Can you Wear Suede Shoes in Summer

Can you Wear Suede Shoes in Summer

A classic pair of leather, suede is all you need to increase the effectiveness of any outfit. Well, leather is one material which people are aware of and get information easily. But what about suede shoes ?. Not to mention suede shoes resemble high status and royalism but unlike leather shoes, there are some things you should know about them before buying. This takes us to one of the most asked questions which is – can you wear suede shoes in summer?

Can you Wear Suede Shoes in Summer?

Yes, suede shoes would be one of the preferable options to wear in summer. Although suede shoes are one classic masterpiece that you can wear in all seasons, except in the rainy and snowy weather because suede can get ruined when comes in contact with water.

How to wear suede shoes in summer?

Now, you know that you can wear suede shoes in summer. Let’s talk about the styles and options you should look at in the summers.

Before getting the right style, there are some things to check before trying suede shoes with any outfit.



Suede shoes are casual shoes and come in high ankle length mostly. The first thing is to make sure you choose the right suede shoe length so that it doesn’t completely cover your leg.

The more you reveal the skin the good it looks in summers. So, get yourself a suede shoe that is below your ankle length if you are male, something like suede loafers would be a great option.

If you are a woman,.then also make sure the shoe length doesn’t exceed your lower calf area. I would say below ankle length suede shoe is the best option for anyone in summer.


Color is the most important factor in suede shoes. Choosing the right color has two benefits 1. It doesn’t absorb too much heat 2. Some colors are better in hiding marks of coffee or drink.

Now what colors go well with outfits in summer?

There are a lot of different colors available in the market ranging from blue, yellow Black, etc. But the best option would be the brown, blue color, as these go well with a lot of outfits and are more cool and earthy colors.

Can you wear suede shoes in the rainy season?

As discussed above rainy season is not one of the seasons where you feel free while wearing suede shoes. If the heavy storm is knocking any minute and if step out with suede shoes it is sure that they going to wet.

But does it mean you can not wear them afterward? No, the story doesn’t end here you can wear suede shoes after it gets wet but if you apply the protection and dried them before wearing again. Although they may not be the same as earlier because suede is the one material that is afraid of water, there is no doubt in it that your shoes lose their longevity and shine after getting wet in heavy rain.

So, my suggestion would be to avoid wearing suede shoes when you feel there is heavy rain or signs of Strom unless you have 2 pairs.

How to wear suede shoes in winter

Winter is the one season where you get the freedom to experiment with suede shoes. There are a lot of boots available in suede for winters like Chelsea boots, chukka boots, etc.
There are few things to look for when you opt for suede shoes in winter

Color – As said, color is important to complement the outfits and weather. That said, don’t go for light in winters instead go with the deep dark, and warm colors- something like brown which is the universal color for many shoes and coats in winters.

Prefer boots over shoes in winters because they provide protection and complement the long coats and outfits of winter.

Can wear suede shoes in snow?

No, you can not wear suede shoes in winter because it will totally ruin the suede and your investment go in vain

What if you buy suede shoes or boot for winters but the weather where you live love snow. Then would it be a good option to wear suede shoes?

There are so many products available in the market to protect your suede leather from water and snow but hardly they will get you the rich results. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use them. All those products are good and everyone should use them but they don’t guarantee protection from rain and snow.

How to take care of suede shoes?

Use spray

If you want to protect your shoes from water, then use waterproof spray, specially made for suede shoes. Spray is easy than doing polish every day in and out.

Use suede eraser

A suede eraser is a nice way to hide stains from suede shoes.

Use suede brush

Unlike normal brushes suede brushes are different you can use them to remove the dirt or mud mark from your shoes.

Before using the brush directly first let the mud dry off totally so that it becomes easy to remove it.

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