Men’s Wardrobe Essentials Checklist 2021

mens wardrobe essential checklist

Completing your wardrobe is not only essential but a concern. The biggest choice for your everyday personality is what your wardrobe consists of. What you keep in it, matters most and the most.

We have entered 2021 and as usual, our needs are changing and we are planning for something new that looks good. Did you know that fashion comes with effort? Although the list of essentials for men’s wardrobe isn’t too long but still collecting every piece requires an effort. 

Even if you are a beginner or planning to reconstruct your style. Rather than making a list of a bunch of items, invest in one and the best. The one that you have must be a style statement. 

Can you feel the charm when you walk outside? 

What’s the one thing that’s missing in your collection? 

Take a check on our men’s essential wardrobe checklist 2021 and work for your dressing and style.

1White button-down shirt

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You will never be amazed to see this. I know, but it is the first essential wardrobe piece that can be worn with multiple outfits. Your personality will shine through, of course, a plain button-down shirt produces an outstanding outcome and leads people to feel comfortable around you. If there’s any other particular shade that comfort you, yet a plain white shirt is always the safe one. The simplest piece of clothing you own that ensures you stay cool while you look damn HOT!

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2A Pair of White sneakers

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White sneakers rock! Their timeless appeal elevates any outfit from a date night to any day to go to. According to our cool guys, white sneaker, these are great when you don’t have enough time to think about the multiple options out there. Nothing goes greater than a sleek pair of Adidas Stan Smith. Wear it with a pair of blue or black jeans and a t-shirt, and you’re ready to rock.

3Cotton white T-shirt

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Ever wondered why these simple white polo T-shirts are so popular? How you pair your white T-shirt with all the style. There’s so much you can do with just a plain white T-shirt. Wear it simple or take it to be exemplary under denim, it will always rule your personality and showcase your physique. Nautica classic sleeve collar T-shirt is your savior. Have you added this essential for your summer wardrobe? 


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There’s is no doubt how much important is watch to a man. Not only it is a significance of your time but your style too. Watch for the occasion while you attend, select a watch carefully that defines class, royalty, and Professionalism. With one on your hand, you can show as much as you can. The elegance of your formal suit is enhanced more with a Timex leather watch.

How to wear a watch with a suit?


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This is the 2021 trend. Sunglasses are not meant to avoid. If you want to be a macho, never move out without shades. Shades make your face symmetrical. People wear not only to protect their eyes but to highlight their faces. Although a number of sunglasses are there to choose from. Top to bottom if you want to rock, you gonna chase with these classic shades. 

Best Sunglasses according to face shape

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Unless you are not in any casual wear, the socks won’t be necessary. But the time you get ready for a meeting,  you can really put any effort into your comfortability with panda stuff and organic bamboo socks. It is not going to be a huge investment, but as science says that men should replace their undergarments daily. So make sure you have the appropriate number. 


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You know that it is coming. It’s a fact that smell spreads faster than your words. Of course, a person far away can detect you from your smell. Containing the top notes of caviar and leather, it creates a sensual vibe. Wear on a date night and spread the charm. Fragrances are event specific. You got to know which one best suits your timing. Professional meetings cannot go with floral scents that get you laid

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A bag has to be stylish and functional.  The bag becomes more than an accessory for businessmen. In 2022, with multiple things to carry-on walled, iPhone, iPad, laptop etc a work bag is all the way going to be your savior. Even if you don’t look for a work need, gym and sports will require at least one duffle bag to pack your gear. 

9Cotton pants

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Formal cotton trousers are for formal events. There are options from wool, silk, linen but cotton is something that is soothing and comfortable. Trousers won’t break your style rather make it look more mature and professional. Style for an interview, or wear it daily. Cotton trousers are going to be comfortable for every off duty day when you don’t want to wear jeans. 

10Leather wallet

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Wallet may not count your style, but it has a lot of things to say. It’s a piece of personal satisfaction. With digital payment running in 2021, the size of wallets has become thin. When you invest in one you are investing for years. A quality leather wallet like Timberland stands with an outfit and built to withstand any rough and rug outdoors. 

11Leather Belt

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The belt is the visible accessory that counts your style. When it comes to the best a leather belt would beat the all. The one trusted brand for making 100 %leather products Timberland is one that fits your budget and style. Costing a few $20 you are sure to invest in a durable piece. Even if you are a traveler, timberland leather is the best. You can also read who makes the best leather belts to make sure of your purchase. 

12Pair of Shorts

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A pair of shorts in summer is an essential item in men’s wardrobes in 2021. Every man’s wardrobe collection is incomplete without shorts. They are comfortable in many situations where the idea of wearing jeans is not good. If you’re training in the gym or roaming around in your garden wearing a pair of shorts is a great idea. There are different shorts available for different occasions, the most important is how you style them. Chino shorts, denim shorts, swim shorts, tailored shorts are some shorts to go for. And style your outfit like never before. 


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Several years have passed but wearing a hoodie never goes out of style. Most men have opted for wearing hoodies despite their childish look. It has become a revolutionary change in men’s fashion that makes a  suitable place in every man’s wardrobe collection. Hoodies are comfortable and beneficial in many ways, they are versatile i.e. can be worn with almost everything like jean, khakis without compromising style. Buy a hoodie that matches your style and looks to add more benefits and options to your wardrobe collection.

14Denim Jackets

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An essential men’s wardrobe checklist must not be completed without a denim jacket. A denim jacket is available in multiple colors but the most versatile is blue. It fits with almost every outfit. But one point should be noted that the jacket should not be too loose or too tight. It should perfectly fit you. Avoid wearing double denim means wearing denim jeans with a denim jacket is a weird combination, it ruins your overall look. Opt Wear contrasting colors when wearing denim jeans.

15Peacoat Jacket

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The peacoats jackets are the short length coat with a double-breasted front that helps you retain the body heat. A modern and classic feel with emerging fashion trends is what the peacoat jackets are for. Whether the Comfort you want or luxurious appealing coat, peacoat jackets have solidified their place in men’s wardrobe. Different prices of coats are available, so simply choose the one that matches your comfort, style, and look. Although this particular coat is not versatile, it’s good to add a nice option to your wardrobe collection.

16Bomber Jacket

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Bomber jackets are one such jacket that has never gone out of fashion. They mainly come in Leather but some are made with nylon and other materials as well. Bomber jackets are short, durable jackets with a zippered front and fitted or elastic waist and cuffs. A jacket that is practically every man has in his wardrobe due to its versatility and comfortability. It also appears in different designs and colors to best suit your needs and style. 


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Jeans are mandatory items that are available in multiple options. A common misconception about jeans floating around is that jeans are not stylish but when the right pair of jeans with a perfect fit is chosen it becomes a staple item in every men’s wardrobe checklist. For a perfect and overall stylish look, there are some common things to consider before buying a pair of jeans i.e. fitting, and style.

Denim jeans are the most popular jeans among men. Focus on wearing jeans that match your daily style.


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To make a difference in your daily style opt for multiple caps options. It’s a personal preference why caps are an essential item in men’s wardrobe. Cap helps you from sun heat and at the same time makes a difference in your look when you are out. Avoid the same style routine by wearing or opting for different caps. Choose the right style and fit for yourself. Different types of caps for different occasions are available in the market. 


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Clothing and the right fashion style makes a lot of difference. Whether you believe it or not but better-dressed people always experience better treatment. A simple and formal suit is a way to form. Business professionals have largely followed the trend of wearing a suit. So, why not you. A perfect fit suit and color should be in your wardrobe. Fitting will always remain the king whether you are slim or fat.  Prioritize size, color to rock the business meeting or an event. There is a myth that only slim and average men are suitable to wear a suit but a fat guy can also rock a suit like a gentleman if follow a proper right method.

20White tank

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White tanks are the most essential item on men’s essential wardrobe list. A casual look and summer fashion is incomplete without a white tank. You can go for other colors too with different patterns and styles at your convenience. You can show off your biceps while staving off the threat of underarm sweat patches. Pair white tanks with jeans for the perfect casual wear. And add an attractive piece of cloth to your closet.

21Formal shoes

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For an overall formal look, formal shoes are a must. Update your wardrobe collection with the latest design of formal shoes, match it with your suits. As you can’t wear the same sneaker or shoes to every occasion. So, a perfect fit and size leather shoes to suppress the event with your unique dressing style. Variations are always there, there are shoes that come with modest style and focus on comfort. 


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Did your wardrobe collection of 2021 has scarves in it? If yes, it’s going to be super useful to you in many ways. But if not then what are you waiting for, go get one right one. Scarfs not only introduce color to otherwise blended outfits but protect you from cold weather especially your neck. A wide variety of scarfs are available like – bandana scarves, headscarves, square scarves, circle scarves, skinny scarves, and so on.

In all, you need to be comfortable in your own personal style. Complete your wardrobe collection with this men’s wardrobe essential checklist.  

Hi, gurbi is a fashion blogger, designer, and fashion consultant. He is 25 yrs old man who love the world of fashion.