Best cologne to get you laid

Best cologne to get you laid
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Let’s face the truth, every woman has a different taste but there’s are some best-made fragrances in the world that can melt anyone, these fragrances are made by giant fragrance producers and it’s known that every cologne is different, but some outperform everyone because of the rich ingredients used in them. So, if you’re are men who want to know about perfumes or a man want to know about best cologne to get laid. Your answer is here.

It’s not a hidden fact that smell can last a longer impression than anything and can make any woman possessive over you without doing anything.

Best cologne to get you laid

1Carolina Herrera

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One of the most seductive fragrances out there, perfect for evening or nighttime. Carolina Herrera contains cardamom and leva which gives the seductive vibe.

Wear it with a sexy leather jacket for a night date and melt her with a strong seductive smell.

2Abercrombie and fitch

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Not the best performance-wise, but this has helped many men’s around the world to get laid. This scent is best and great for casual daytime.

This may be a casual scent but works best with women’s. So, if you want to make points then you should definitely give it a try.

This womaniser is loaded with some top notes like – cardamom, lemon, orange and Petitgrain. Besides its fruity flavour, it is one of the strongest and masculine cologne out there.

3Dolce Gabbana

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One of the dominant players in the fragrance industry with its unique smell. Not the best performance-wise as it only last few hours but smell wise it surely outranks other players.

This is best if you are going on your first date and getting confused about what to wear.

This fragrance is best suited in a less crowded area for close encounters. So, avoid places like clubs while wearing this fragrance.

Dolce Gabbana is made of white flowers mixed with neroli leaf and papaya flower makes the soft and sweet scent, perfect for first date night. It also contains water Lilly, narcissus and amaryllis.

4Spice bomb

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As the name suggests it contains a spicy fragrance that is very strong and bold loved by many women’s all around the world because of its strong and seductive odour.

This I can say, will be a game-changer for you, because of its strong odour. It best suits you at night time. This is the cologne that you can say is specially made for one night stands.

5Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male Eau De Parfum

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Jean-paul Gautier lemma is the best Calonge on this list that can get you laid, and also creates a long last impression on others.

This cologne is the best if you want to get laid, and also a great compliment getter for guys.

Not only do you make points with this, but she will also remember you as the time passes by because the smell of this cologne gets better with time.

6Bvlgari black cologne

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Worldwide used by many men’s and women’s which makes it one of the most loved colognes in the world.

As said, this cologne contains a sweet and chocolate smell which makes every woman drive crazy.

This is the best option to wear on an evening date that can create something similar between you and her.

7Creed Aventura

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It’s here, you cannot keep this giant out of this list. Creed Aventura is one of the most popular names or you can call the king of colognes. Yet it is fruity but because of its strong character, you can not leave this out.

This cologne can do magic for you because it’s not only the name it’s the character and versatility you get from this magnificent piece of bottle.

This expensive bottle of royal English leather contains some top notes like- apple, pineapple, blackcurrant and bergamot.

This is an exception that can do magic for you if you want to get laid with any woman.

8Gilliland lung Perfum

Best compliment getter from women’s because of its uniqueness and bold attitude image.

This is should be your perfume to go if you want to get laid. But to make clear because it is unique it makes it hard to pull, as you need to be a confident and bold man to pull this off.

This cologne with a mixture of leather cherish fragrance gives you a seductive fragrance.

This cologne will perfectly suit you at night because of its leather and bold vibe.


  • The best way to make her remember you is by pumping one or two sprays on her pillow or anything personal which will trigger her smell senses and make her remind of the moments spend with you.
  • If anything above not works for you then make sure it’s not only the Calonge or fragrance that can get you laid. Every woman has a different opinion and mind to judge. So, never let yourself down if nothing works, just remember there are more than a billion options out there.

Which type of perfume to use to get laid?

There are several types of colognes present in the market but you don’t need to test every piece out there, as we made your work easy by selecting some best colognes that can get you laid, if not 100 Percent then 90 because an exception is always out there.

To get laid you need to create the sensual smell that can be achieved by choosing a strong and fresh fragrance if you’re applying it in a day, and a strong tobacco mixture if you are going for a night date.

The main point here is that fresh and aquatic colognes have a less seductive character than strong and sweet colognes.

While choosing the scent you need to see how it develops with your body chemistry. You don’t have to drown yourself in fragrance, a couple of sprays on your pulse points can tell you how it’s going to perform throughout the day, so that means you need no rush if you want the great perfume, give yourself a day to see how the smells of cologne develop throughout the day.

Because all perfumes are different, some smell great after the shower and some after a few hours. So, you need to see what’s work best for you.

Why it is important to wear perfume?

Wearing a few drops of good Cologne not only helps in preventing bad body odour but also changes the way we preserve others.​

As said, people who wear attractive and good clone are marked as more attractive than who don’t by research.

A good clone smell can leave a last long impression on your memory which is stronger than any interaction because our senses are more drawn to smell whether it’s good or bad.

But if we compare men’s to women, then women surely have strong smell senses.

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