Leather Jacket vs Rider Jacket

Leather Jacket vs Rider Jacket
by senivpetro -

You may know about the aura leather jacket carries in itself. When you wear a leather jacket it enhances your looks in many ways. But the common mistake lot of people make is when they buy a jacket. A lot of people are confused between leather jackets and riding jackets.

Because of their similar appearance, look and nature lot of people make the wrong choice. While some may know about the difference but they want to buy a jacket that can do the work of both, as a fashionable leather jacket and as a riding jacket.

But is that even the right decision to make, can you wear leather as your riding jacket or riding as a fashion jacket?. Well, that is what we will find out today but first I want to show you the main differences between a leather jacket and a riding jacket or biker jacket (leather jacket vs Rider jacket). 

Leather jacket vs rider jacket

Different material is used

Yes, the material quality used in both leather jackets and rider jackets is different though sometimes both look the same, especially when it’s leather material. 


A common material used in both fashion leather jackets and rider jackets is leather, but leather is different.

The leather used in simple leather jackets are softer and not that tough, on the other, hand the leather used in rider or biker jacket is more tough and rugged.

The leather used in simple leather is made up of grain leather, Lambskin on the other hand leather used in rider or biker jackets is of cowhide, goatskin. Besides leather, the material used in rider or biker jackets is Cordura or kevlar. 

The material used in rider jackets is tough to handle scratches and survive the winds at high speed. 

Styles are different(versatility) 

If you look closely you will see the style and design of both leather jackets and rider jackets are different. 

Rider jackets are rugged, and cropped jackets that feature zips. The cut on the rider or biker jacket is what makes a rider jacket a rider jacket.

The cut is made to make it easy for the rider to lean forward without opening up the zip or pulling their body inside. 

Rider jackets or biker jackets are also seen as bad boy jackets because of their rough and tough look. Earlier these jackets were baggy and came with lapels and D pockets.

This style is still seen as one of the fashionable and cool styles of all time. Besides that rider jackets, today come in a simple style to keep the jacket as simple as possible with more safety and toughness. 

You can wear a rider leather jacket in your day-to-day life with your jeans and tees. Besides the leather rider jacket, jackets that are made of other materials don’t look cool for a casual lifestyle. 

You can wear a rider leather jacket with your casual items but you can’t replace a simple leather jacket with a biker jacket.

That means, a simple leather jacket is not compatible and can not survive the fast winds on the track.

Simple leather jackets are less versatile than rider jackets. Besides that, these jackets are easy to style because of their lightweight and different options.

Simple leather jackets come in a lot of different colors from black to brown to green. These jackets can be styled with most of the outfits in your wardrobe. And because they are light in weight, you can wear them in summers also if you live in a less hot region. 

Thickness varies

Thickness plays a very important role when it comes to leather jackets. Different jackets have different thicknesses. 

Because of more chances of tearing due to fall, biker jackets should be thicker than a simple leather jacket.

A biker jacket should be 1.1 cm thick so that it can easily survive the impacts of winds or fall. On the other hand, simple leather jackets are made less thick and light beaches they are not likely to tackle winds or fall.

Today jackets are made lighter and lighter to reduce the weight on the shoulders. 


Both jackets are good and have their own pros and cons. But in most of the cases discussed above biker jacket is ahead of a simple leather jacket. 

But when it comes to the comfy nature of the jacket what do think is more trustworthy.

Well, it’s a biker jacket that is more comfortable despite the weight of the jacket. Biker jacket is build strong, and it can also fight the heat, bugs along with safety precautions it comes with.

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The durability of both jackets depends on the wearing and the quality of the material used to make the jacket.

If you rarely wear a biker jacket for riding, it will last you more years than if you regularly use it whenever you go riding.

On the other hand, a leather jacket is also made of durable leather material that can last you long for many years.

The genuine leather jacket can be costly but the money you spend is worth it for years to come. 

Ventilation options

This may be another big difference between both the jackets. Biker jackets are thick and made in a way to block air or wind to enter inside.

While this may cause moisture or Warmness inside. To tackle this problem the biker jackets have ventilation options in the form of zippered vents. 

But this is not the case with every riding jacket, some do not provide the vent option which can become a problem on hot days.

On the other hand, simple leather jackets don’t have any vent option because you can simply open the zip and leave the jacket unzipped on hot days. 

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