Men's Summer Suits
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It’s hot in the air, which makes it difficult to walk outside in a suit, but sometimes we don’t have any choice.  For me, summers are bad for any fashion because it makes it so much difficult for you to rock any outfit under the 50-degree temperature and especially if it’s heavy material like suits. So I did some research about men’s summer suits. Looks like time to upgrade your wardrobe with a summer fabric. yes, the fabric is the key

Men’s Summer Suits

Men’s summer suits are made up of light fabric like – cotton, linen, and seersucker that make it more breathable, lightweight, and fairly open in a wave that’s a suit when it’s constructed there is more space left between yarn which makes the more air to flow through the material.

The second thing to keep in mind before wearing a suit in summers is the color complexion of the suit, choose light Colors instead of dark color which absorbs less light and makes you feel cool.

Summers are universal for suits, you can wear them with pants or jeans. We have created some best options for you that proved to be best in summers and help you keep cool with its lightweight fabric and color.


Cotton men’s summer suit

men's summer suits
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This suit made up of cotton fabric can be worn with a tee or shirt. Make sure to check before buying a cotton fabric suit that it is unconstructed to allow the material to breathe.

Cotton is a good option for any man who prefers to wear a suit on limited occasions. To give it a more summer look you can try jeans with a blazer and tees which look good according to the occasion.

Cotton fabric suits come in a variety of patterns and colors but the weave pattern of cotton fabric is too tight which prevents the efficient air to flow through the material.

Another downside of cotton fabric is that it wrinkles very quickly. This may be not the best option out there but works perfectly if you wear it on less warm days.

Linen men’s summer suits

men's summer suits
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A 100% linen is mainly made for Summers as linen allows more air to flow through the material. Linen is a better option than cotton if you prefer to wear a suit on a random basis.

Linen material is also the lightest material you can get in the market which makes it easy to carry in summers. The problem with linen suit is that it wrinkles super quickly and tends to stretch, well you can let the wrinkles settle after all it’s a linen fabric.

Linen is mainly made from flax plants and has two different types that are Irish linen which is more stuff. On the other hand, Italian linen is soft.

Lilen creates very heavy wrinkles but that is what is good about it, it creates that unique look that sounds not so good but definitely looks better.

The problem with linen material is it gives more of a summer vibe but sometimes because of its tight wave pattern it becomes too warm, so it’s not the best option out there but still good material for Summers if you wear it on less crowdy and sunny areas.

Seersucker men’s summer suits

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Fully air-conditioned suit material specially made to fight the hot and humid weather.

Seersucker is a fabric that can allow more air to flow through the material and makes it feel like you are not wearing a Jacket.

Well, this fabric is specifically for Summers and you can rock a seersucker daily without even realizing it.

Seersucker is an American classic usually made of stripes. Seersucker mainly comes in light blue and white stripes work great for events and weddings and if you another pattern something heavy which is difficult to find in the market but you can buy custom made.

You can rock a seersucker or any other pants also which makes it a versatile option for you in summers, or you wear jeans and polo shirts under a jacket a perfect match for casual summer occasions.

Cotton linen blend men’s summer suits

men's summer suits
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As the name suggests this is a mixture of linen and cotton material, where cotton provides the structure to the suit, and linen gives an air breathable material.

It is not the best or smooth wool out there but it definitely works better than cotton or linen alone. Cotton provides resistance to heavy wrinkles, and lien works great in providing breathability to the material. cotton and linen blend works great with ironing or washing and gives you long durability and versatility.

I personally own this suit and wear it once a week for any occasion and this is worth your investment, you can wear it with tees or shirts with a good pair of loafers.

Cotton will not give you a classy look like other wools but definitely provide you resistance and durability, it also comes at very affordable prices.

I personally own an Austin reed which is the best option and also recommend you to give it a try.

Frisco men’s summer suits

A British weaver contains different types of color in their collection from lightweight to heavy. It is a mottled fabric that means a suit color contains different types of tones of one color like green or brown.

Frisco is a fabric that usually works in summers and also has higher twisted yarn which helps in preventing the wrinkles that are common in other fabrics.

It also has a very open wave with its mottled Colors that helps more airflow through the material and keeps you cool.

If you want to try different patterns of Colors and styles then this summer suit has it all for you. The first impression of cloth is not very gentle but don’t be fooled this fabric is very high quality and gives you a better experience than any other in summers.

How To Wear a Suit In Summers

Choose unstructured or half canvas

So, if you don’t know suits basically come in three different types- full canvas( material under the fabric of the suit), half canvas, and unstructured.

first, we talk about full canvas, this type of suit is fully covered with some type of material from inside gives your suit a structure, but resist the air to flow fully and becomes less breathable and difficult to wear in summer.

Half canvas is a GOOD option for you in summers because it covers the arm and the upper half area of the suit makes it more breathable and suitable for summers.

Want a resist-free material, then you can go with unstructured, it only covers a small amount of suit area from inside and gives you more breathable fabric than any other but the con is that it will not provide the structure to the suit.

So if you are broad men than you can go with this option if you are normal men like me always go with half canvas.

No to formal shoes and socks

Avoid formal shoes and socks instead go with loafers and let the air flow. unless it’s a formal occasion you can wear monk strap shoes without socks or under ankles.

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