Can you put shoes in the washer machine?

Can you put shoes in the washer machine

If cleaning shoes is your big headache, and you are confused about whether washing your shoes in the washer is a good idea or bad, then don’t worry. Today we will discuss if you can you put shoes in the washer machine?

Can you put shoes in the washer machine?

Yes, you can put shoes in the washer machine because it’s an easy and quick way to clean your shoes. However, it is not the best option for all shoes. Shoes like leather shoes and suede shoes should not be washed in machines because of the material they are made of.

On the other hand, shoes like – trainers or sneakers, running shoes, casual shoes, etc. are shoes that you can put in a washer machine and get the work done. But this also results in damage to shoes, if you don’t follow the proper way to wash shoes in a washing machine.

Whether or not you put your shoes in a washer machine, always know that if you wash your shoes through a washing machine, the shoes will lose their longevity and performance.


But despite that, a washing machine is the quick and best option if you want your shoe dirt-free, and clean in a short time.

So, how can you put your shoes in the washer? Do you need to follow some steps? Well, yes you should know how to put your shoes in a washer machine, so that, they don’t lose their functionality, and the material doesn’t lose its longevity.

In this article, we will cover the pros and cons of washing your shoes in a washer machine in a way that gives you an option and help you in making your choice.

We will also cover how should you wash your shoes in a washer machine. Last but not least I will go through the steps for cleaning shoes without a washer.

Cons of putting your shoes in a washer

Look faded

If you put your shoes in a washer machine or wash then it’s likely that your shoes look more faded or worn.

The reason, why is this so is because the machine stretches the material to pull out dirt from the shoes, which will make it look more worn, though the shoes are cleaner.

This will not happen if wash your shoes once or twice, but if you wash your shoes regularly in a machine then they will look old.

This may seem a big disadvantage if you have shoes with a price tag because you don’t want that pair to be replaced by new ones after 6 months.

Besides, that if you wash your shoes once or twice a month, and your shoes are not made of any water-absorbent material like suede then, it’s totally fine.

Stretch out material

Washing shoes in the washing machine is a quick option, but it also breaks them down quickly.

After regularly washing your shoes in the washer machine, stretch out the material and also break down the material faster, and your shoes will not provide support to your feet for long.

Shoes such as tennis shoes or running shoes should be replaced after 6 to 7 months if washed regularly in the washer machine because the shoes lose it’s functionality and performance and may lead to injuries.

In the case of casual flat shoes, like trainers, there is no big problem.

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Pros of putting your shoes in washer machine

More clean shoes

The best thing about putting your shoes in the washer is that you get clean, dirt-free shoes. That level is difficult to achieve if you clean your shoes with your hands. So, if you want the results then a washer is a better option than a hand.

Saves time

Putting your shoes in the washer will save you a lot of time because you only have to put them in the machine by following proper steps and the rest of the work is on the machine.

If your shoes are too dirty then cleaning them with your hands will take you a lot of time and still may not bring you the desired results. So, in this case, a machine is always a good option.

I personally don’t want to rub my hands for hours, so what I do is when the shoes are too dirty I wash them in a machine, else with my hands. This way I maintain the cycle and also keep my shoes in good condition.

Putting your shoes in the washer is an effective way of removing bad smells or odors from your shoes. The cycle machine follows, found to be effective in removing any odor from shoes.

Tip: shoes are made of different materials like- leather, synthetic, suede, rubber soles, etc. So, according to the material the washing instructions or how you should wash your shoes also change. To check if your shoes are suitable for the washer machine, check the label on your shoes.

Washer machine or hands?

In the end, you have only two options and it’s confusing what to choose. Well, today most of the sneakers available In the market are suitable for machine washing but you should always avoid leather and suede shoes from machine washing.

To get the best practice follow the same rule I follow. Never wash your shoes if they are not dirty, in that case, use a piece of cloth to wipe off the mild dirt. I wash my shoes when the soles and strap look too dirty.

If you have dirty shoes then I recommend you to try both methods which means one time you wash in the machine and one by hands this way your shoes don’t lose it’s functionality soon.

In case your shoes have a label suitable for the machine written on them then you don’t have to worry if you follow the best washing instructions.

If you don’t know the instructions don’t worry today I will give you some best tips and a step-by-step guide to clean your shoes by putting them in the washer machine.

How to wash shoes in the washer machine

The first thing you should do is check the washing label on the shoes. In case there is not much information on the label then check on google.

● Before putting your shoes in the washer machine, first, remove any sand or mud from the shoes with a brush. Shoes with large or big soles need to be cleaned with a brush before putting them in the washer, this way you will reduce the stress for the machine.

● The second step is to remove all laces and insoles of the shoes. Insoles are usually made of synthetic and soft material which takes time to dry off. Clean insoles with any piece of cloth and avoid any damage or wetness.

● The third step is to protect your shoes in the washing machine and avoid tossing them here and there in a machine. The best way to do so is to put a towel with shoes in a machine, or you can also use a washing bag which adds an extra layer of protection.

● Now comes the detergent, well personally I prefer liquid detergent over the normal one because normal detergent attaches to the fabric or material of the shoes after wash.

● Now, set the temp. Of the machine. This is important for your shoes because more heat will destroy your shoes completely. Keep the temp. As cold as possible. 20° is recommended as the best value for washing shoes in a washing machine or washer.

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