Puffer Jacket vs Parka Jacket

puffer jacket vs parka jacket

It’s 2021 and as expected fashion is taking a new definition in terms of style and comfort. Whether you like to wear statement pieces that stand out in a crowd or jackets that easily pair with half of your wardrobe. After all, the falling winter style is always welcomed with a high-quality jacket. A jacket keeps you warm and cozy in even the Iciest temperatures.

Jackets being versatile makes it easy to keep the body warm while looking stylish at the same time. Pair with a Jean, and layer with sweaters, or turtleneck and corduroy this winter or the coming seasons, the jacket trend will never fall.

As there are multiple options to choose from peacoat, overcoat, trench, puffer, bomber, or parka. For this season we will go through the main two types of puffer vs parka jacket in order to create a better picture of your style statement.

What is a Puffer Jacket?


The Puffer jacket is basically puffy with stitching, was created by Eddie Bauer for outdoor recreation. Looking for warm quilt-like support while he explores the woods and rivers Iciest winters. That’s why the puffer jacket is also known as a quilted jacket. Stitch like a quilt puffed using down insulation or synthetic fibers.

This lightweight despite being a warm horizontal stitched jacket created barriers against the high-intensity temperatures.

Quilted design from horizontal and vertical the most common follows the best fits and styling. Usually, a short high neck jacket that fits your hips has evolved the style of the winter season.

Created for the outdoors this incredible outwear is favored for its good rain coverage and unrivaled warmth has taken endless ways to innovate fashion.

Today, the options are endless – bright colors puffer jackets exciting more people around the world.

What is a Parka Jacket?

Parka jacket a staple winter piece for many is an insulated coat made from waterproof materials. Parka jackets are not very fancy with collars and necks. It is a simple design that has evolved from the time of ww2.

The first parka was made out of sealskin to help the people of the Caribou Inuit survive in harsh conditions. Later on, with the same purpose of keeping it warm, the jacket has evolved into an insulated jacket with a fur hood.

A warm partner in the longest adventure, this jacket ticks all the boxes when it comes to looking cool and stylish. A winter-ready steal, a parka jacket is one of the men’s essential winter wardrobe collections.

Puffer Jacket vs Parka Jacket

Parka vs puffer jacket where both the jackets stand unique in their style and warmth. Deciding which one is right for you can be a real challenge that requires careful consideration.

Think about the jacket, if you like the sporty aesthetic of a puffer jacket, or the big fur attracts you more?

To answer your answer, we will compare both the puffer and parka jackets to let you decide about the right fit.


Puffer and parka are the two most popular winter staple choices. The difference is that the parka jacket is a water-resistant jacket with a fur hood while you may also find a puffer jacket with or without the hood.

While the puffer jacket resembles more of a sporty fit and the parka is inspired by military wear. That’s why the color of the parka jacket is neutral and close to green, grey, black, or brown. Trends in puffer jackets have picked up some neon colors also.


When we compare the length of the puffer and parka jackets, puffer jackets are short that cover hips but parka jackets are made long to protect the body as much as possible.

Shorter parka coats are sometimes called parka jackets. The classic parka is one that ends below the knees. A longer-fit parka is best for your everyday go-to.

Whereas short puffer jacket is best suited in outdoor activities for the freedom of movement one needs when they are trying to hike to the top of a mountain.


The puffiness of the puffer jacket makes it warm and insulator in the chill cold. This jacket is filled with down (usually duck or goose down) or synthetic fiber.

Coming to parka that covers more of the body is warmer. But comparing them to the material will not give effective results. DWR coating and fill power are the factors that keep it warm.

If a jacket has a DWR coating ( double water repellent) with a fill power of 700-800 goose down is a one with quality and ability to perform well than a thin or no fill.


Parkas tend to be big and heavy than puffer jackets. It is definitely a little hassle while traveling with a parka jacket. That’s why you hardly see a parka jacket on hikers because they are too heavy and too warm for outdoor hikers.

Puffer a lightweight padded is much handier to wear and carry on your short trips.


Most of the classically designed parka jackets have a detached hood to protect the head or to carry as a style.

Puffer jackets may or may not have a hood. It all depends on the type of you are looking for.

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How to wear a puffer jacket?

A Puffer jacket is another alternative to style and rock these winters in. These jackets are mostly recommended for daily use. Puffer jackets are formed using down or synthetic insulation to keep thermal conductivity. Let’s see what to check before buying a puffer jacket and how to wear a puffer jacket perfectly?

What to look for in a puffer jacket?

These are recommended tips to check before finally buying a puffer jacket. Let’s see how these effects are our overall personality.


The size and fitting are of the utmost importance when wearing any outfit. It defines the overall look of a person. So, the right size outfit or jacket is always considered when going to purchase. Consider opting actual size for this particular jacket. It shouldn’t be too loose and too tight, a normal fit puffer jacket that eases your daily task.


The length of the puffer jacket is aligned with the waistline. Make sure to try it once and also look at the size of the arms. Arm size of jackets should be touched around the joint of wrist and thumb.

Down or synthetic insulation

The jacket is insulated with down or synthetic insulation. A guy who usually travels a lot should prefer a down insulation puffer jacket as it is lightweight and easy to carry. Synthetic insulation is the preferred choice of many as it exhibits wet resistance properties.

What to wear with puffer jackets?

It isn’t rocket science to choose the best outfit with a puffer jacket. Just a little bit of effort and see the result.

  • For a street style, go with a t-shirt, ripped jeans, and a puffer jacket with of course boots. You can wear some accessories like bracelets and rings for an amazing look.
  • You can also pair it with simple jeans, and sneakers. Personal choice to open the front zip jacket.

How to wear a parka jacket?

With so many options available in the market choosing the right size and the good-looking jacket is confusing. Don’t let your hopes down, we have gathered and analyzed different types of jackets to get the best fit for a jacket. Parka jackets have recent gain popularity because of the comfort and warmth it provides during cold chills. The ultimate goal of wearing a parka jacket is to look good and to protect yourself from cold weather. There are different ways people adopt to wear parka jackets with different outfits that are both trendy and cool.

How a parka should fit?

Parka jackets are available in various sizes and colors. But the most important thing of all is what size is best for you. Although normally opt to wear jackets that are exactly the same size as their other clothes. But it should be avoided to look elegant and stylish.


If the size is considered always opt for parka jackets that are one size up from your actual size. The reason being the loose jackets give much more stylish compared to slim or tight fitted jackets. You can easily pull off these jackets underlined with other different layers of clothes. Choose the right size beige buying jackets by trying in a store and check whether the comfortability and fitting are up to the mark.


Parka jackets usually are longer than their counterparts. An elegant loom when you choose the right outfits underneath it. Its length makes the parka a versatile jacket as it can be put over other winter clothes and giving an ultimate master look. A guy whose height is short should look for the parka jacket that is up to his waist-length and slightly or an inch longer.

Fill power

Parka jackets are measured on the basis of fill power. The more fill power the better is the thermal conductivity. Parka jackets above 600 fill Power are usually considered warmer and good stuff to wear in winters for better insulation and styling. So, check the fill Power of jackets before shopping for perfect parka jackets.

What to wear with parka jackets?

Now, after buying the right parka jackets which worries us the most is what to match with the jackets. Although it’s a personal choice what to wear with parka jackets to create your own unique style. Here are some recommend styling tips you can apply to look dapper and stylish.

  • Put the turning head towards you by aligning the parka jacket with a denim jacket underneath.
  • Boots, jeans, and shirts with parka jackets over it is a great combination that suits every person. Go for it if you want to impress someone.
  • A parka jacket with joggers, t-shirts, and sneakers, a combination that will forever be talked about.
  • You can also Pair the parka jacket with jeans and a shirt.

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