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Veja V12 vs V10 – Which Is Better Between Both Sneakers?

Veja V12 vs V10

If you’re eyeing a pair of Veja Sneakers but can’t decide between the V10 and V12, I’ve got you covered with a quick breakdown.

Quick Difference Between veja v12 vs v10


Though there is not so much difference between both the shoes, the only pointable differences are in the vamp and the width of the shoes.

The Veja v10 has small holes on the top of the vamp for ventilation, but they are missing in the Veja v12.

Now, this can be a big disadvantage for v12, as there will be no extra room for ventilation. So, people who have sweaty feet will not like this in a shoe. Personally, I need ventilation in a shoe, as it can be very stinky if I’m wearing socks.

On the other hand, Veja V10 has some good ventilation because of the holes on the vamp.

They will allow the air to pass in and don’t make your feet sweaty during winter. Veja v10 is a good choice if you plan to wear these shoes in summer throughout the day.

Now let’s talk about the comfort of both shoes.

Veja V12 vs V10

Well, veja v10 and v12 both are very comfortable shoes. However, v12 are noarrow from the front and they might feel tight if you have wide feet.

But on the other hand, veja v10 first just right.

The concerning thing that many people in Veja sneakers is the tongue of the shoe is very uncomfortable. This is true for both veja v10 and v12.

They need some time to break in and the only thing that needs to break in is the tongue of the shoe.

Veja V12 vs V10

You can wear full socks, or use banded on your ankles to prevent rubbing.

But if we look at the good side then Veja v10 are pretty comfortable shoes that you can wear all day long. The same can be said for Veja v12 if they were slightly roomy from the front.

The outsole of both the shoes is slightly elevated which provides good shock absorption. Both shoes also have decent arch support.

To be honest, you can not expect casual sneakers to be as comfortable as walking shoes or running shoes.

The same is true for both of these vejas’, they are pretty comfortable as casual sneakers.

Though there has always been some debate going on about the comfort level of vejas’. Well, that is basically because the longer side of Veja 10 and Veja 12 can run against your feet.

Veja V12 vs V10

However, that is not permanent and goes after 5 or 6 years. But to avoid any rubbing or discomfort there are many things you can do, like wearing full socks as I explained above.

If you don’t want to wear full socks, then as an alternative you can pull the tongue to one side which is rubbing. This will work fine, and you don’t have to worry about these after some wear.

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If you are going to buy Veja 10 or Veja V12, then you don’t have to worry about the comfort if they fit you right.

If we compare both the shoes with esplar, which is also very popular, then you will find both of these more comfortable for walking.

Both shoes look similar except for the ventilation holes on Veja V10, which are missing in Veja V12. Besides that, both look similar in design.

Even the outsole of both shoes looks exactly the same and has similar thickness. We can say that both the shoes look appealing from the side.

They are not chunky and not slim like vans at the same time. If you are a fan of slim outsoles and sleek design, then you can go for Esplar as they look like vans from the side and have sleek outsoles.

Besides comfort, if we talk about the versatility of both shoes then you will not be disappointed with either one.

Both shoes are super versatile, and you can wear these shoes literally with anything.

This is also the reason why Veja v10 became so popular.

If we talk about sizing then you should know that both Veja V10 and V12 run half size big. So, you should order half size down to your natural shoe size.

If you own a pair of golden goose, then you can order the same size.

The sizing of veja is complicated because of European size. But not all Veja sneakers run big, esplar runs true to size.

I think if you are buying Veja V12 then make sure your feet are on the slim side, else you will feel tight in them. But v10 doesn’t have this problem and you can go order half size down.

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Which is a better option?

Unless you don’t think that the new version is a better option, then you can simply go with Veja V10.

Veja V10 is a better option because it is more popular, fits just right, and also has good ventilation.

On the other hand, veja V12 has no ventilation. But they can be a good option in winter. If you don’t like the holes on the top of the vamp, then you are going to love Veja V12.

Other than that, both the shoes are similar. Everything from comfort to material, veja V10 and V12 is the same shoe.

Pricing can be a factor in some colorways. Some Veja V10 colorways will cost you more because V10 was a hit and V12 is a version of that hit.

If we talk about the pricing, then both shoes will

cost you between $120-$150. Some colorways of Veja v10 can go up to $200

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