Teal vs Turquoise

Teal vs turquoise

Teal and turquoise, two look-alike colors that often create confusion among people. Both the colors share some similarities and differences(teal vs turquoise). Today I will clear out all the confusion about this in this article. So, keep reading

Teal vs turquoise

The main difference between both the colors is that teal is a dark green and bluish color while turquoise is a light green bluish color. 

What is teal color?

Teal is a combination of greenish and blue Color which makes it unique and one of the popular colors. Teal is a deep and calm color that is used in the fashion industry and cultures all over the world. 


Teal color is created by combining cyan and green. Cyan is mixed with green time to create a deep teal color. 

What is turquoise color?

Just like teal, turquoise also belongs to the same family of green and blue. The main difference between teal and turquoise is that turquoise is a bright version of teal or brighter than teal. 

Where teal gives a more calm and deep vibe. Turquoise is more recognized as an ocean color with a combination of green and blue. 

Green in turquoise symbolizes success and blue symbolizes goodness and coolness. 

Teal Meaning

Teal name is derived from the duck tape that is found in water. Teal has many meanings associated with it. It’s not only a color but also symbolizes mental balance and spirituality.

Green-winged Teal, Port Aransas, Texas.jpg
By Alan D. Wilson – NaturesPicsOnline, CC BY-SA 2.5, Link

Below we will discuss the psychology of teal color and what it promotes. If you are a person who considers teal as your favorite color then these are some psychology facts for you. 

  • Teal is a calm color and promotes calm. If you like the teal color then that symbolizes that you are a calm person with a calm brain and approach. 
  • Teal is the color of uniqueness. It supports the individuality of a person. A person with their own personality and rules have a lot in common with teal. 
  • Teal provides a helping hand to people who are confused about something. In this life, there is a time when you get confused and to avoid any mistake to occur you need to make the right decision, and teal is the one color that helps you in choosing the right path. 
  • People who like teal color have clear thoughts in their minds. They take every step with Analyzing the consequences and results. A person with irrational or illogical thoughts doesn’t go well with teal. 

Teal color also symbolizes 

People who admire teal love to offer a second chance to others and themselves. There are times when a person gets the lows of their life, or something goes wrong. This is a time when you need second chances and teal believes in uplifting and giving second chances. 

Besides all that, teal also possesses many other traits such as shyness and control. The best trait of teal is, it is supportive and believes in Uniqueness. 

Turquoise meaning

Besides the color turquoise, it is a mineral and it is one of the valuable and unique gemstones in the world because of its hue and contrast. The name of this French, states its ancient Royal history.

Big turquoise from Cananea.jpg
By Mike Beauregard from Nunavut, Canada – turquesa es muy azul Uploaded by PDTillman, CC BY 2.0, Link

Turquoise stone is more like a rare stone you see under the water in the ocean that has a blue and greenish texture. It is mainly found in the Tibetan mountains and Nova Scotia. 

  • Turquoise as a color symbolizes positivity and truth. Turquoise as a stone has been used as a healing stone for many centuries. 
  • Turquoise stone is a life-changing stone, as it removes negativity and brings opportunity and success in your life. 
  • Turquoise stone is a healer. It is used to heal health-related problems also such as – throat problems, lungs problem, migraines, etc. 
  • Turquoise color provides peace and calmness in your life just like an ocean to nature. 
  • People who like and wear turquoise know what is best for them. They have the ability to know the ‘true themselves” and follow the path which is right for them. 

Use of turquoise color

By Vista4u2 – w:en:Image:Turquoisecollection.jpg, Copyrighted free use, Link

Teal as a color is used for interior design, clothes, and sheets. If we talk about turquoise stone then, it is used as a jewelry stone and a decorating stone in houses and homes. 

As it is regarded as a symbol of wealth and success, it is often used in offices. 

Turquoise has a great history as it has seen many cultures and times since its discovery. Turquoise is one of the oldest and unique gems that have seen the time of ancient Egypt.

However, it’s the 14 century when it has been used as jewelry.  It later became popular in many other countries and the use of turquoise in jewelry made it so much popular. It is also regarded as a protected and savior of health and wealth. 

  • Azetics used turquoise to make knives and masks. They used to mix the turquoise with gold, quartz, etc to make masks and shields. 
  • Persia is the one that bought turquoise in the decorations. They used turquoise to decorate their buildings and to decorate brides and grooms. 
  • Besides that, it is also used by ancient Egypt as with gold to make sculptures. 
  • Now, it is mostly used in the fashion industry to make jewelry like rings, bracelets, and necklaces. 

Use of teal color

Jacksonville jaguars unif.png
By Fernando Martello, CC BY-SA 4.0, Link

Teal is a very famous color among cultures and countries. Lots of different cultures adapt this color to refer to something. Mostly, it is used for interior design and for clothes. 

  • Teal color is used by New Zealand airlines as the symbol or signature of the airline. Most of the people in New Zealand are familiar with this color and refer to it as an airline color. 
  • Kazakhstan has more value for teal as teal is used in the flag of Kazakhstan. 
  • If we look at the usage of teal color then it’s not only limited to airline and metro(teal is also used as a color of metro in India for Kochi metro). It is also used in various other sectors like sports, television, and religion. 

Use of teal in the television industry. 

  • Teal color is used in the famous Netflix tv show of the 2021 squid game as a uniform for the characters. This is one of the most-watched Netflix shows ever( worth watching it!).Check more tv shows like this on Netflix –  Best Mystery Thriller Series
  • Besides that, it is also used in the handmaid’s tale. 
  • Teal is also used in many movies in the form of grading. Teal is the new hyped color that is gaining popularity in all sectors because of its trustworthy and calm look. 
  • Further, it is also used to spread awareness among people about ovarian cancer. You will see people who are participating in the awareness agenda of the disease, usually wearing t-shirts and other forms of accessories like bands of teal color. 

Use of teal in Sports

  • Teal is used many times in sports. If you remember the Belfast Giants jersey then you know they are of teal color. The color is used purposely to tackle the heat environment, as it is a deep and calm color. 
  • Moreover, it is also used in NBA and football.  
  • Teal is also used in Hockey, NFL, and Baseball. Jaguars in the NFL, use teal as one of their colors. The Seattle Mariners and Arizona Diamondbacks in baseball are two teams that use teal as their color. 

Color that compliments teal 

As discussed above, teal is made by mixing two colors that are green and blue. 

Color that compliments teal 

Teal and grey

Teal and grey make a great combo, both colors complement each other. You can wear teal with grey any day. 

Besides clothing teal and grey combination is also great for interior design. Both colors compliment each other so well, creating a calm and cool vibe. 

Teal and beige

“Teal and beige”, is another great combination for matching outfits. Teal with beige pops up and gives a more refreshing vibe. Beige color allows the teal to highlight the outfit. Where grey and teal give a cool look, this combination gives an active and fresh look. 

Both the colors work as good in interior design. Teal is often used by designers to make a high property. 

Teal and black

Black is the one color that compliments most of the colors, and teal is one of them. Teal and black make a classic pair for a night party. 

Teal and yellow(low contrast) 

Teal and yellow is the best and most complementary combination out of all. In the list of colors that complement yellow, teal has to be one of them. Teal works great with camel color(low contrast of yellow). 

Teal pants and a camel color overcoat make a perfect combination. 

Teal and off white

Teal and off-white is another great combination for winters and summers. In summer it gives you a light and calm vibe.

Teal and white works well when you style teal as down wear and white as upper wear. 

It is also the best combination for a home interior if you want to keep the light vibe with a little dark theme. 

Color that compliments turquoise

There are dozens of colors that go well with turquoise. Just like teal color, turquoise can also be used for design and clothes. So, we will discuss both patterns. 

Colors that go well with turquoise (interior design) 

Colors that go well with turquoise
Colors that go well with turquoise

All the colors that go with teal also go well with turquoise. The best combination is yellow, beige, and coral. 

More options for interior design are 

Orange- orange, and turquoise make a fire combo, giving energetic look to the room. To get the best look make the three patterns, natural color for walls, keep orange for furniture and sofa, turquoise for floor mats, and details. 

Tip- turquoise suits most when you add neutral and as a detailed color rather than a primary color. You can also use turquoise in clothing as an accessory which enhances the outfit look more. 

Colors  that go well with turquoise clothes

Most of the colors that go well with teal also go well with turquoise. 


pink goes well with turquoise color. Pink can be a great complementary color to turquoise. Keep the pink option as down wear and turquoise as upper to get the dapper, cool and fresh look. 

If you are a man then this option is not great for you. This works well for girls. As they have different options to wear and the color also compliments the outlook of skirts. 


Just like teal, Turquoise also goes great with white. To get the fresh and light look in summers you can wear white as down wear (pant) and turquoise as upper wear (shirt or blazer). 


Yellow is another color that compliments the turquoise color. As turquoise is brighter than teal, so, you need to make sure that yellow has less contrast. What I mean is, wear a camel or deep yellow to get the right matching outfit. 

If you want to wear bright colors then wear them in three or more patterns. Turquoise bracelet or necklace, yellow shirt, blue jeans. 

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Color conversion for teal

Hex triplet 008080 #008080
RGB Decimal 0, 128, 128 rgb(0,128,128)
RGB Percent 0, 50.2, 50.2 rgb(0%,50.2%,50.2%)
CMYK 100, 0, 0, 50
HSL 180°, 100, 25.1 hsl(180,100%,25.1%)
HSV (or HSB) 180°, 100, 50.2
Web Safe 009999 #009999
CIE-LAB 48.255, -28.844, -8.481
XYZ 11.614, 16.996, 23.089
xyY 0.225, 0.329, 16.996
CIE-LCH 48.255, 30.065, 196.386
CIE-LUV 48.255, -37.325, -8.059
Hunter-Lab 41.226, -21.858, -4.348
Binary 00000000, 10000000, 10000000

Color conversion for turquoise

Hex triplet 40e0d0 #40e0d0
RGB Decimal 64, 224, 208 rgb(64,224,208)
RGB Percent 25.1, 87.8, 81.6 rgb(25.1%,87.8%,81.6%)
CMYK 71, 0, 7, 12
HSL 174°, 72.1, 56.5 hsl(174,72.1%,56.5%)
HSV (or HSB) 174°, 71.4, 87.8
Web Safe 33cccc #33cccc
CIE-LAB 81.265, -44.079, -4.035
XYZ 40.151, 58.952, 68.934
xyY 0.239, 0.351, 58.952
CIE-LCH 81.265, 44.263, 185.23
CIE-LUV 81.265, -59.018, 0.719
Hunter-Lab 76.78, -41.02, 0.515
Binary 01000000, 11100000, 11010000

Teal vs turquoise vs aqua

The main difference between teal, aqua, and turquoise is that teal is a deep color with a shade of both green and blue color, turquoise is brighter than teal and can be obtained by mixing pale blue and green, and Aqua is a color that can be derived or obtained by mixing light green and light color. Aqua is more like an ocean color. 

Common in teal and aqua

Both teal and aqua are related to cyan color but don’t have red in them. 

On the other hand, all three colors have a green and green combination. 

Most of the colors that go well with teal and turquoise also go well with aqua. The primary colors that go well with aqua are – white and aqua, orange and aqua, gold and aqua, cream and aqua. 

Teal vs turquoise vs cyan

Teal and turquoise have a difference of contrast, one is more bright (turquoise) and the other is more deep and calm(teal). On the other hand, cyan is the color between green and blue. Cyan is a complementary color of red and is made by subtracting it from white. 

Teal vs turquoise vs aqua vs mint

Teal vs turquoise vs aqua vs mint
Teal vs turquoise vs aqua vs mint

The main difference between mint and the other three is color shade. Mint is a shade of green and the other three are combinations of green and blue. 

Mint name is derived from a plant, known as mint. It has the same leaves of Mint color. 

The best colors that go well with mint are – mint and blue, mint and coral pink, mint and black, mint and yellow. 

Teal vs blue

Teal is a mixture of green and blue. Blue only has the coolness of blue color in it but teal has both the energy of green and calmness of blue.

Blue is used more than teal color because it is a normal color and doesn’t require other color properties to form. On the other hand, teal color rewires both properties of blue and green. 

Blue is a more practical Color and requires less effort than teal. This is the reason why blue is widely used in everything from clothes to making containers and jewelry. 

On the other hand, teal has its own uniqueness in it. It is mostly used to represent something important or precious. 

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