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Cristiano Ronaldo Dressing Style : That Make Him a Fashion Icon

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Ronaldo dressing style breakdown

Cristiano Ronaldo one of the greatest of all. Who is famous not only for football but also for his style statement. Considered one of the global style icons Ronaldo’s love for style has made him start his own brand cr7. Ronaldo is a big fan of sneakers and casual wear. His chiseled super shredded body gives him an edge. But what is so different about Cristiano Ronaldo’s outfits that make him style icon globally?

Today we discuss some factors that make him outstanding, his dressing style, and how you can get Ronaldo dressing style.

Ronaldo casual outfits Ronaldo t-shirts Ronaldo pants


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Ronaldo has a big collection of a t-shirt in his wardrobe. When we talk about his option for casual occasions is always a t-shirt. What’s so different about his t-shirt? Are they expensive? Yes, you can say that but that doesn’t matter how much they cost. The main thing which I noticed in Ronaldo t-shirts collection is that he has dark and minimalistic Colors. A round neck t-shirt is the most preferable option by Ronaldo in his dressing style.

Whenever you see Ronaldo in a photo or in an interview or ceremony he always prefers to wear a minimalistic simple t-shirt, without any tag or printed stickers. Minimalistic Colors are all about class. When you wear a printed t-shirt with tag, it gives more of a boyish or funky vibe. The way to look stylish is to keep it simple.

Colors – Ronaldo’s fashion statement comes from the Colors he chooses. He chooses urban Colors like – black, brown, white. These are the common Colors he always prefers to wear on casual occasions. Urban Colors give a cool and Manly vibe from you when you wear them on. So, if you want to look like or dress like Ronaldo steal these Colors and t-shirt. One thing is guaranteed, a good fabric t-shirt will outshine the printed Gucci logo t-shirt anytime anywhere.

Out of the box for Ronaldo. He has some crazy collection of pants in his wardrobe but what most excited him is white color denim. He also keeps his choice minimalistic and simple in pants. But what is the exciting thing about his pants? Well, he the genius in getting the perfect tailored and fitted pants. Ronaldo keeps his pant size narrow but he makes sure the pant only touches the ankle or shoes. Fitting of the pant is the key, if you get the fitting right then you are good to go. Make sure your pant doesn’t cover your shoelaces, it has to touch just slightly the upper portion of your shoes.


Shorts are the best item to have in your wardrobe for Summers like Cristiano Ronaldo. He prefers denim shorts with a color t-shirt when he is at Home or chilling on his yacht. You can see his pictures on Instagram, whenever he is chilling or at home he usually wears shorts in summer. If you want that Ronaldo looks you need denim shorts without any fade or threads hanging i.e rough. Simple blue denim with a pink color t-shirt is the way to go.

Ronaldo footwear


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Sneakers reflect your status and Ronaldo knows this. His love for sneakers is huge, not only has his own brand of sneakers but he also loves to collect some of the best sneakers in the world. Yes, it is difficult for everyone to afford or get that type of sneakers but you can get their cheaper version and get the same look like Ronaldo.

Ronaldo has the Nike shoes contract since 2003 and since then he is representing Nike shoes. Apart from contract Ronaldo also has his favorite shoes which are white Nike air force 1. As he is a big admirer of great shoes. The first thing he notices about shoes is comfort-ability.
When asked about why you prefer white color in shoes he got some valuable reason behind it
i.e you can rock white pair with any dress, tracksuit they work perfectly great.

To rock the sneakers like Ronaldo be sure to buy high sole sneakers, flat shoes are not an option if you want to look like Ronaldo. High sole shoes add a sporty look to your personality.


You will see Ronaldo rocking a casual outfit with slippers when he is at home. Slippers are the best option to wear with a casual outfit like shorts and a t-shirt when you are at home.
Colors are the key when you buy slippers. Make sure to opt for cool colors like – blue, white, etc.

Formal shoes

Ronaldo has got some classic pair of formal shoes. He prefers simple shoes with lace-up. Ronaldo has some classic black and dark brown pairs. Most of the time informal occasions you will see him wearing white sneakers with a blazer.
You can rock the same style by just adding two main Colors in your shoe wardrobe i.e black and dark brown.

Ronaldo accessories

Accessories are something that makes the simple outfit out-stand in the crowd. Ronaldo is very fond of accessories you can see his pictures on Instagram. He always has his watch and bracelet in his hand, even he is in casual wear. Not only Ronaldo has a tremendous love for accessories. His son Jr Ronaldo also has the same taste as his father.

Cristiano Ronaldo watches and chains.

Watches are something common accessory that anybody can rock. But Cristiano takes it to another level by adding chains in his accessories wardrobe.

You can see Ronaldo wearing a chain with a formal outfit blazer with a turtle neck sweatshirt.
Yes, this is something that makes a Ronaldo style unique. Very few people can rock chain with formal outfits and Ronaldo is one of them.

You can also get his style by adding a simple chain without any object hanging at the end. You cannot wear a funky chain with formals, that’s something for casual outfits but if you want a Ronaldo to look you just need a simple chain with formals. That doesn’t mean he always prefers simple chains. He also has some collection of thin funky chains that he wears with T-SHIRT or casual clothes.

If we talk about his watch collection, he has all types of watches sports, formal, smart in his collection. Well, you see him wearing a Rolex most of the time which is a trademark informal watch. But you don’t need any Rolex to look like Ronaldo you just need a formal chain watch without any leather strap.
You can also wear them with casual outfits like t-shirts which you can see Ronaldo many times.


Earring is a style statement for Ronaldo. From his early football years, he uses earring in his one ear. This is not common for everyone but Ronaldo gathers it so smoothly that till now he use earring which put him aside from most of the celebrities.
He has black and diamond earrings which look fabulous with his outfits whether it is casual or formal, he owns it.

Ronaldo formal suits


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Well, he is very minimalistic in this section. He has some great collection of suits but he wears them often. Suits are something if you want to look great in them, you need perfect tailoring and Ronaldo is a master in this area. He knows what is perfect fitting for him.

Suits are all about fitting. You can make any cheap suit look great if you do perfect tailoring or fitting. Ronaldo has some great pieces in his wardrobe which are light grey, navy blue, dark brown, and dark grey. The plus points about his formal style are that he always prefers to wear a tie with suits which gives him a clean and edgy look. He prefers both two and three-piece suite for different occasions.

Ronaldo sunglasses


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One of the common things Ronaldo includes in his dressing style is sunglasses. Sunglasses make you look cool and stylish. Ronaldo includes light shade sunglasses in his dressing style. Light shades are which your eyes are visible.
He not only use sunglasses for occasions but also wear in casual family time.

You can also rock sunglasses like Ronaldo if you buy according to your face shape. To know how to select perfect sunglasses for your face read – best sunglasses for your face shape.

Ronaldo caps

Caps are something personal for sportsmen and Ronaldo is no different, he too loves caps. Ronaldo has some good collection of caps but of his favorite two or three colors black, white, blue, orange.
If you want the same look as Ronaldo you need a cap of your favorite color without any brand logo or sticker on it. Printed caps will make you look more of a rapper than a sportsperson. If you need Ronaldo dressing style, simplicity is the way to go.

Ronaldo hairstyles

Ronaldo hairstyles have their own journey since he became a popular face. Hairstyles can change your entire look and make you a different man if you choose the right hairstyle for your face. Apart from his different styles, one thing that remains common in his hairstyle is the length of his hair. Most Ronaldo hairstyles are short spiky styles which give him a dominant and sporty look. In his new hairstyle, he has a long hair Length with light sides.

To get his hairstyle you need short hair with spikes to give a fresh and cool vibe. The plus point about his hairstyle is that they make him look clean and fresh. But don’t follow his hairstyle of you have a different face shape.
If we talk about his facial hair. He prefers clean-shaven look all the time. But if you want some beard to get a structured face shape than stubble is a great option. If you want to know how to style and maintain stubble read – how to grow a perfect stubble guide.

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