How to lose lower belly fat naturally

how to lose belly fat
how to lose belly fat

Are you tired of complaining about your fatty belly? The belly is what you can show up on. Your belly reflects your personality and attitude. A fat belly often comes under your social image. Time to change upon yourself. In this article, we are going to apply the best effective habits to lose lower belly fat naturally. The best part is that these tips can be easily followed by anyone at any age and gender, these tips apply to everyone.

Let’s begin with a short conversation of belly fat. The fat is generally of two types that sit around our midriffs. One is subcutaneous fat- the fat under our skin that is distributed all over the body. It’s what is referred to when asked if you can pinch more than an inch. The other type is Visceral fat, which surrounds all our vital organs such as the liver, pancreas, and intestines. Visceral fat is said to be more “metabolically active” than other fat types. It has been strongly linked to both insulin resistance, inflammation and metabolic diseases, even in those with normal BMI.

Although it is considered dangerous to our health, the good news is it is easier to shift than subcutaneous fat. Losing belly fat has both immediate and longer-term benefits, including a longer life span. 

So it’s the time to check in your diet and do a little modification for better and quick results. Turn on to your diet and check for essential and healthy requirements to reduce belly fat.


Here’s what you should look for:

1. Replace one Soda with Water

You’ll cut around 150 calories and your risk of a heart attack if you switch to water. Soda drinks are equipped with a higher sugar level. The fructose in the soda gets converted to Visceral fat i.e belly fat.

Also, it can increase the blood pressure lead to the condition of stroke.

As it said, “If you’re drinking a 20-ounce bottle of soda, try a 12-ounce bottle. If you’re drinking two sodas a day, try one. Ultimately go on decreasing the intake with water.

2. Swap fruit juice for the real deal

Whole fruits packs fewer calories and more fiber. Fruits contain enough water quantities that help indigestion. Talking about fruit juice, it’s a misconception that fruit juice is healthy even when freshly prepared. The pulp and the skin of the fruit left behind are rich in fiber.

 The rich nutritional parts are wasted off. Eating whole fruit, the dietary fiber present in the pulp binds to the natural sugar in the fruit making it easy to absorb the sugar level, and storing this as a direct energy source.

 In the case of fruit juice, the sugar level reaches a higher rate, releasing a large amount of sugar in the blood and is converted to fat and glycogen. So, include fresh and whole fruits in a limited amount to your daily diet.

Shifting to real fruits is a simple and easy step to lose belly fat naturally.

3. Prepare for grab-and-go snacks

Try consuming veggies as raw or boiled. The best way to include the real veggies and fruits is in snacks when you are a little empty. In that way, the diets packed with real and raw nutrients get absorbed easily. 

Best veggies or fruits that can be prepared as snacks are:









May more…

Whether served raw or cooked, these are easy to make and pack snacks. We often eat veggies but not in the right way. To lose belly fat naturally this way you can contribute to your daily eating.

4. Turn in earlier

Sleep is what impacts your daily health and weight as well. Proper sleep gives you a great mindset to enjoy your every day to the fullest. If you are not getting enough sleep (6hours) you might make belly fattier. 

During sleep your works even more. Also, many studies have shown that people who are sleep deprived tend to gain more weight.

Inadequate sleep overproduces hormones of hunger that influence you to eat more and more. 

Less sleep will increase glucose levels and reduces the ability to use the insulin that results in more dangerous diseases like diabetes.

Getting enough sleep should have the number 1 priority in your diet plan other than eating.

5. Cut refined carbohydrates from your diet

Refined carb intake can cause you to gain more and more fat.  Refined foods have lost all the essential bran, fiber and nutrients like white bread, white rice, and many sugary foods. Eating these carbohydrate foods creates an instant rise in blood sugar levels. Due to which the body produces insulin to clear the sugar from the blood.

As a result, you feel an empty stomach and you eat and more. Overeating ultimately affects your belly. And you increase your belly fat. These carbohydrate foods are said to cause high blood pressure, heart disease, and mood disorders.

If you are on a promise for yourself to lose belly fat naturally and regain the perfect apple shape, take a hard decision to avoid everything that comes in your healthy diet way.

 6. Jump in more Proteins

Proteins are every time healthy eating. Whether you want to reduce belly fat naturally, build up strong immune, or muscle proteins are the best choice. Proteins increase metabolism by 80-100 calories per day and help reduce calorie intake by 441 calories a day.

Mainly proteins are macronutrients containing enough energy to break down, digest and metabolize the food. Proteins rich foods like:


Fatty fish


Chia seeds

You can add up to your diet to get a more healthy deal.

7. Eat rich fiber

One way to lose belly fat naturally is by including soluble fiber. Fiber is categorized into two types based on the interaction with water. One which does not mix with water i.e insoluble.

And soluble fiber that interacts with water to form a gel-like substance that slows the process of stomach releasing the digested food into the gut.

High fiber foods like leafy greens loaded with the goodness of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that strengthen immunity. 

Superfoods Almonds, Banana, Beans, carrots, etc. are highly rich in fiber content.

The best part of these foods is that you can include them in your snack time. The powerhouse of nutrition, these are in the list of you are on a strong mindset to lose your belly fat naturally.

8. Track your diet

Taking a good diet is mandatory but at the same time, you must track your energy sources.

Measure your per day calories, proteins, fiber, carbs, and micronutrient requirements. Create a diet chart for the same.

Use food-tracking tools, apps that manage and count your calorie intake.

With a proper diet, you are nearer to the goal to lose belly fat naturally.

When you feel losing to yummy cakes, keep in mind the calories you are providing to your belly.

9. Change your portion size

Check your portion of food. Are you consuming more than required?

Obesity is the direct consequence of overeating. Even if you are eating healthy but in large amounts, you are a risk of gaining more weight. Make a proper plan for how much calories you require and measure if you are eating enough.

Control your overeating habits and keep in mind to reach the goal you set for 1 week ago.

10. Avoid trans fats

Trans fats should be avoided as much as possible. Trans fats foods processed artificially make you fatter than other foods. These fats increase bad cholesterol (LDL) lowering the good cholesterol (HDL). Mainly there are two types of trans fats.

Naturally occurring trans fat in milk and meat products that too in small quantities.

Artificially prepared trans fat processed by adding hydrogen to liquid vegetable oil to make them more solid. Sources of trans fat are partially hydrogenated vegetable oils because they are easy and cheap. Processed foods and snacks contain artificial trans fats.

Replacing dietary fats with trans fats increases your ratio of total to HDL good cholesterol.

11. Consume less alcohol

Too much alcohol is too many calories. To reduce your belly fat naturally you must adopt positive habits of drinking a limited amount. As when drinking alcohol, the liver burns alcohol than fat. Drinking less is a great way to start a healthy routine. 

If you are a beer lover and find difficulty in cutting immediately, opt for a light beer having fewer calories less than 100 calories. 

You may also try alcohol occasionally or on weekends. Replace slowly your drinking habits with non-alcoholic beverages.

12. Avoid taking too much stress

Stress affects you mentally as well as physically. Too much stress can create an imbalance in the body.

Hormones cortisol is associated with controlling the blood sugar and metabolism of the body.

Understand it in this way: Your Adrenal glands start producing cortisol the time you put yourself in stress. Then cortisol triggers the cells to release energy to fight the situation. This is a natural process.

But when the stress level is high, continuous production of cortisol may lead to unnecessary and unhealthy changes like an increase in weight.

Controlling the stress is difficult but you can start with directing your mind to other things, keeping yourself busy and exercising the best option to deal with stress.

13. Say bye to sugary foods

The yummy pancakes, chilled ice cream and many more are loaded with extreme sugar. Sugar contains fructose and is directly the cause of many chronic diseases like heart disease, obesity, and fatty liver disease.

When we take sugar in large amounts the liver gets full of fructose that turns into fat. Sugar-sweetened beverages are said to increase a 70% risk of obesity. Insulin is our body is essential as it maintains the blood sugar level.

When we consume high sugar body produces more and more insulin which signals the body to store fat.

Since eating sugar foods raises the insulin level and directly fat, it is advisable to limit these types of foods and switch to lean proteins to lose belly fat naturally.

14. Change your cooking oil

Healthy food is healthy when it is prepared healthily. While cooking what if you are using oils that are harmful, that do not contain essentials and in turn, contributing to your belly. This will waste all your hard work.

As it said, “90%of the diet that matters in a healthy lifestyle and rest 10% is exercises.

It’s time to change your cooking oil. Include MCT (medium-chain triglycerides) like coconut oil and avocado oil in food. These oils contain fat but this fat requires less energy and enzymes to be digested. 

Also, the plus point is that these fats don’t get stored in the body. They are utilized faster by the body to produce more energy.

  15. Sip Green Tea

One reason green tea is so good to lose belly fat is that it’s naturally free of calories. If you drink green tea in place of caloric beverages, like juice, soda you’ll be able to limit your calorie intake easily each day.

Since we are focusing on natural methods, it is good to serve your green tea plain. Adding milk, sugar or honey all increase the calorie count. So stick to the plain tea to slim down your waistline.

Green tea really always shines in its antioxidant content. Drinking a cup of green tea increases the number of antioxidants in the blood and helps boost metabolism.

Losing belly fat naturally becomes easy if you follow a proper diet routine. Healthy eating will also affect your skin glow. See for the best food for glowing skin. What food to include to energize and moisturize your skin.


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