Top Funny Mystery TV Shows Worth Getting Lost In

funny mystery tv shows
funny mystery tv shows

Mystery tv show shows are great to watch and when mixed with a slight hint of comedy ,there is nothing better than funny Mystery tv shows .

Solving Mysteries is a form of passion and enthusiasm. It’s led us to think the ultimate questions of how and why did it happen. There are a lot of mystery tv shows but some are way to intense. You want to watch a tv show that has a good comedy but has a great mystery. This is the right place, we have listed down the best funny mystery tv shows ever.


How easy would it be if the police has some superpowers? It’s going to be way easy to solve crime and find justice. Most of us want superman power of Flash powers or Captain America but these powers are not going to help cops solve crime and uncover mysteries. They should have psychic powers that look inside criminals minds and uncover the truth.

Based on this concept this tv show features Shawn Spencer who is amazing in observations that he learns from his father. To save him from a crime, he cons police into thinking that he has psychic powers. It’s a comedy tv series of a con artist and whole bunch of cops and mysteries to solve.



Its the first tv show that’s started the love relationship with the cop and private consultant. The story is twisted in the latest tv shows but all of them as quite the same plot. Two opposite characters starting working together and end up falling in love.castle is filled with mysteries, comedy, investigation, and love affairs. It all started when a famous mystery novelist Richard Castle started consulting N.Y.P.D to find inspiration for his latest novel.

A cop is a great inspiration if you want to write a mystery novel solving crime and mysteries but it’s a lot better if it’s a female, beautiful cop. Two things are best in this funny mystery tv shows first one is twisted mysteries and second is the romance between Detective Kate Beckett and Richard Castle.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

It’s is the greatest cop tv show ever, it has everything jokes, love affairs, mysteries, heist and a goofy detectives. This tv shows the inside of the precinct. Cops pulling pranks on one another, managing competition to check out who is the best detective in the precinct. Along with that goofy environment in the Brooklyn Nine-Nine precinct, they solve crime catch bad guys and uncover mysteries. If that’s not enough for you this tv show also consists of the best work/ love relationship you ever could see.

The two characters who are opposite and challenge each other work still managed to become the best couple. When the Nine-Nine crew don’t have any mysteries to solve they creat their case to check out who is an amazing detective/ genius in the Brooklyn Nine-Nine precinct. It’s wonderful to watch cops fighting cops to see who is the best.


Bones is an American drama television series that premiered on the Fox Network on September 13, 2005. There is no greater mystery than the human body itself. Every part that works on the human body is a mystery. This mystery tv show research on the human body after the person died. Murder is a mystery, who and how did the killer do it? Our lead stars uncover the greatest mysteries of every victim they come across.

In this modern world, killers are getting smart are finding new ways to kill a person but the only one that can stop them is the forensic anthropology team of Dr. Temperance ‘Bones’ Brennan and FBI Agent Seeley.

Burn notice

When we heard of a spy the only names comes to every mind is James Bond. Well, this is a different version of a Spy. The reason we love spy movies and tv shows is because of their gadgets, girls, action scenes, and also their patriotism towards their country. In this tv show, there is not one of these things. It follows a story of a spy recently disavowed by the U.S. government. After that horrifying incident ex-spy turns good and tries to get back into real life.

The journey of turning good and solving mysteries with his special ops training. It shows that any person that once is evil can turn into a good guy. Just one moment should be given to him. This is an amazing funny mystery tv show that has been hugely popular among teenagers.

Angie Tribeca

Mystery tv shows are mostly cop tv show. Any other tv show has only one mystery but when it comes to cop tv shows they have every episode new case led to mysteries. This is based on the same phenomenon it follows the story of a

Angie Tribeca, a veteran detective who is very good at her job and a queen of social distancing. She prefers to be allowed alone all of her mysteries solve when she was in a silent room. But soon all this was changed when was assigned a new partner. If you want to watch what problems and difficulties are going to happen with her new partner. Check out this funny mystery tv shows.

Death in Paradise

Death in Paradise is a funny crime mystery drama tv show created by Robert Thorogood. If you are one of the people who don’t like watching one actor in the lead always, you’ll like to mix things up. This is a perfect funny mystery tv show for you. It features Ben Miller (season 1–2 ), Kris Marshall (season 3–6), Ardal O’Hanlon (season 6–9), and Ralf Little (season 9-present). There is no stopping this funny mystery show where the lead cop felt like punishment when he is on the job.

It all started when a UK police Detective is sent to solve the mystery behind the murder happening in St-Marie. As the season proceeds, we find new mystery about the place, and every 2 or three-season the Detective dies or quit his job. You want to know why check out this awesome funny mystery tv show.


Netflix new show created a lot of buzz for its fifth season because some of the mystery left unsolved. It is a normal detective solving crime tv show with a slight added mystery, the partner of the detective is the real Devil/king of hell Lucifer Morningstar. After spending a century serving his job he decides to take a vacation from hell which ultimately led him to solve crimes in the city. One thing Lucifer is good at is punishing bad people and he’ll it’s his job but in the human world, it’s a cop job.

To complete his desire to punish bad people he teams up with a detective named Chloe (Lauren German), a badass female cop. It’s the ultimate duo the devil and a badass cop but they just not solve crime but also deals with avenging angels and God Himself.

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