How to wear watch with suit ?

How to wear a watch with suit
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Getting out for a black-tie event or has to attend an important meeting at the board. The reason may be any but a watch on your wrist is something which people notice, not only so that you care about your time, but how much you care about your style. There is no doubt watch is one piece of jewelry item from men accessories that you can style with any outfit.  Well, if we talk about wearing a watch on formal occasion defines class, royalism, and professionalism, and you should have a perfect watch in your wardrobe that you can wear with suits on formal occasions. So, to make it easy for you, this article contains tips and rules on how to wear watch with suit.

How to wear watch with suit?

First, choose the watch

So, basically, there are two different types of watches available in the market today i.e analog and digital. So if you don’t know about the difference read this

How to wear a watch with suit

● Analog watches have leather or metal straps.


● Digital watches usually have rubber or plastic straps.

● Analog watches contain the minutes and second hands mainly showed as a marker, dot, or numbers.

● On the other hand, digital watches are made with a numeric representation of seconds and minutes.

● If we talk about Analog watches, it mainly falls in the formal and dressy category, which means you can wear them with suits and formal outfits.

● As the name suggests it is usually styled with an athletic or casual outfit, contains multiple features like – heart rate, steps you walked.

Well, now you have a clear idea that you need an Analog watch to match with your suit. Now it’s time to break which Analog watch suits you best.

There are five different subcategories of Analog watches such as dress, dive, field, pilot, and racing. But we only cover two categories i.e dress and dive watches because these two options are suited best with the suit on formal occasions.

Dress watch

How to wear a watch with suit

This is a great option if you are planning to attend a black-tie event or any function with your tie on, this should be your priority because no other watch fits well with too formal occasions because of their complex structure.

Now if we talk about its features, it has none. Yes, this is the simplest watch out there in which you get a plane surface with no complexity or features and a leather strap (mostly black, but brown is also provided as an option).

This watch is specially designed as a classy piece because as they say, the class comes with simplicity and this watch has this in it.

Dive watch

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you may think why to bet on the second option when you have the best one. So, it’s simple you can not wear the same watch on events and meetings because you cannot wear a formal suit or tuxedo in a meeting. And to give yourself another option that you can wear with a suit is

Dive watch As the name suggests dive watches are usually made for underwater resistance, but you can wear these watches with formal suits or semi-formal. These watches may contain date complexity in it. Besides, that dive watches have metal straps to make it water-resistant.

Second, match the watch with a suit

Before picking the one right watch, make sure to check if it compliments your outfit or in this case your suit.

To match the watch with the outfit. Your watch color should match the color of your shoes and belt.
First match the color of the watch or strap with the belt color. If the belt is black, then watch strap color should also be black.

Second, make sure the color of your shoes and belt match. Never wear a different color of shoes and a belt with a suit. Overall, if you have black shoes then your belt and watch color should be black.

How to buy a watch for a suit?

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Wrist fitting

Fitting is the king in any fashion, so now you get that you need a perfect fit wristwatch that fits well on your wrist. That said, don’t go for a too-tight watch because the strap will rub against your skin and cause rashes, and second don’t go too loose because then it will come down to your wrist all day and you feel uncomfortable in doing any work.

Strap color

strap color matters if you wear a watch with suit. Now, there are only two colors which compliment suit i.e black and brown. Yes, the old classic Colors give a classy and formal touch to the watch.

If you are dressing for a too formal event like a black-tie event than black should be your pick because the black strap is considered more formal or dressier than the brown one.

Strap material

Generally, when you buy a watch that you can wear with a suit, it can contain a leather strap or a metal strap. Well, if you make me pick from two, then I will go with leather strap because leather straps are the sign of class and provide you a clean and elegant look, that is why dress watches have leather straps.

But you can always go with a metal strap if you are buying for less formal occasions or to wear with business casuals.

Buy from a reputed brand

Watch is another small jewelry item in men accessories but is most impactful. So, if you want a watch to wear with suit you cannot go wrong with the quality, and there is no doubt you can get quality from reputed brands.

But for that, they charge you a handsome amount of money. But with that amount of money spent you should make sure you get the warranty card. Because poor quality watches can get detected easily, so for security make sure to get a warranty card. The only thing is that you will get a warranty from reputed brands only.


Now, the watch structure is also one of the main aspects to look into before buying the watch. There are a varied range of options available with different structures in the market such as – bridge, triangle, square, and round.

Selecting the right structure for the kind of watch you choose is very important. That said, there are only two options you can choose from, if you want to pair it with a suit, one is a rectangle and the other is round or you can go with the square in place of a rectangle.

The round structure is more preferable by brands and almost most of the watches come in round structure.

But if you are buying a watch to wear with a suit for a formal occasion then dress watches offer a square and round structure.

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