How to Wear a Black Shirt with Jeans

How to wear a black shirt with jeans

“Black”, when this color comes in our mind the all we can guess is class. And it is a fact that if nothing feels great, go in black and it is the same with black shirts.  Today we will discuss on How to Wear a black shirt with jeans, so keep reading.

How to wear a black shirt with jeans

How to wear a black shirt with jeans

Match with occasion

A black shirt is something that you can wear on formal and even on casual occasions. But you can not wear the same black shirt with blue jeans in the same style for all occasions. To rock the pair for different occasions, know some basic styling tips that you can apply to any other dressing pair or outfit.


Starting with a casual occasion. Getting ready for a casual occasion? Style black shirt with skinny jeans, in my opinion, follow the trend and go with rough jeans if you fall in the younger category. When dressing for casual occasions, leave the shirt untucked and never forget to roll up the sleeves.

You can also wear normal slim-fit jeans, for casual occasions. As it is the most preferable and appealing option to a lot of men. If you want to know more about jeans and the type of jeans that suit you. Read – How to dress up jeans men’s



A black shirt or color is special for formal occasions not only it defines the class but also gives a clean and elegant look.

Getting ready for formal events with a black shirt and jeans is easy if you know how to dress it up. Now, the first question would be, can you wear jeans on formal occasions? The answer is it depends on the type of occasion. If it’s a normal formal event in your office then absolutely yes, but for black tie events, you can not go with jeans and a simple shirt. As it demands more formal and classy. But let’s get focus on the occasion where you can wear jeans and a black shirt and still outperforms or get an edge over others.

Style black shirt with dark jeans for formal occasions. You can go with black or grey jeans to compliment the vibe.

The next, thing is to make sure the buttons of your black shirt are black and not loaded with different patterns and fancy Colors. Go with an all-black look.

Always tuck-in shirt and wear a formal black belt that compliments the color of your shoes.

Choose the slim fit or normal slim fit jeans that go well with your body shape. Avoid skinny, baggy, and bootcut jeans on formal occasions.


An occasion that gives you the freedom to experiment with a lot of options but let’s get to the basic simple points you must keep in mind when you wear a black shirt with jeans on semi-formal occasions.

Go with the slim fit or bootcut option, for a semi-formal look. Bootcut is a rising trend that gains its popularity in early times. But the universal option would be a slim fit.

Choose the right waist for formal and semi-formal occasions means your jeans should not be too tight or too loose from the belt region. Because when you tuck in a shirt, it will make your upper structure look odd.

For semi-formal occasions, the right color option would be blue and brown shoes and a belt.

You can add an extra layer with a blazer on a black shirt or you can simply with a black shirt tucked in blue jeans.

You can also leave the shirt out for semi-formal occasions like a date or birthday party. But make sure you always wear formal shoes or loafers underneath it.

Experiment with different jeans

Skinny jeans

Skinny jeans work best with a black shirt for casual occasions and you should always experiment with what looks great on you. If you have big quads then in my opinion you should avoid skinny jeans and go with a slim fit. For normal legs it skinny jeans are in trend.

When you wear a black shirt with skinny jeans make sure your shirt is also slim fit and sits on your jeans from back and front.

Slim fit jeans

Slim-fit jeans are perfect for any type of guy. Styling blue jeans with a black shirt are a combination of ice and fire and you can not leave this option out.

Rough jeans

We all know rough jeans look great with a t-shirt but a lot of you may not know that shirts look more manly and stylish when you wear them with rough ones.

A point to keep in mind when wearing rough jeans with a black shirt is that always go with fitted jeans i.e skinny jeans. Or if you are big then you can go with so m fit. Avoid super skinny jeans at any cost.

Not a hidden fact that rough jeans are stealing the casual street trend, rocked by many celebrities. And you can find many models over the internet, rocking a black shirt and white rough jeans.

Choose the right color jeans

Choosing the right color jeans for the right occasion is the key.

White jeans

Perfect black and option when you dress it up with a black shirt. The best occasion to wear white jeans is a casual occasion because of their light and bright color that works best in daylight.

Black jeans

Black jeans and a black shirt are the classic and all-black look for a night event and work best for a formal occasion. Avoid an all-black look in daylight especially if your skin tone is dark or brown.

Grey jeans

Grey jeans are the second option out of all options and you can experiment with this option. This option is great for semi-formal and casual occasions. You can wear a black shirt and grey jeans paired up with white sneakers for a formal look.

Classic blue jeans

The Black and Blue option is a killer for a semi-formal and casual occasion. You can bet on this. Make sure blue jeans have only one or two shades not more than that.

Dark blue jeans

Dark blue jeans are a great pair up with a black shirt for semi-formal occasions. And you can even rock these on night events with formal shoes and a nice belt.

Wear belt

A belt is a must accessory if you have a black shirt because a black shirt is so versatile that you can pair it up with jeans and pants for formal and semi-formal events.
Always choose a leather belt with a simple and minimal formal structure.

You should always have a black leather belt for night events, but you can also wear them in day events black belt goes well with black jeans, white jeans, and blue jeans. The second option is a dark brown belt. It works best with blue jeans and you can rock this on any day event.

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