Best food for your skin

Skin care

Your skin speaks before you speak. Healthy and glowing skin adds up to your personality and makes you attractive. The first thing you should know that what you eat, directly impact your skin. The more healthy food and water you intake, the more health you develop. This article presents you with the best food for your skin.

1.Fish(best seafood for glowing skin)


Fish are rich in omega 3 fatty acids necessary to keep skin thick, supple and moisturized. Deficiency in omega 3 can cause dry and dull skin. As the studies reveal, fish is also a rich source of Vitamin E, which is essential for protecting and glowing skin. You can include fatty fish such as salmon, mackerel and herring in your diet for the best possible result.

2. Avocados



Avocado contains healthy fats which can make your skin flexible and moisturize it. From studies, it is found that Avocado contains compounds that may protect your skin against sun damage. Moreover, this is one of the best food for your skin which is also a high source of Vitamin E, which is the best and important antioxidant.

3. Walnuts 


Walnuts are loaded with essential oils, that energies your skin and make it healthy. They are a good source of omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids, which fight the inflammatory response.

4. Broccoli


Broccoli is a large pack of Vitamins and Minerals, important for skin, like zinc, Vitamin A and Vitamin C. Apart from its skin-cleansing benefits, it also contains sulfonamides, which help prevent skin cancer and protect from SUN damage.

5. Tomatoes


Tomatoes are highly rich in the antioxidant lycopene  , which is used by the body to fight the harmful UV radiation damage to the skin. The best food you should include in your diet.

6. Oranges


Oranges are healthier for your skin. It is because the peel of the orange contains more vitamin c and antibacterial properties. Adding 1 orange to your daily diet energizes your skin and makes it brighter and shiner.

7. Carrots


Carrots are the powerhouse of rich nutrients that helps prevent the degeneration of cells. It slows your aging process and makes your skin healthier. Carrots are also helpful in curing acne and reducing dark spots on your skin because of its rich content of vitamin c. Including one glass of carrot juice in your daily diet can make wonders for your skin and health. These foods can do wonders for your skin if followed in a proper routine. All these energy-giving foods contain antioxidant properties that cleanse your skin internally and provides glow externally.

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