Animated Movies for Girls : Ranked Worst to Best

Animated Movies for Girls

If you think animated movies are just for kids, We couldn’t disagree more – movies the only purpose is for entertainment no matter if we are watching cartoons or real actors. Animated movies for girls are a combination of comedy, musical, or an adventure.

In this modern world, Animated movies are the first ones to introduced us that women can be superheroes too. Female-centric animated movies for girls like Disney’s Mulan or Frozen are a great inspiration for girls towards feminism.

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Young girls journey from overcoming gender stereotypes to stand for themselves and taking control of life. Sounds like we are talking about Feminism in movies, but we are not. The best part about animated movies is that Girls are never in a lead role onscreen, especially there are no action movies in which the girl is doing all the action and a man is just standing beside her.


This was in every action movie until Disney started launching the female-centered action films starring a female protagonist that doesn’t involve a prince charming on a white horse.

In the staring of the Animated movies, female characters are more for her looks rather than her personality, now it has all changed.

In Disney’s first animated feature, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs released in 1937, the female characters were named after the color of her skin. Today, the female characters are different and evolved from their first introductions.

The truth is ‘Female centered animated movies are hit only because the story is damn good not just because of some feminist issue.

If you are thinking animated movies for girls is just an expression for feminist movies, you could not be more wrong. The female lead character doesn’t make a movie feminist — it’s what the story has to express.

These are the best-animated movies for girls as they don’t have the luxury to see a female lead character onscreen every time.

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Animated Movies for Girls: Moana

Disney first female movie that doesn’t have a love interest. Disney comes up with an exceptional story about courage, faith, and love. A young girl set on an adventure to save her tribe people with the help of Dwayne Johnson’s character Maui. With amazing music and exceptional animation, the movie is one of the greatest hits of 2016. The audience admired Moana’s character of her faith and hope to save her tribe’s’s people. She sets on an adventure, despite knowing anything about sailing. It shows one of the greatest female characters the audience has ever seen.

Animated Movies for Girls: The Incredibles 2

Well, who needs a Superhero, when you can have a Superwoman. In the first movie, the superfamily is laying low but in the second installment, they are back. But now the world only needs an Elastic girl and the man of the house is staying at home. Women are born Superheros without any superpower. It is a big appreciation from us to the studio to do the big step and finally stating that mom’s life is way hard than breaking some bones. The important part is that Women can be moms and superheroes at the same time.

Animated Movies for Girls: Frozen & Frozen 2

The list is incomplete without the billion-dollar grosser Disney Frozen. The first movie that shows that you don’t need a man to save your sisters life. The sisterhood bond is stronger than any man’s love. The film is a perfect example of the female animated characters for girls to look up to. It shows how two girls overcoming the challenges with self-empowerment and their unconditional love for each other.

Animated Movies for Girls: Spirited Away

Based on the story of a young girl Chihiro/Sen whose life goes upside down after moving to a new neighborhood. The problem is not the neighborhood but when our parents are turned into ginormous pigs. To find her way back (and to change her parents back), she accidentally makes her way into the spirit world and has to outsmart a witch. Spirited way shows a great female character, who is willing to go to any limits for her family. It is also the only non-English movie to win the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature.

Animated Movies for Girls: Mulan

The first animated movies proves that women can be just as fierce and strong as men. It’s a saying a girl can do anything when it comes to her family. This animated movie proves it. A young girl Mulan disguises herself as a man and joins the army in his father’s place. It is the first action female-centered movie and let the world introduce, women can be in the army and fight the enemy.

Animated Movies for Girls: Brave

Well, the Brave begins with Merida fighting for her hand in marriage. There is nothing that can compete with the bravery shown by Merida. She always thinks as the firstborn that she’s a boss and doesn’t need a man to control her fate. The first scene already describe the movie title, so what’s going to happen in the whole movie. Brave taught an important lesson of courage and bravery to all the girls. This animated movie has a true concept, you don’t need a man to control your fate and has an equal right when it comes to marriage.

Animated Movies for Girls: Coraline

Based on Neil Gaiman’s book of the same name and writer/directed by Henry Selick the film is of the spookiest horror animated movie. The movie is about a young girl unhappy with her life as her parents could not manage to give her proper time and care. Finds a secret identical world, where her parents are more caring towards her. But every happy place has a dark secret and she fights for the survival of her family. This animated movie is a perfect example of how a girl can go to any limits to save her family.

Animated Movies for Girls: Tangled

The truth is the movie story is an old concept. Girl stuck at home and a prince came to save her an evil witch or a monster. Well, the story is not unique but the character’s personality has changed a lot. Now we have a thief instead of a prince and the princess hair has Wolverine powers. The animated movie describes how a young girl’s life journey of exploring the world without any restrictions.

Animated Movies for Girls: Anastasia

“Anastasia,” based on a real Russian princess who died alongside her family in the early 1900s. This movie took some liberties with the real-life incidents. The film is based on where Anastasia barely makes it out alive. Later she travels to Paris To reunite with her grandmother. It’s not just the script that is great but the portrayal of an independent woman on the search for her identity and took every measure to live a luxurious life.

Animated Movies for Girls: Inside Out

The only movie that truly lets you understand your emotions. The story follows around the life of a young girl Riley’s life after she moves from Minnesota to San Francisco. This animated movie shows the character is sad angry or happy but in this, we can the visual form of them. Every emotion a person from Joy, Fear, Anger, Disgust, and Sadness has made into a character. It is the best movie to understand the inner emotion inside humans.

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