How To Wear Cowboy Boots With Chinos ?

How To Wear Cowboy Boots With Chinos

So, you got your first handcrafted cowboy boots and are confused about how to style those with the right outfit, especially chinos or khakis. Then you are at the right place, here in this article, you will get to know how to style your cowboy boots with chinos, and what cowboy boots pair best with chinos.

Can you wear cowboy boots with chinos?

Absolutely, you can wear cowboy boots with chinos anytime. Not only do they look good but also make you stand out, depending on how you are pairing them.

If you live in taxes, you might have already seen many men wearing cowboy boots with chinos. If not, then I assure you many men who work in the corporate sector wear cowboy boots with chinos.


Besides chinos, you can also wear cowboy boots with a suit. Wearing cowboy boots with a suit is not a new trend. Many presidents, wedding guests, and people in the corporate sector have been seen wearing cowboy boots with suits. The key is to know how to wear cowboy boots and what type of boots look best.


There are many ways to wear cowboy boots and one of them is wearing them with chinos. So, let’s discuss how you should wear cowboy boots with chinos.

How to wear cowboy boots with chinos?

How To Wear Cowboy Boots With Chinos

Type of toe to pick

Another thing you should keep in mind while pairing a cowboy boot with chinos is the type of toe in cowboy boots.

Usually when you are pairing cowboy boots with chinos is because you want to achieve a semi-formal look. For that, the best choices are round-toe and square-toe cowboy boots.

Cowboy Boots

The best thing about these shapes is that they look formal and also allow the feet movement, which prevents any discomfort during the day.

If you have a normal foot then you can go with a round toe. You can wear round-toe cowboy boots with any chinos and as well with suits.

On the contrary, if you have a wide foot then the best choice would be a square toe cowboy boots.

This will provide more toe space and give the feet more freedom to move. Don’t worry as it will look as classy as round-toe boots.

Some people can also go with pointed toes, especially those who have narrow feet. These type of cowboy boots looks more sleek and formal but most people feel uncomfortable in these because of the lack of space.

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Leather to choose

There are different types of leather used to make cowboy boots and different leather leads to different outcomes of a boot.

So let’s discuss which type of leather cowboot looks better with chinos and other formal pants.

How To Wear Cowboy Boots With Chinos

Most budget-friendly cowboy boots are made of Cowhide and calfskin leather. This type of leather is good and goes well with casual outfits but not with chinos or suits.

Goat skin is also an upgraded version of cowhide and calfskin but it also complements a casual outfit. So, if you are buying cowboy boots to pair up with chinos, you should avoid all three leathers.

Ostrich and alligator are exotic leather that are used to make cowboy boots. And if you are looking to attain a semi-formal look with cowboy boots and chinos then these are types of leather you should look into cowboy boots.

Boots Made of this leather are more smooth and more flexible around the toe, which prevents foot fatigue.

However, you should be careful while selecting a pair of cowboy boots made of this leather. Exotic leather boots have patterns on the top of the shoes, which you don’t want when pairing with chinos.

Always go with polished, rich, and full-grain cowboy boots when the aim is to achieve a semi-formal look with chinos.

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Shaft and design

Another thing is to stick with low-shaft boots when pairing with chinos or other pants. This prevents the shaft to forced out through the pants.

So, a low profile is your way to go when you want to pair them with chinos. The best thing about the low profile is that you can wear them with regular straight chinos and you don’t need any bootcut pants or wide opening in the bottom.

Cowboy Boots

Moreover, you should avoid cowboy boots that have big chunky rubber soles. Those types of boots are for a casual look and they don’t go well with plain fabric like chinos.

Stick with sleek and polished black soles. You can also opt for sleek leather sloe, though it will increase the price of the boot.

If you want to try something different then you can also go with a minimal design pattern on the vamp like in the photo above.

Make sure the design is minimal symmetrical, and doesn’t involve two colors. You can play with light and dark shades of brown, just like shown in the picture.


When you wear cowboy boots with chinos make sure the chinos are relaxed or flared from the bottom. This will make sure the shaft of the cowboy boot comes inside the chinos easily.

Usually, the shaft of the cowboy boots has patterns and designs on it. So, if you want to wear cowboy boots in day-to-day life or at work then the best way is to choose loose chinos or you can go with chinos that have wide openings in the bottom.

Don’t go overboard by pairing it up with bell-bottom chinos as they don’t look that nice.

If you buying new chinos then either you can buy the ones I told you about or get tailored chinos that make them fit properly.

The pant length should always be to the point that it touches the vamp and not relax on it. If you are wearing cowboy boots, it is a must that you show them as well.


Cowboy Boots

Next is the color of the chinos or cowboy boots. If you want your cowboy boots to pair it up with most chinos and pants you have the the best is to go with black cowboy boots.

You can also go with brown and tan brown shades if you want to look more modern and classy.

Other Ways to wear cowboy boots 

Hem chinos

Another way of wearing cowboy boots with chinos is to pair them up with hem chinos. You might have seen frayed jeans, where the bottom of the jeans is left unfinished or there is no hem.

It is the same with chinos. If you are a woman, it is very easy to find frayed chinos. Most of the brands have frayed chinos. For men, there is limited variety but still, there are options out there.

Hem chinos or jeans look to create a casual and cowboy look that you can try if you are planning to wear them on outings.

The trend of hem pants and jeans is on high.

If you are planning to attain this look, then it is best to choose a light shade of chinos or pants. Light shades of chinos and jeans is the best way to pop out the color of your boots.

You can pair them up with a T-shirt or a jacket.

Cowboy boots brands that you should know


Ariat makes one of the best cowboy boots in the world. If you need comfortable cowboy boots then you can bet on Ariat boots.

You can find different kinds of leather cowboots in the Ariat collection. One of the best things about Ariat is that they test their boots on the field to ensure the toughness and durability of the boots.

So, if you are spending that much money, Ariat won’t let you down. The price of Ariat boots can vary from leather to leather.


A sturdy heel and Goodyear welt construction are some of the main aspects of Tecovas. This is another brand that makes tough cowboy boots and is also a very popular brand all over the world.


If you are a fan of craftsmanship and old-school stitching then you should definitely look into the Lucchese collection. The brand is one of the oldest boot brands, just like Justin.

Lucchese is also famous among celebrities like Bing Crosby, actor James Garner, and Zsa Zsa Gabor.

All these celebrities are seen wearing Lucchese boots.

Tony lama

One of the most famous cowboy boots brands Tonny makes one the best cowboy boots.

The brand was launched in 1911 and has gained the trust of users over the years. However, now it is owned by a Justin brand.


Justin is one of the oldest players in the boots segment. The brand was founded in 1879 and passed the test of time. The brand is one of the trusted brands in the world.

If you like old-school stitching and comfortable cowboy boots then Justin Boots is your friend.