How to Wear a Button Up Shirt

How to Wear Button Up Shirt

If you have passed your high school it’s time for you to shift to shirts from t-shirts. The shirt is a versatile piece and status symbol, it shows you are a man now, besides this, the right fitted shirts make you look more hot and sexy. But what we focus on today is how to wear a button-up shirt?

How to Wear Button Up Shirt

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Well, first you should know what is button-up dress shirt? But I think you already know that’s why you searched this term. In case you don’t know go through this simple explanation.
Button up shirts are normal shirts we wear on regular basis but these shirts are different from button-down shirts where there are buttons on the sides of collars to keep the collar down.


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How to wear a button-up shirt


Multilayering is a great trick to learn. You can convert a normal outfit into a masterpiece with the help of multilayering. And there is nothing different with button up shirt. Shirts give you full freedom to experiment with different layers to increase the outlook of your outfit.

Wear a button-up shirt with a blazer

Blazer works great with shirts. Blazer gives you two options that you can choose according to the occasion. (1) tuck-in shirt into pants and wear a well-fitted blazer over it. (2) or you can leave the shirt untucked to give it a casual vibe. For casual occasions, you can pair sneakers with a blazer and shirt.

Wear a button-up shirt with a sweater

Best classic pair up for fall and winter. Pairing a sweater over a shirt or dress shirt is another best way to rock the look.

This is a mature look and gives you an edge because of its simple structure. You can pair nice formal pants or chinos or even jeans with this outfit or look.

Wear a shirt with jeans

Jean is one versatile piece that goes well with all of the button shirts whether it’s a plain dress shirt or a casual one.

Well to get the right look you have to match the occasion. You can wear a shirt and jeans for an interview, on your way to the mall, and even to your office.

The second thing to keep in mind is matching the contrast and Colors of jeans and your shirt. The key here is to avoid the same color jeans and shirts, but in some cases, the same color also works like with black shirts and black pants. So, it depends but most of the time one dark and one bright combination works best.

Wear a button-up shirt with chinos

Chinos are the best option that you can try with button-up shirts. Not only this combination is in trend but it also gives you a more stylish, mature look that you can pull off easily for office and date.

There are two ways to style a button-up shirt with a chino

● Tuck in the shirt and get a nice belt to compliment it. Make sure your shirt is plain and simple (without pocket and patterns) that goes well with plain chino.

● Leave the shirt untucked and give it a casual look. You can wear sneakers or loafers to get the right vibe.

Try different footwear for different occasions

Don’t forget to match footwear when you wear a shirt because your shoes decide the vibe and outlook of your outfit when you wear the shirt. Let’s see how?

Sneakers- sneakers work great when you pair up a shirt with jeans for a casual occasion. Or you can also try out this option with chinos also. To get the look right leave the shirt always untucked when you wear sneakers.

Loafers – loafers are something real that gives you a lot of options. You can style loafers with a shirt and chinos, jeans and a shirt, and even with formal pants and a shirt. Loafers work great when the shirt is tucked in your pant. This look is best for semi-formal occasions like – office, date, or any social event.

Formal shoes – these shoes work best with formal pants and a dress shirt only. You can not bet on them for any other occasion rather than a formal occasion. You can also wear these shoes when you add a sweater to the outfit

Prefer plain shirt over patterns

Button up shirts comes in a lot of styles from stripes, check to plain shirts. But your main focus should be on plain shirts, not usually on formal ones. You can go with linen shirts, cotton shirts if your budget allows you.

Plain shirts are more appealing to others and especially to women. But there is no limit set to stripes shirts because stripes are in trend and you style these shirts in summers with jeans and shorts.
On the other hand check shirts are the least ranked button-up shirts for men because of too much complication and design, check makes you look a lot on the younger side.

Fold the sleeves

Well, hear any fashion expert or model, you will definitely get to know that always fold your sleeves to make your firearm and watch more visible.

Unless there is an interview there is no need to close the buttons of cuffs. Always fold your sleeves halfway up to keep the fold clean and tight. Go through the internet and you will find different techniques to roll up the sleeves of your shirt.

Pick the right collars

Not an important aspect for everyone. But, if you want to go in detail, and make no compromise on your dressing sense then it’s important to know that there are two collar types that you get or that are available in the market, and you have to pick the right one to look great in a button-up shirt

Don’t be afraid to open the upper buttons

Don’t make your button-up Shirt look like a button-down shirt by closing all the buttons from down to the neck and look like a teen.

Never afraid to show off your chest and body when it comes to style and status. Open the upper two buttons of your shirt to look confident and give a welcoming and open vibe to others.

Use color stays

Color stay is a must for button-up shirts because unlike button-down shirts where collar stays up straight with the buttons support, in button-up shirts collar usually spread and get lossy and lose its hardness with time if you don’t use collar stays.

So, always look for collar stays when you buy any shirt. Especially, the button-up shirt.

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