Are Uggs Waterproof For Snow?

Are Uggs Waterproof For Snow?

Let’s be honest, uggs are one of the coziest and cute shoes out there. From being just surfer boots, uggs have become a wardrobe staple and style statement in the present.

They are cozy, comfortable, and fluffy and are good for winter. But one question that might pop into your mind is are Uggs waterproof for snow?

Can you take them out during harsh winters? Well, that is what I’m going to discuss in this article. So, without any delay let’s start.

Are Uggs waterproof for snow?

Are Uggs Waterproof For Snow?


Well, technically uggs are not waterproof as they are made of sheepskin material, which is not water resistant. On top of that, most Uggs also do not come with a pre-waterproof treatment.

However, there are some uggs that come as waterproof Uggs but they will cost you more and some people don’t prefer them because of their extra chunky style. 

So, in case you want to wear them in the snow then, consider waterproof Uggs first. 

While some might think that snow is not going to be a problem, but it will melt and make your uggs wet if you don’t waterproof them.

Though you should know that, shipskin is slightly waterproof and can save you from mild snow.

Are Uggs Waterproof For Snow?

However, the salt they throw to melt the snow, can ruin the material of uggs, and you might get circle stains on your uggs.

Well, we all know that Uggs are super cozy and they protect you from cold but they are not waterproof. 

There are just like winter sweaters which we wear for warmth during winter but they can easily get wet. It is similar to Uggs.

Some people have a misconception that Uggs are made for surfers so that they can hold the mild snow.

Well, they can buy still there are high chance that they will get wet. Moreover, yes, uggs are made for surfers but the concept is that surfers wear them afterward to get their feet warm fast. 

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How to waterproof Uggs?

Are Uggs Waterproof For Snow?

If you want to wear your uggs outside in snowy winter, then waterproofing them before sounds more sensible. Though you can wear them in mild snow, but avoid them if you are not sure. 

Waterproofing your uggs is the only way that can give them extra protection from getting wet. 

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All, you have to do to waterproof your Uggs is to –

  • Firstly, clean the uggs with a brush as it will remove the dust particles from the boots and let the waterproof spray settle evenly and more effectively. 
  • Further, use a microfiber cloth to clean or wipe the dry dirt. 
  • Now, pick a good waterproof spray from a local store or online. Pick the one you trust. 
  • Now, take a trial of spray by spraying on a spot that is not visible. And let it dry naturally. Check if it works. If yes then continue with the process
  • Now spray on the whole boot from a 10-inch distance. Don’t overdo it, one light coat is enough. You can double-coat if you don’t get the desired result.
  • Now, let them dry. Leave them in natural air under a shadow. Don’t use a hair dryer or anything to speed up the process. 

The main reason to avoid heat products near Uggs is because they are made of sheepskin.

It is basically wool, and as you know we never put our wool sweaters in heat.

It is the same case with uggs, you should let them dry naturally. It might take 24 hours for them to dry. So leave them in a room which has enough ventilation.

Redo this process in every season before wearing your uggs in snow.

Depending on the quality of the waterproof spray, you might have to re-do the waterproofing process twice in a season. 

To avoid that make sure to pick a good quality waterproof spray that works well on sheepskin material.

Also, you should know that waterproofing your uggs will not make them 100% waterproof. No shoes can become fully waterproof, else it will become 0% breathable. 

So, when you decide to wear your uggs in the snow, make sure there is no heavy snow.

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What to do if uggs get wet?

There will always be chances that your Uggs will get wet or stained even after waterproofing. To avoid any further damage it is better to dry them as soon as you get home.

But at the same time, you don’t have to worry because it will not damage the Uggs until and unless you leave them wet.

Let them air dry. Don’t use any heat products like a hair dryer or dryer, instead put them somewhere with a ventilated area. 

If your uggs are wet from the inside, stuff them with newspaper to soak up the excess water.

After that use a suede brush or mild hard bristle brush to run off the dirt. 

Now, use a microfiber fiber cloth to grab the dirt left on the boots. 

Lastly, you need to use a suede eraser or any eraser you have at home. 

Rub the stained area with an eraser. Now use the brush and microfiber cloth to get off the dirt. 

Don’t use water on your uggs to avoid any further damage. 

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