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Kajal Aggarwal Movies that made her Entire Career

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Kajal Aggarwal is a south Indian actress popularly known for roles in Magadheera, Darling, Arya 2, and Mr. Perfect. After working in various movies as supporting character she got her first break in S S. Rajamouli Magadheera. Her extraordinary performance in the movie got her first nomination in Filmfare Awards for Best Telugu actress. She also worked in Bollywood like Singham and Do Lafzon Ki Kahani. So let’s start counting Kajal Aggarwal best movies that made her entire career. For this list, we are taking a look at those films that show Kajal Aggarwal at its finest.


Kajal has a great talent but the filmmakers always have a tendency to make her role small. This happened in most movies Also in Kajal Aggarwal’s best movies. Kajal’s charming personality always makes her character worth seeing on the screen. Filmmakers don’t get that audience loves to see her sometimes more than the lead actor. This happens in this movie too and it’s a drawback. The movie revolves around a corrupted police changes under certain conditions and wants to do the right thing in society.

With a great story, amazing dialogue delivery, and exceptional cinematography film it’s worth seeing. Jr NTR and Kajal chemistry and action scenes are the backbones of this movie. It’s a bit lower ranked as it is not Kajal Aggarwal’s best movie but definitely mentioning.



One of the blockbuster films of 212 started Vijay and Kajal Aggarwal. Thuppakki is an action thriller movie about an army office visiting his family for a holiday. He finds terrorist, sleeper cells and decides to take the matter in his own hands. It shows that country not only needs to be protected from the border but also inside. Akshay Kumar’s holiday’ also has a similar type of story released in 2014. Kajal Agarwal and Vijay chemistry are mind-blowing and the audience loved it.

Vijay needed this movie to be blockbuster rather than Kajal. this movie takes the edge from his career after giving multiple flops. The audience finds this thriller movie great work. They find it difficult to take their eyes it and that’s a plus point for any movie.

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2010 was the year for Kajal Aggarwal. She got back to back blockbuster movies. Still, at the starting of her career, she managed to swoop her way into the lead female Telugu actress. Brindavanam shows Kajal Aggarwal character a sweet innocent girl lives in the village and loves her father. Brindavanam is a family entertainer with lots of drama, emotions humor, and comedy. Its a full package movie and the audience and critics appreciated it.

Although the movie consists of two lead actress Kajal and Samantha, Kajal dominated the entire movie by her charming personality and dialogue delivery. The actor Jr NTR did an amazing performance and ending the long family feud between brothers. The most disappointing thing in the movie is the action. With a strong story and pleasing cinematography, the movie only lacks in action

 Mr. Perfect

After the massive success of Darling Prabhas and Kajal came along one more time. This turns out to be a great decision for filmmakers as it became a blockbuster movie. After consecutive hits of 2019 Darling And 2011 Mr. Perfect the actors become the best couple in the movie business. These two movies made Kajal Aggarwal and Prabhas career in the movie industry. This movie showed Prabha’s character as the modern youth figure. An ambitious, career-oriented person who never compromises in losing opportunities and adjust to other needs.

His primary focus is to live his life by his rules and never adjust for any other person.on the contrary Kajal Aggarwal is presented with a village girl who loves his family and always puts others’ needs above her. These two have the opposite personality and it’s fun watching them change and adjust themselves to each other behavior. Prabhas looks dashing, energetic as usual, and maintained the depth of character very well. Kajal Aggarwal with her extraordinary performance and charming personality steals the show.

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Govindudu Andarivadele (Yevadu 2)

Due to Hindi dubbed the title changed to ‘Yevadu 2’. After their successful collaborations in ‘Magadheera,’ Kajal Aggarwal paired with Charan for this movie. The audience loved their chemistry in Magadheera and it boosted their careers. If not for Magadheera Kajal’s career could not be successful as it is now. That movie showed the depth of acting talent in her. Director Krishna Vamsi decided to take an opportunity to bring back the cast of Magadheera. And it worked very well, the audience once again loved it.

Kajal Aggarwal with her cultured behavior and traditional attire made the audience fall for her. The movie revolves around Ram charan and his grandfather.Ram charan tries to end the dispute between his father and his grandfather and win his whole family back.


Kajal Agarwal and Prabhas started the first time in Director  A. Karunakaran film Darling. After the success of this movie, it is dubbed in Hindi under the title ‘Sabse Badhkat Hum’. Kajal portrays an NRI girl who happens to be Childhood friends. Our hero Prabhas always had a crush on her and in the whole movie he just manages to impress her with various tactics. The movie depicts that childhood first love always remains somewhere deep inside a person’s heart.

It’s quite fun watching Prabhas with his buddies to make moves on Kajal Aggarwal but failing miserably every time. Screenplay, Music and Supporting star cast is one of the main reason which makes this romantic comedy flick a success. If you love to watch family entertainer romantic movie you’ll have a great time watching it


S.S. Rajamouli is one of the few directors that hasn’t let down audience expectations towards a film. In this movie, he proved it true. Magadheera is as good as we expect from  S.S. Rajamouli with action, Romance, Dance, and comedy. The audience really engaged with this ancient dram film based on true love incarnation. The movie sets on two different time periods with 400 years of a leap. The audience expected a great story with ancient history drama, not some romantic true love story.

It looks like Rajamouli took a shot in making a movie like Troy and Gladiator but got confused and changed it to a romantic fantasy drama movie. After a series of flop films, Kajal breakthrough came with 2009 Magadheera. Critics very well appreciated Kajal’s performance as queen and she also got nominated for Filmfare award in the Best Actress category.

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Upcoming Movies Kajal Aggarwal

Indian 2

Shankar comes up with the sequel of the 1996 movie Indian. After 24 years of gap why Does S. Shankar want to make a sequel? Here’s a reason due to the immense popularity of the movie. Kamal Hassan’s marvelous acting made any movie great. This an upcoming movie expected to release in November 2021. Kamal Hassan, Kajal Aggarwal, and Rakul Preet Singh have been finalized for the movie. It’s expected to one of the greatest movies ever with an estimated budget of over ₹200 crores.

The movie expected to start where it left it in 1996 movie. And this could be challenging as Kamal Haasan will play an old guy and it’s difficult for him to eliminate rising corruption while his body starts failing him.

Paris Paris

Kajal Aggarwal’s first solo movie without any lead actor expected to release in November 2020. It is a remake of Bollywood movie Queen starred Kangana Ranaut in 2014. Queen got very appreciation from the audience and critics. It’s a small budget movie but has great potential. As “Queen” was a great movie with great music and mind-blowing cinematography.

We hope to see that in the Kajal Aggarwal movie. Finally, it’s one of those movies where we will see the potential of Kajal Aggarwal. This movie has the potential to make one of Kajal Aggarwal’s best movies.



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