Peacoat vs Trench coat vs Overcoat

Peacoat vs Trench coat vs Overcoat

Nothing can keep you warmer in winters than an overcoat, peacoat, and trench coat. While there are a lot of different varieties of each type, it sometimes becomes confusing what is different between them. So, today we discuss overcoat vs peacoat vs trench coat. And how to choose the best option for yourself.

Peacoat vs trench coat vs overcoat


● An overcoat is usually a coat that is made to cover all of your body. It can go to the length of your ankles, but today due to fashion status the length of the overcoat is reduced to knee length, Which is also good.

In my personal opinion knee-length is best for an overcoat because it looks more professional, and provides more structure (allows you to show the other i.e pant) to an outfit.

● An overcoat is usually 32 to 35 ounces per yard, which makes it the heaviest coat out there. But Now the weight is reduced to 18 ounces per yard, which is still the heaviest. It is made specifically to block the cold wind in winter.


● You get both options i.e single-breasted and double-breasted within overcoat. Both are great options. But in my opinion double breast is the best option because it is more symmetrical and makes you look sharper.

On the other hand, a single breast overcoat will not stick perfectly with the body, and also provide less wind blockage due to a single layer.

● The other key point that makes an overcoat different than other coats is the collar. Usually, the overcoat has broad notch lapel collars that match the lapel of the coat.

● An overcoat is the only coat that wears the man. That said, an overcoat can be worn over three layers. You can wear it over a suit.

● In overcoat, you get notch lapel and peak lapel collar options.

● An overcoat is usually made of thick wool fabric.

Trench coat

Trench coat is just another form of an overcoat but it is lightweight than an overcoat.
While overcoat is best suitable for cold winters. The trench is rainy and falls material that somehow protects you from rain.

Unlike an overcoat, a trench coat can go max. up to knee length, low waist is most common nowadays.

The trench coat has fewer broad collars than the overcoat. Although it also has a notch lapel combination.

The trench is a max two-layer material. You can not wear it with a three-layer suit.

Just like overcoats, trench coats are also present in double-breasted and single-breasted. Although double-breasted is the original and classic option for trenchcoats.

With a trenchcoat, you get a nice decorative option from collars to epaulets, and you get a round button batch on shoulders.

Unlike overcoat which is worn mostly with formal dresses. A trench coat provides you the versatility, which means you can style it with a lot of outfits from casual to formal.

The trench coat is usually made of 100% cotton.


The peacoat is another cool wardrobe piece that goes well with casual outfits.

Just like overcoats, peacoat is also made of wool fabric. But it is lightweight than an overcoat and heavier than a trenchcoat. Which makes it a good material for mildly cold weather conditions.

Unlike overcoats, peacoats can never be worn over three layers pieces i.e suits or blazers because they are small in size than overcoat and trenchcoat.

Just like trench coats, peacoats are also double-breasted, but they are present in single breast also nowadays. But, in my opinion, the double-breasted peacoat is the best way to go, covers fashion and protection factors both at the same time.

What’s best for you?

● Firstly, make a decision between protection and style. If you live in cold weather where ice is normal then an overcoat would be a perfect choice for you because you do not get enough protection from a trench coat in those conditions. and peacoat will not cover your whole body with layers underneath it because of its small size.

● Second, if you are just buying for style and fashion and a little bit of protection, then trench should be your pick. You get decorative style and protection from mild winds.

Peacoats are the best option for cold winters where the temperature doesn’t go below 0°. It is a nice option, you can rock it with any casual outfit out there. Alo it’s easy to carry than any of those big coats. Its wool blended fabric will provide enough protection to get you safely in winters.

Best quality trenchcoat, overcoat, and peacoat.


The first thing to look at in an overcoat before buying is the fabric, fit, and color.

As discussed above original overcoats are usually made of 100%. And you have to go with this option if you want your coat to last you several years.

But besides that, you get cashmere fabric overcoats, cashmere, and wool blend options. Which are good, but not the best option. Also, cashmere fabric overcoats are overpriced and costly.

Overcoats are usually worn over suits and jackets. This means you have to buy a slightly extra size than the usual fit.

The best way is to try an overcoat over a suit or dress before buying.

Always keep the sleeve length in mind. Make sure the sleeve length is long enough so that it covers the sleeves of your suit or jacket underneath it.

Trench coat

● Trench coats are present in all different types of fabric such as wool gabardine, cotton, leather, etc.

Which is best for you? Cotton is the preferred choice nowadays but unlike wool gabardine fabric, cotton does not provide protection in cold weather. Leather fabric is the one which you should never look for in a trenchcoat.

Wool gabardine fabric is the best quality fabric for trenchcoats. But besides its quality, this fabric is most expensive than any other fabric.

Size is the number one priority in trenchcoats. Short men should look for medium length trench coats, that sits on your quads. And if you are a bit taller then a long trenchcoat should be your pick.


● The best fabric for peacoats is 100% wool. But you can go with wool blend options, which will cost less than pure wool.

● Always pick a double-breasted peacoat to get the versatility of this piece.

Usually, peacoats are shorter in size than overcoats and trenchcoats. But a knee-length length is available, which is a great option.

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