Skinny with belly fat

Skinny with belly fat

Skinny With Belly Fat: The common myth is that if a person is overweight that simply means he/she is unhealthy, and if they are normal or thin, they are considered healthy. 

If you are one of these people, who normally think they are healthy because they are not overweight, you could not be more wrong. A healthy person does not have a fat belly sticking out. This belly is not only degrading your appearance by also having serious health issues. 

There are millions of people who suffer from this problem, and by following effective measures they can get rid of this belly fat. In this article, you will find out why a skinny person has belly fat, how dangerous it can be to health, and how to effectively solve this excess belly fat issue. 

Skinny With Belly Fat: The Problem

According to the study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, 68% of the American population is overweight, and the rest population falls into two categories, normal or skinny. However, people falling in this category are facing health issues. the most common is belly fat, even when they are skinny. In this article, you will understand about problem with belly fat when you are skinny.


Why belly fat when you are skinny? 

This question has been bugging you since day 1 when you saw your stomach sticking out. Although, you have a perfect BMI ratio, and people call you a normal weight person, but still you are faced with belly fat issues. 

The medical term for this is the metabolically obese normal weight (MONW) or some people refer to it as a skinny fat person. This represents a person with excess fat(belly fat) and not enough muscle, or you are lean but over fat. Lots of people are suffering from this, and they don’t even know, as very few know a thin person can be unhealthy too. 

Health Issues Due To Belly Fat When Skinny

According to NHANES III (Third National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey) conducted with 15,184 adults (52.3% women) aged 18 to 90 years for the correlation between normal mass body index people and belly fat. 

Higher Mortality Rate

The study shows that people with normal Body Mass Index( BMI) and who are suffering from belly fat, have a higher mortality rate( death count frequency) in comparison with people with high BMI. 

Cardiovascular Disease

According to the study, called EUROASPIRE V ( survey of cardiovascular disease). The study revealed that more than half of the people suffering from cardiovascular disease had excess belly fat. It proves that the fat belly you have can cause you severe health issues.

Visceral Fat

Stomach fat is also called visceral fat, as it is one of the unhealthiest fat a person can carry. Visceral fat releases chemicals known as “cytokines’ ‘ that cause heart diseases. This was published in the 2019) study in European Heart Journal. 

According to that, people have a high risk of severe health issues, due to the presence of visceral fat. 

Reasons Why You have a fat belly when Skinny

The reason you are skinny and suffering from belly fat can be caused by several reasons. Some of the most common reasons for belly fat are listed below, which will make it easier for you to understand which one of these is causing your stomach to stick out. 


It’s hard to get into a party and not have a beer or glass of wine, but when the alcohol consumption surpasses the average limit, the body starts deposition of fat in the belly area. If you recall, any guy in his 40s and drinks at normal range, you might notice that he has belly fat. 

According to Korean research, there is an increase in the waist-hip ratio in adults, because of constant alcohol consumption. Apart from an increase in belly fat, alcohol also causes severe health issues like cancers, pancreatitis, heart muscle damage, high blood pressure, and heart attacks. 

If you drink regularly, now it’s time to cut the alcohol intake, if you want to get rid of belly fat and also get safe from certain health issues. 


How long you are going to be, what shape you will be in is all dependent on genetics. If your parents are overweight, or skinny but with belly fat, then there is a 75 percent chance, the kid will face a similar body issue problem – overweight or skinny with belly fat. 

However, by taking effective precautions in diet and exercise routine, these health issues can be avoided to some extent. 


Lots of people don’t know that their stomach is not sticking out, just the way they stand, it looks like they have a fat belly. Slouching is the other main issue this generation is facing, as most people spend time on their phone looking down, or sitting in a chair in front of a computer for a long duration, thus creating an uncomfortable posture for the spine. 

When a person slouches, the abdominal muscles weaken, but the internal organs are getting squeezed for a long duration. 

Tip: Check whether you have a belly sticking out, or you have a bad posture. 

For this, pull shoulders back, maintain a straight spine, and check in the mirror if the belly is still there. 


It is one of the health problems that almost all people suffer in their lifetime. For kids it’s academic, for adults it’s finance, job stress, Or relationship, and old people have other health issues, and their kids’ futures. These are some basic scenarios where people suffer the most. Apart from mental health, stress is also bad for physical health too. 

Begin under constant stress, increase the production of stress-regulatory hormone – cortisol. Cortisol directly affects the appetite, some people tend to eat a lot under stress, or begin to avoid eating at all. Plus, Cortisol also affects the metabolic rate of the body, and thus the human body burns very few calories. 


Although temporary, this problem also damages your body. Bloating is one of the few indications that shows something is wrong in your body, either you are eating badly or doing not enough exercise.

How To Destroy Belly Fat For A Skinny Person

If you know, the reason why you have belly fat, even when you are skinny, and what health issue this belly fat can create. It’s time you find out how to destroy your belly fat. Follow as many tips as you can follow, and get into perfect shape in a few weeks. 

Nutrition Recommendations

Upgrade your diet, with nutrient-rich foods, that will boost your immunity and get rid of belly fat. 

  • Consume More Fruits And Vegetables

It’s one of the first steps in upgrading your diet and is recommended by every nutritionist around the globe. Vegetables and fruits are rich in vitamins, minerals, and fiber. If you are skinny but have belly fat, that means you are eating inappropriately. How? In the human body, the fat percentage is divided around the fat at a fixed proportion and is different between genders. In general, women tend to accumulate fat around thighs and hips areas where the male fat percentage is divided around the upper body. However, if you are skinny, that means you have less body mass, but with a huge amount of visceral fat around the belly. As fruits and vegetables are rich in fiber, this boosts the burning of fat, because of the nutrition components in the food. 

  • Cut Back On Carbs

If you are beginning in the nutrition world, you don’t know that carbs are bad and good too for the human body. If you are skinny but with a fat belly, most people blame this on carbohydrates. Well, this reason can be carbs, but because of their huge amount in the food. Carbs are a rich source of energy for the human body. 

Carbs are present in drinks, packed food, bread, and a source of high amounts of calories, but very low in nutrition value. These carbs are the main source of abdominal fat accumulation for you. 

Thus, if you get rid of a fat belly, you have to limit the carbs in your diet. 

  • Eat Lean Proteins

Protein is the prime source of getting rid of excess belly fat. Protein helps in repairing damaged cells, and also contains Amino acids which are very important for the human body. 

Start the day with a high lean protein diet. You can choose eggs, seeds, chicken, fish or even protein shakes. This will enable you to feel full for a long duration, thus cutting down the extra calories you intake throughout the day. 

Exercising Tips

Although, eating a proper nutrition diet is enough to get rid of belly fat. But it takes weeks to shed a few pounds. If you want quick results, you can opt for a weight loss program that will keep your body healthy and strengthen your body muscles. 

  • Cardio

One of the popular weight loss programs, which improve blood circulation through the body and shed down pounds is a good Cardiovascular workout. One of the important aspects of performing a cardio workout is that you can boost your heart health. There are hundreds of cardio exercises for you to perform. 

  • HIIT

High-intensity interval training is a weight loss workout program that is highly effective because an individual trains his body at 100 % during the workout. It combines a few minutes of high-intensity exercise along with a low-intensity workout. HIIT is the fastest way to get rid of that excess belly fat. You can see the results after 1 week with the proper HIIT program


If you are a skinny person and suffering from excess belly fat, it simply means something is wrong with your body. This belly fat is also called visceral fat, which is dangerous for the human body, as this fat stores deep inside the belly, and surrounds the organs, including the liver and intestines. Thus, you should take appropriate measures, to get rid of that belly fat.

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