The movie is filled with amazing comedy scene and also the beginning of the unusual relationship between our lead stars. This is the best from High School Romantic Comedy Movies list.

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