Can You Train Calves Everyday

Can You Train Calves Everyday
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Almost every person in the world who works out in the gym has faced a common problem- their calves are not growing. Even after spending a lot of time doing calf workouts, this stubborn muscle does not respond and shows any improvements. But it doesn’t mean that they don’t grow, there are certain methods that fitness coaches and powerlifters do to get bigger calves. The primary method is training calves everyday. But can you train calves everyday in the gym without any consequences?

Can You Train Calves Everyday?

Yes, you can train calves daily without overtraining them. Calves are one of the muscles which are used most in daily routine, from running to standing still, you are continuously using these muscles.

Many athletes who perform cycling are naturally training their calves everyday. And by seeing Olympic cyclists, it is sure that calves size can also be increased. 

In a fitness community, Calves are represented as the most stubborn muscles. It’s because it is very difficult to increase its size. Calves are used in every standing exercise you perform in the gym as well as outdoors. But to make them bigger a proper daily calf workout should be followed.


If you are wondering whether you can achieve bigger calves by daily workout. Yes, you can get bigger calves by working out. You can easily spot the example of professional cyclists. Every cyclist has very big calves and quads, and it’s because, in cycling, the leg muscles are continuously trained. 

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Benefits Of Training Calves Everyday

It doesn’t matter how weird and difficult it sounds to train a single muscle everyday, but lots of people are doing it. The reason behind it is the – benefits and growth it shows to your muscles. 

Calves Growth

As most of you lifters already know, daily pushups and bench press will give you a massive chest. The same thing goes with calves muscles. If you continuously train them for a week, you can easily spot the difference in size within a week (not with a naked eye but with a measuring tape). 

Calves muscles are stubborn muscles because it is very difficult to increase their size because of genetic limitations. 

Increase Strength

Continuously training calves muscles will increase their size and also strengthen the muscles. 

If you practice a single movement daily, your body becomes more proficient in coping up with the exercise. 

By building this extra strength in your calf muscles, you’ll have more endurance for your leg workout. 


One of the reasons lifters fall behind while lifting heavy weights, is because their secondary muscles are not strong enough. 

Like if you have weak forearms, your arms workout is limited to a certain extent. Your forearms muscles are tired, sored and that causes you to give up your arm workout. 

But if you have strong forearms muscles, you can work out your arms without secondary muscles pushing you to stop. 

The same concept applies to calves muscles. 

By training and strengthening your calf muscles, you will be able to perform more and a better leg workout. 

Better Muscle-Mind Connection

All the lifters already know without a good muscle-mind connection it is impossible to build and grow a muscle group. By practicing a single muscle everyday, will increase your sensitivity to that particular area and muscle. If you are a beginner in the training of calf muscle, you’ll have a hard time getting a good muscle-mind connection. 

The reason behind it – during training calf muscles your entire leg seems to work out, because of poor technique and lack of muscle-mind connection. But in due time, this connection gets stronger and you have full control to target certain areas of your body at your own will. 

Drawbacks Of Training Calves Everyday

Every decision you take in a workout has a good and bad effect. And it’s the same case with training your calves every day. 

Increase Risk Of Injury

Training a single muscle group every day creates more tension to that muscle, which ultimately creates more opportunities for injury. 

If you train calves or any muscle every day, you’ll be at a close line to an injury. 

No Long Term Growth

Muscle size changes every day depending upon the workout and diet to eat. Although training a muscle group every day will increase your size, it will not be permanent. When you stop performing this daily routine, you will end up losing some size growth of your calves. 

Is It Safe To Train Calves every day?

Calves muscles are like every muscle in your body, and if you over-train it, you could end up tearing the muscle’s fibers, which can be harmful. Overtraining your muscle will not grow your muscle in size, but it leads to loosening the elasticity and strengthening power in muscle. It’s because the muscles were not given enough time to heal before you get down for another training session. 

However, it doesn’t mean it is not safe to train calves every day. Training calves to make them grow doesn’t depend on a single factor like how many days you train them, but also How much volume you are putting and the frequency and load you are taking and the types of calves exercise you are doing. 

Common Limitations Of Getting Massive Calves

Growing bigger calves is far difficult than building a bigger chest or back. That’s why it is called – the stubborn muscle. For many people including lifters, bodybuilders, athletes – you name it, they suffer from small calves. The reason behind small calves is genetics. You can easily spot people who have big quads, big chests, massive backs but still have small calves.

Although genetics also play a role in determining your body shape and size, including your every muscle group calves are especially different. There is no hard evidence that shows, genetics is the factor of small calves, but the fitness community believes this.

Cyclist with big calves
Cyclist with big calves

Additionally, there are some people who have big calves who were born with big calves without training them at the gym. 

Although genetics act as a hindering factor in determining the shape of your calves, it’s not a problem as you can still build and increase the size of your calves – like some people perform calf exercises everyday. 

Another factor is to have small calves because of low body weight. Although you might already know it, if you have a low body, you will also have a low size of your muscle group. Additionally, if a person has a higher body weight, their calves are trained more to support that weight when they stand on their feet. 

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  • If you are on a balanced diet( eating healthy with a protein-rich and mineral diet). 
  • You are not overtraining your muscles. 
  • Your daily calves workout includes different exercises from different angles. 
  • Giving muscles enough time to heal and recover. 


  • You don’t have a balanced diet( rich in protein and minerals) 
  • You are injured from the exercise
  • You are overtraining your muscle and not giving enough time to heal the muscle. 
  • You are performing the same exercise every day.
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