Maintain Mental Health following these Rituals and Magical Habits

maintain mental health
maintain mental health


Maintaining mental health of our own gets a focus nowadays. Not only it becomes important for us to maintain good mental health but also making it stronger to conquer everyday situations we face. Many of us struggle a lot throughout the day, we found ourselves reacting to these daily problems. One of the best ways to overcome this is to develop a system that contains some rituals or specifics. These rituals or habits when followed on a daily basis have a profound effect on how you live your day.

Today in this complex world we live in every second person is dealing with one or other mental issues. From a teen to adult anyone can be a victim​ ​of this. Research has shown, the teens today carry a mental burden the same as of mental patients in 1950, this shows as we are moving forward towards development, it takes a lot of us as a price.

In the coming years, mental health becomes a priority for everyone to survive in this complicated world. People are suffering from various mental issues all over without knowing the actual cause of it. We can’t stop the causes totally but we can make our mind enough stronger to overcome these unparalleled situations that trigger our mind on a daily basis.


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How to maintain mental health and strengthen our minds?

Morning rituals

maintain mental health

from the day starts, your mind starts working consciously and you start getting uncontrollable useless thoughts. Every day your mind needs a direction with a goal and morning rituals are the roots of these directions. If you can conquer the morning, you can conquer your day. It’s all starts in the early morning

● Wake-up early

waking up early can bring a huge positive change in anyone’s life. As in Ayurveda,  1 hr before the sun rises is considered to be the best time for your mental health because the concentration level of your mind is on its peak, and whatever you do in those hours will decide your day.

Meditate daily

early 4 to 5 o clock is considered the best time for mediation in ancient Ayurveda books because of the high concentration level. Mediation for 15 to 30 minutes daily in the morning helps in getting control over your mind and thoughts. Constantly meditating for years can strengthen your mind in a way that your mind becomes focused and thoughtless generating high creativity level in your mind that can be proved to be beneficial and life-changing in many ways.

A lot of people confuse the way of doing mediation, the best way to do mediation is to focus on your breathing without shifting your mind to other thoughts. Mediation is a long and daily process, the more you do it the more experience and benefits you get to know about it. It can improve your mental health and show you some exceptional powers of your mind.

● Intense workout ​

maintain mental health

Doing a high-intensity workout in the morning provides you physical and mental health benefits in many ways. Doing 1 hr workout early in the morning release a happy hormone in the human mind and helps in blocking the stress hormone, according to the research the reason behind it, is when a person does exercise to reach any goal weight loss, muscles gain, etc. They feel good about themselves in their mind which release a happy hormone in the human body.

From all sources of exercise heavyweight intensity workout is considered to be the best by studies because of energy and focus it requires which gives us muscles in return, and when people get something in return for their own benefit than that’s the best feeling for any living being.

Exercise increases brain anatomy, physiology, and function. Doing a single workout increases dopamine, neuro level in a human mind, and develop good mental health.

Creative visualization

This phase is very important for everyone that led you to visualize your ideal day. Visualize your day before it starts and keeping in mind the worst or how much good can happen can give you a basic model or review of your day, which becomes easy for anyone to accept good or bad happens in a day because they already visualized it.
Creative visualization will make your mind to start working before you step in the real world.

Take over control of daily habits to increase mental strength.

maintain mental health

Your daily habits make you what you are, our mind always adapt much faster to the actions. But do you have healthy habits that improve you or bad habits that totally destroy you physically and mentally? the choice is you’rs to make. Alert! habits can become an addiction if not distributed properly. Let’s learn with an example- if you start working out daily, a few days later it becomes your habit and day after day you will start seeing results and you want to do it more and if you do not distribute your energy in other activities it becomes an addiction which is bad for mental health.

How? well when you see results in something your mind releases a pleasure hormone which is dopamine (it’s a happy feel hormone), and you want to do that thing again just to feel happy and when you don’t get it you get trapped in the addiction cycle.

Avoid too much social media​ – social media can do worst to your mental health, people addiction to seeing their friends living a happy life compared to them can lead to depression, and anxiety. Whenever you feel any type of depression or any thought crosses to your mind quit social media for a few days.


Refocus​ – dealing with any kind of bad situation or addiction refocus can help you improve your mental health. Refocusing from one thought to another can make a great change for anyone. Thinking of any bad thought in your mind for a long period of time can cause serious mental illness.

Put your mind to work
Doing something new every day increases the creativity level of your mind and also the best way to stop multiple, useless thoughts in your mind. Doing the same thing for a long period of time constantly stops your mind’s productivity. Learning new everyday day is the best exercise for your brain.

Keep in charge of your power
Most of the unhealthy beliefs like comparing yourself with others, anger, frustration, etc. It can lead to giving your control remote to others, which otherwise is all our own choices. Giving away your control power is a sign of bad mental health, within your own beliefs you act according to the situation you make in your mind. Learn to get control over your mind and thoughts by adapting small good habits.

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