How To Wear Tuxedo With Cowboy Boots ?

tuxedo with cowboy boots

Wearing cowboy boots with formals like tuxedos and suits is not a new trend. But most people get confused on how to wear something like a tuxedo with cowboy boots, to prevent any embarrassing outlook. So, if you want to know the best way to compliment your tuxedo with cowboy boots, then I have prepared a guide for you.

This article will go through how to wear a tuxedo with cowboy boots for a classy and dapper look.

Tuxedo is the formal of all outfits, so it becomes very important to consider everything and don’t ruin the look by pairing up any cowboy boots. So let’s start…

Best way to wear tuxedo with cowboy boots

men wearing Cowboy Boots


Below I have discussed the steps that you should consider when pairing cowboy boots with tuxedo. So let’s discuss all the points in brief…


Cowboy Boots

If you know about cowboy boots there are high chances that you are aware of toes. Cowboy boots come with many different toes and all toes serve different purposes. Below I have discussed the different toes that you should consider when wearing cowboy boots with a tuxedo.

Pointed toes

Cowboy Boots

Pointed-toe cowboy boots are the best choice when it comes to styling with a tuxedo or other formal clothes like suits.

Pointed toes are sleek and offer a more elegant and classy look. The only problem with these is that people with narrow feet might feel uncomfortable in them because of lack of space.

If your feet are on the narrow side, you should definitely go with these types of cowboy boots for pairing with a tuxedo.

If you have a lean body shape then it creates a right angle with your body. But if you are broad and big, then you should avoid this option and try other options discussed below.

Snip toe

 Cowboy Boots

Snip toe is another cowboy boots that you pair up with a tuxedo. However, they don’t look as formal as the other ones in the list. But if you want to play with patterns then this type of toe boots looks more appealing.

These look like pointed square toe boots and you can easily find these types of boots from any cowboy brand.

You can also see this video to get some inspiration of styling cowboy boots with tuxedos and suits.

French toe

 Cowboy Boots

French-toe cowboy boots are the best choice to pair with a tuxedo. It doesn’t matter how tall. , short, broad, or slim you are, French toes look good on everyone.

The best thing about these boots is they look sleek and classy, which will compliment the overall formal look you want to attain with a tuxedo.

French toes come in different varieties. One is a regular French toe, which is sleek and looks something like this.

Another is the wider form of the French toe, which some people misunderstand as square toes. However, you can call them square toe.

The only difference is that square-toe boots are wider and are more uplifted, offering a more casual look.

Round toe

Another option that works best with a tuxedo is round-toe cowboy boots. Round-toe boots are very easy to find and you can also go well with most formal and semi-formal outfits.

First buy a tuxedo and then boots


If you want to pair cowboy boots with a tuxedo, then the first thing to do is to buy a tuxedo.

The main reason for that is to get the right fit and then decide which cowboy boots will look good with the overall outlook.

The main thing to look at is the shaft of the boot. You don’t need big shafts that shag throughout the pants.

So, it is best to buy a cowboy boot that has a slim and short shaft. The pants under the tuxedo are tailored to be slim or regular and you don’t want any shaggy appearance in your pants when you pair them with cowboy boots.

Lapel choice matters

If you already have a tuxedo you might know that there are different lapels that lead to different outlooks of a tuxedo.

So, it is very important to know about the lapels when you are wearing a tuxedo with cowboy boots or any other boots.

And I will also tell which type of toe looks better with what type of lapel. Now, you can wear any toe you find best, but here I’m only focusing on what will look more appealing and create a formal look.

Basically, there are three types of lapels that you are used to make a tuxedo i.e. Notch lapel, shawl lapel, and peaked lapel. Depending on how formal you want to look in a tuxedo can determine which lapel will be best.

So, as I already said cowboy boots can look as formal and classy as dress shoes. So, if you are wearing cowboy boots with a tuxedo then you might be attending a wedding or any other formal event.

For such events the best lapel would be a peaked lapel, it is classy, elegant, and looks more formal out of all the lapels.

It also gives you the freedom to try different types of toes in cowboy boots. You can wear square-toe, round-toe, French-toe cowboy boots if your tuxedo has a peaked lapel.

If you want a sleek look in a tuxedo then you can go with a shawl lapel as it has more sleek lapels and goes down more than the other two lapels.

If you are going with this type of tuxedo then cowboy boots that have a pointed, round toe looks more appealing.

However, most people who are into fashion recommend a peaked lapel as it looks more elegant on all body shapes.

Now, let’s discuss about notch lapel which is also the most common lapel used in suit jackets.

This type of lapel is less wide and more sleek than a peaked lapel but is not as sleek as a shawl lapel.

Now, most designers and people in fashion don’t recommend this lapel for a tuxedo because it doesn’t look as formal as the former two lapels. A notch lapel is best if you are wearing a suit.

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The best thing about this Leapel is that it gives you the freedom to wear cowboy boots with different toes. You can wear square toe, French toe, round toe, and snip toe if your tuxedo has this type of lapel.

If you are choosing a lapel with a satin fabric which is more shiny, then it is best to go with cowboy boots that have some polish and shine in them.

On the contrary, if the lapel of your tuxedo is made of grosgrain, which is more ribbed, you can skip the polish part if you want.

Color and Design

Cowboy Boots

The best cowboy boots color to pick with a tuxedo is black as most tuxedos are black. If you have a white tuxedo then also, black color boots will be more complimentary than any other color.

You can go with brown tan color if you want but black should be a priority for attaining a formal look.

When it comes to design, the less is better with a tuxedo. Avoid patterns on the vamp if you can. But if you want patterns then make sure it is very minimal.

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Leather of cowboy boots

Cowboy Boots

So here is the thing, cowboy boots are one among many footwear that comes with a lot of leather options and styles. But when it comes to pairing them up with something formal like a tuxedo, it is best to pick exotic leather like lizard, ostrich, and alligator.

Cowboy boots made of these leathers offer more foot flexibility and comfort around the toe. Comfort around the toe is a big issue when it comes to sleek pointed or French-toe cowboy boots. So, it is best you go with exotic leather boots.

However, if you want a budget-friendly option, then boots made of cowhide leather or calfskin are not a bad option, though make sure you buy from a good brand like Ariat, Lucchese, or Justin boots.


Cowboy Boots

Cowboy boots come in different heels. Some of the heels are high, some are wide, and some are low.

When it comes to pairing cowboy boots with a tuxedo, you need to be careful in picking a complimentary cowboy boot that has a sleek heel.

Main four common heels that you will see when shopping for cowboy boots are block heel, roper heel, flower heel, and walking heel.

Block heels are high heels, that sit at a 90-degree angle at the back. These heels are common in cowboy boots, but you need to avoid boots made of these types of heels. These are good for walking and riding purposes.

Roper heels are also common heels found in cowboy boots but you need to avoid these with a tuxedo. These types of heels are sleek but they are wider from the sides, which looks good with casual outfits like jeans.

The best heel in cowboy boots that looks formal and sleek is flower heels. These heels are sleek and mostly found in French-toe and pointed-toe cowboy boots.

So, if you want to achieve a formal look with tuxedo and cowboy boots then go with boots that have this type of heels.

Lastly, walking heels as the name suggests are good for casual wear and walking.

Famous people who wore cowboy boots with tuxedo and suit

It is not a new trend of wearing cowboy boots with formal like tuxedo and suits. Back in the days somewhere in the 1960s, when Lyndon B. Johnson popularized the trend of wearing cowboy boots with tuxedos and suits.

lyndon b johnson
Lyndon Baines Johnson Library

To this day it is still holding its place. Don’t worry, later in the article we will discuss famous people who love to wear cowboy boots with formal.

You can say that it is an evergreen trend and people will still wear cowboy boots in the future. So, if you are planning to wear cowboy boots with a tuxedo then go for it, you can wear it with confidence and elegance.

It is not the singers or movie actors who made the cowboy boots famous but presidents who always wear formal.

There are some cowboy boot brands as well that have a separate section of the page just for presidents and famous people who wore cowboy boots.

Now the best thing about this is that most famous people have worn these cowboy boots with formal suits and tuxedos.

So, let’s discuss what famous people have worn cowboy boots with formal like tuxedos and suits.

Most presidents after  Lyndon Baines Johnson have been spotted wearing cowboy boots with suits and formal attire.

Ronald Reagan was also seen wearing cowboy boots with formal attire many times during the 1980s.

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