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Veja V12 vs V10 – Which Is Better Between Both Sneakers?

Veja V12 vs V10

If you’re eyeing a pair of Veja Sneakers but can’t decide between the V10 and V12, I’ve got you covered with a quick breakdown.

Quick Difference Between veja v12 vs v10

Veja V12 vs V10

Design Vibes:

The V10 and V12 shoes look cool and simple. They have smooth leather on top and the famous V-logo on the side.

Both have a rubber bottom, but the V12 is even better because it uses recycled materials. This makes it more eco friendly.

Eco-Friendly Factor:

When we talk about being environmentally friendly, the V12 is the eco-champion between the two.

It’s like the superhero of shoes, Captain Planet-style because it uses more recycled stuff when it’s made.

Everything about it is about being good to the Earth, from where it gets its materials to the finished product.

Construction Cousins:

In terms of how they’re put together, the V10 and V12 are like siblings: same construction methods, same family.

The main difference lies in what they’re made of, with the V12 using more recycled stuff to save the Earth.

Material Matters:

Now, let’s have a serious chat. The V12 might be good for the environment, but some people say that its reused materials could make it not last as long.

Some people even think the V10 looks cooler. It’s like choosing between a Prius and an old cool car – one’s better for the Earth, but the other might grab more attention.


Price difference

Veja V12 vs V10

Alright, if you’re looking to buy those Veja V10s, the price dances between $85 to $195. That’s a bit costly for me.

Now, if you’re checking out the Veja V12s, they’re more costly. You’re looking at spending somewhere from $165 to $195 for a pair. Nice and easy, right?

So, the difference in price between Veja V10s and V12s is €10. That’s how much extra you’d be paying for those V12s.

To be honest, both sneakers are costly and aren’t worth that much price. They should be 80 dollars less than what they come at now. Well, this is my personal take as some people find these prices to be fair.


Veja V12 vs V10

Let’s chat about sizing for Veja V10s and V12s. Keeping it simple and straight!

So, if you’re eyeing those Veja V10s, they play it cool and usually run true to size. That means, if you usually wear a certain size, you’re likely good to go with the same size for the V10s. Easy peasy!

Now, if you’re thinking about the Veja V12s, here’s the heads-up. They tend to run a bit smaller or narrower. Translation: You might want to consider going up a smidge in size for those V12s to make sure they fit snug and comfy.

In a nutshell:

  • Veja V10s: True to size, so stick with your regular size.
  • Veja V12s: Might want to size up a bit for that perfect fit.


Veja V12 vs V10

V-10 Reality Check: Cozy, but Not Perfect

Firstly, the V-10s do have a reputation for being comfortable. They come with a thick cushioning that helps absorb shock, making your walks more pleasant.

However, let’s not put them on a pedestal – they’re not a miracle for everyone.

Some might find the cushioning a bit too much, and others might not feel the same cloud-like experience. It’s subjective.

Fit-wise, they’re true to size, and many appreciate the snug fit without being too tight or loose.

The mesh panels for breathability are a nice touch, keeping your feet cool. Still, remember that not everyone’s feet are the same, and personal preferences play a role.

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V-12: Sustainable, but Not as Plush

Now, onto the V-12s. These sneakers are the eco-warriors in the Veja lineup, using sustainable materials. The trade-off? The comfort might not be as plush as the V-10s. The narrow toe box can be a hit or miss – some find it stylish, while others might feel a bit cramped.

The V-12s’ material is breathable but feels thinner and less premium compared to the V-10s. It’s a conscious choice for sustainability, but it doesn’t offer the same plush comfort.

In the end, there’s no perfect sneaker. The V-10s have their comfort perks, but they might not suit everyone’s taste. The V-12s bring sustainability to the table but sacrifice some of that plushness.

Choosing between them depends on what matters most to you – ultimate comfort or a more eco-friendly option. Both have their pros and cons, so go ahead and pick the one that fits your style and comfort preferences.


If you’re wondering whether Veja V-10 and V-12 sneakers crease, the answer is yes. Both V-10 and V-12 shoes are likely to develop creases over time. The reason behind this is the material used for the upper part of the shoe.

To avoid or minimize creasing, it’s best to opt for sneakers with mesh and suede materials. These materials tend to resist creases for a longer period.

On the other hand, if the sneakers are made of canvas, synthetic, leather, or vegan materials, they are more prone to creasing after some use.

So, when choosing between Veja V-10 and V-12, keep in mind that creasing is a natural occurrence and is influenced by the type of materials used in the sneakers.

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If you’re into casual and trendy sneakers, you’ve probably like Veja V10 and V12. These sneakers are perfect for adding a touch of style to your outfit, but there are a few things you should know.

Firstly, these sneakers are not designed for running marathons or taking long walks. They’re more like the cool sidekicks you bring to a casual hangout or a day in town.

So, if you’re planning on breaking into a sprint or going on a hiking adventure, you might want to consider some other options.

Now, let’s talk comfort. While the Veja V10 and V12 are great for short strolls, they might not be the best choice for all-day wear.

If you’re standing or walking for long hours, you might start to feel a bit uncomfortable.

So, they’re perfect for those quick trips to the store or a chill day with friends, but maybe not the best for a day of exploring the city on foot.

However, as I already discussed above between both the sneakers you will find v10s more comfortable.

And here’s a little tip: if you have flat feet, these might not be the sneakers for you. Flat feet need a bit more support, and the Veja V10 and V12 don’t come with built-in arch support.

However, You can always opt for sneakers that have that extra support or add an orthopedic insole to make them more comfy for your feet.


In the big fight between Veja sneakers, the V12 and V10 are both really cool in their own way. There are some small differences between the shoes like the material used and the comfort, despite that most of the things in both sneakers are similar.

Before buying any of these sneakers you should know that these are casual and stylish sneaker and you should not expect any extraordinary comfort or versatility from these shoes.

It’s all about what you like, so pick the one that you like and find more stylish.

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