Can I wear boots in summer? 

Can I wear boots in summer
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As a fashion lover, one thought came to my mind and I searched for it on the internet. It’s about “can I wear boots in summer?”. well, I love experiments but with this, I’m not sure so I have asked some of my friends in the fashion industry and done my own research as no answer on the internet is up to mark.

So, if you have the same question that can I wear boots in summer then don’t worry today I will discuss this question in the article in detail. So keep reading.

Can I wear boots in summer? 

If you live somewhere where it’s too hot like Africa then you should avoid wearing boots in summer. The reason is that boots are made of hard material to survive the harsh winters and snow and it limits the air to enter inside. However, if you live somewhere like Canada you can wear boots in summer.

Though boots tend to be worn in winters, still you can wear them in summer if you choose the right pair with the right material, color and match it with the right outfit.


You can see in developing countries that it seems odd to people if you wear something that doesn’t match the weather. While in developed countries you can see a lot of people on the streets rocking the summer outfit with boots on their feet. 

There are many types of boots that you can wear all year round and some are designed specifically for winters.

Well, it’s not the boot that makes it a summer or winter item, it’s the material that is used in making shoes that makes the difference, and you should look for that in every boot you choose to wear in summer.

Besides that, another thing that is plays important role in choosing the right boot for summer is the color of the shoes.

Color is very important, you don’t need any color that absorbs the heat or the color that is hot in itself. If you don’t know what to look for in summer boots them don’t worry, today I will give you a basic guide about how to choose the right boot for summer. 

How to choose the right boot for summer

Choose the right material

As boots come in a lot of material and mainly of hard leather or synthetic material and suede. From all these suede is the perfect material for summer because it is a light material and also in huge trend right now.

Though suede is the perfect material still you have to take extra care of the material. You have to protect the suede from water and from any pin scratches. 

Choose the right color

Color plays a very important role in choosing the right boots for summer. Choose the earthly colors or light colors to get a cool vibe.

Stay away from hard pin colors like red, or black in summers.

Choose the right ankle height

Ankle height comes into play when you are choosing boots for summer. You can’t wear the high ankle boots that go high as your knees in summer.

If you have any in your wardrobe, avoid wearing them in summer. For summer you need boots with medium ankle height or low ankle height. 

Can I wear Chelsea boots in summer

Yes, you can wear Chelsea boots in summer. Chelsea boots are stylish and cool boots out there that go well with most of the outfits of summer and winter. Not only that Chelsea boots are also known as all-year-round boots. 

One Of the famous boots that you can wear all around the year is Chelsea boots. Whether you are men or a women Chelsea boots are always everyone’s first priority. 

Chelsea boots without laces give a stylish look to anyone who wears them. You can style these boots with pair of jeans, chinos, and even with trousers. Yes, you can also wear Chelsea boots with a semi-formal outfit. 

In summer where most the outfits are casual you can wear Chelsea boots with chinos and for upper go with tees or polo shirt. 

Chelsea boots come in two materials mainly are leather and suede. Leather is the most used and made Chelsea boot but the suede trend is increasing day by day with Chelsea boots. For a more cool and dapper look go with suede Chelsea boots. 

Can I wear Chukka boots in summer

Yes, you can wear chukka boots in Summer. Chukka boots are one of the versatile boots we have that you can pair up with your jeans in summer and winter. 

Wear chukka boots sockless in summer or try ankle socks. To get the cool vibe style chukka boots with light slim blue jeans and for upper go with a linen button-down shirt. Or you can wear a t-shirt for a more cool vibe. 

If you want to try something different then replace your jeans with nice chinos. Chinos come in a lot of different colors and usually made of cotton which keeps you cool in summer. So, to keep the vibe and outfit cool from outside and inside you can wear your chukka boots with chinos. 

For material go with suede chukka boots. As you k ow suede is in trend and also gives a cool vibe to the whole outlook. 

Can I wear Hiking boots in summer?

Hiking shoes are big and heavy boots that may look odd in summer and most of the time you should avoid wearing hiking boots casually in summers. The reason for that is, hiking shoes are designed rough and tough so that they can create moisture inside the shoes if you wear them for long. Because they are also heavy so it becomes more difficult to pull them off with summer outfits. 

Hiking boots are another winter and outdoor shoe which are also used as casual boots that you can style with your casual outfits. 

Though hiking boots also come in a lighter material, still they are designed to be worn when you go hiking. Not only it looks odd when you style that rough and heavy boots with your summer outfits but also you have very few options that you can carry out with hiking boots. 

Can I wear Working boots in summer?

Yes, you can wear working boots in summer. As working boots are designed in a way that they can survive the heat and moisture of hot summer days. For moisture control, the working boots have a moisture-wicking lining that keeps the boots cold and dry from inside in summer.

You can wear these boots on any rough ground thanks to their sole which is made of steel and can handle the stones and objects that come under your feet. 

Working boots are versatile boots that have some unique features that make them perfect for summer. 

You can style these working boots with the right pair of Jeans. Make sure the jeans are not baggy and are slim fit but also not too skinny. Select the jeans that can sit comfortably on the top of the shoe. When selecting work boots for summer avoid any fur on the tops. 

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