Ugg vs Koolaburra : Difference between both

Ugg vs Koolaburra

Ugg vs Koolaburra: There is an ongoing debate between two boots, which are pretty much known in the entire world for their comfort, style, warmth, and durability. Yes, I’m talking about uggs and Koolaburra. Both shoes are made of sheepskin material and provide warmth to the feet in winter. But most people get confused between the two of them. So, today I decided to clear this confusion once and for all. And yes, there is a difference between both footwear. 

Ugg vs Koolaburra

Though both ugg and Koolaburra are made by one company, known as a decker. But the main difference between uggs and Koolaburra is the quality difference. The material used to make the inner in uggs is genuine which is Shipskeen. Whereas, Koolaburra has faux fur inside. This also concludes the price difference between uggs and Koolaburra, where ugg is more expensive than Koolaburra.


Ugg has a very interesting history behind its popularity. Uggs are boots for both men and women, which are basically made of sheepskin material. 

The name ugg boot is given in Australia to the boots that keep your feet warm in winters. 


In 1960, ugg boots were popular among Australian surfers, but later they were introduced to the surfer community in the United Kingdom and the United States, in the 1970s. In Australia, ugg boots were considered as daggy fashion sense as people use to wear them indoors in form of sleepers during winters. 

However, they became popular among people in 1990 when they were sated as fashion boots in the US. But later in 2000, uggs were popular all around the world. 

Koolaburra was started in 1991, to give competition to uggs or deckers. Koolaburra was also in the business of sheepskin boots. But instead of giving competition to uggs, they ended up losing a lawsuit, where they used the word ug in one of their footwear. 

However, later after years of losing a lawsuit, Koolaburra was acquired by decker brand(which also is the parent brand for uggs), in the year 2015.


Manufacturing doesn’t matter to some people but some people love to know where their favorite uggs are made. 

So, speaking of uggs, they currently are made in various countries like El Salvador, Vietnam, the USA, and many more. 

However, in starting which is 1978 uggs were made only in Australia and also known as uggs Australia. The reason why uggs were only made in Australia is that the founder of uggs are surfers from Australia and it costs less to make ugg there for them(no shipment cost, no duty tax).

But after the uggs got fame worldwide, the brand has to shift it is manufacturing to other countries to meet the demand. 

In the case of Koolaburra, they are now made in Vietnam as per some experts. In the initial time, which was in 1991 when the Koolaburra brand was founded, they were made in different countries all over the world.

But after the Acquisition of the Koolaburra brand by Decker (which is also a parent company for uggs) in the year 2015, now Koolaburra footwear is made in Vietnam where uggs are also manufactured. This is also the reason why they call it Koolaburra by ugg. 


There is always been a debate about which has the best quality between uggs and Koolaburra since the decker acquired it in 2015. 

Uggs are made of authentic and supreme quality material, which includes sheepskin, leathers, suede, wool, down, cotton, and hemp.

Koolaburra upper is made of calf suede, sheepskin, and faux fur. On contrary, full sheepskin upper is used to make traditional uggs. 

And the simple answer to all that is uggs has better quality than Koolaburra. The main reason behind that is uggs are more popular than Koolaburra and have also been with decker for a long in contrast to Koolaburra. 

There is also another reason why Koolaburra is made of less quality than uggs. And that is to reach more people. I will explain this below in uggs vs Koolaburra. 

Before that, I also want to make sure that, it doesn’t mean that Koolaburra is poor quality footwear. If we compare it to other winter boots then they might beat them with the type of features and quality. The only point is that they are not as same as uggs in terms of quality. 

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When it comes to durability, there is hardly any other boot or shoes that can beat the uggs. 

Uggs are super durable, and this is not my opinion. Various users have sworn to the durability of uggs. 

One user states that he bought a pair of uggs when he was 15 years old, and now he is 35 years old. Over 20 years and the uggs are still there to serve their purpose for him. He also said that he usually wore them indoors as slippers first, but later also used them in outdoors. 

There are many users like him, who admits that uggs are super durable if you take care of them. Just make sure to apply to spray on top of the shoes, if there is suede. Use a suede spray only. Further, don’t wear them in puddles. Water can ruin the material of uggs and also reduce their life.

When it comes to Koolaburra, then it is not far behind uggs in terms of durability. Thousands of customers find Koolaburra durable and long-lasting footwear. However, when you compare it with uggs then they likely have less life. The reason for that is, genuine material used in uggs. 

Looking from a broad view, it is ok to conclude that both uggs and Koolaburra by ugg are durable. 

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Price is always been a deciding factor in purchasing any boot. As we already are aware the high prices of uggs, make it hard for people to buy them. 

However, this is not the case with Koolaburra boots as they cost less than uggs. This also concludes why Koolaburra is made of less quality. The material used to make Koolaburra costs less than what it cost to make uggs. 

No doubt, uggs are super comfortable and warm in winters. But everybody can not afford uggs. So to counter this problem and to make sure most customers get satisfied, decker decided to bring the Koolaburra as an alternative to uggs. 

Now, people who can not afford uggs can get similar satisfaction if not the same, with Koolaburra boots. 


Sizing is very important if you are buying something expensive as uggs or Koolaburra. 

First, let’s talk about Koolaburra. They run full to size half the time. However, sometimes they also run small. 

So, whenever you plan to buy Koolaburra, you can buy a half size up, instead of going down. However, trying out is the best way to find out. 

But if you are buying online then go with half size up. If you are size 8 normally, then buy an 8.5 size. Buying 9 size can be big for your feet. 

When it comes to traditional uggs, they usually run big. As they are fully made of sheepskin material, which is likely to stretch out with time. So, if you are buying traditional uggs, then reducing half or one size is better. 

Design and style

When it comes to style and design. Uggs shine out. They are fashionable and also has a lot of different color from pink, violet, navy, burgundy, green, and more. 

However, in contrast to uggs, Koolaburra is much more stylish and affordable at the same time. 

When it comes to styling uggs and Koolaburra, both can be styled with jeans and a blazer. 

Authentication Koolaburra vs uggs 

Uggs is one of the most popular brands in the world and also very expensive. This is why it is no surprise that 2.5 million uggs have been seized by us customs in over 10 years. However, the main question is are Koolaburra uggs fake. 

No, koolaburra uggs are not fake. They are made of supreme leather and sheepskin material which keeps your feet dry and warm. Koolaburra by ugg is one of the quality footwear out there. But there are not as supreme as uggs, and that is also why the price difference is there. 

However, that doesn’t mean that Koolaburra uggs are fake. 

Are uggs fake

Millions of fake uggs are sold all around the world every year. But when you are paying $300 for a pair of boots, you don’t want to be fooled.

So there are some things, you need to keep in mind while buying uggs and checking if they are real or not. Because uggs are more popular than Koolaburra, there are high chances of fake uggs than fake Koolaburra. 

Check the label

Many fake uggs are sold by labeling them as made in Australia or New Zealand. You should know that uggs are not made in Australia or Newzealand. Most of the uggs manufacturing is done in Asian countries like China, and Vietnam. 

Scammers import fake uggs from other countries and when they reach their destination, they attach the logo on them, which says made in Australia or Newzealand. Any ugg boot with this type of logo on it is likely fake ugg. 

Swen in the security label

The best way to check if uggs are real or not is to scan the sewin QR code on the official website of uggs. 

Another way is to look for a sun logo that changes its color from black to white when rotated at 90 degrees. 

If uggs do not pass these tests, then there is no doubt that those uggs are fake. 

Check the soles

If you are buying uggs, then you should know that the outsole of ugg looks sturdy. But the key here is to check if it is flexible or not. Original uggs have flexible and sturdy outsole. 

If your uggs don’t bend from the forefoot, then there are high chances that they are fake. 

Stitching quality

Stitching on original uggs is quality stitching. Check if the thread is out or not, and look at the overall stitching of the boot. 

Moreover, you should know that real uggs don’t have double stitching, they always feature single stitching. 

Check the logo

The logo is one thing that can help you in knowing if the uggs are real or fake. A logo is basically on the top back of both boots. Check if the logo has any misspelling or fraying. 

Which is better between Koolaburra and ugg

Both Koolaburra and uggs are best in serving their own purposes. 

No doubt, in terms of durability and quality, uggs are much better. But they can be super expensive for some of you. 

In that case, Koolaburra by ugg is best, as they give style, comfort, and quality (slightly less than uggs). 

Do you wear socks with Koolaburra or uggs? 

It is one’s personal preference if he or she wants to wear socks with Koolaburra. However, Wearing socks with Koolaburra is not a good idea as stated by many users. 

One woman on the forum stated that she likes to wear socks with boots. But wearing socks with Koolaburra turns out not good for her. After that, she was feeling the shoes are tight and also less comfortable and warm. 

Now, you might wonder why this happened. The reason why she didn’t feel comfort and warmth is because of how Koolaburra by ugg are designed and what material is used to make them. Koolaburra uggs are made of leather upper and for inside Sheepskin is used to provide warmth to feet. 

Similarly, if you are wearing uggs then don’t wear socks as that can limit the fuctioni9ng of boots, which is providing warmth to the feet and keeping feet dry.

However, when you wear socks, the ability of Sheepskin to provide warmth is decreased and you might also feel some discomfort. Always wear a Koolaburra without socks as the inner of boots are designed in a way to provide comfort and warmth to your feet so that you don’t have to wear socks. 

Though wearing Koolaburra without socks is best, still some users complain about the odor issues without socks. Well, these cases are very rare and there are several factors why this might happen to some users. 

Firstly, Koolaburra is designed in a way to keep your feet dry and comfortable,  thanks to sheepskin’s inner ability to soak up the sweat and dry super fast. 

To prevent any odor issues, you should clean your feet well before you wear the Koolaburra. Similarly, you should also clean your boots often when dirty, to prevent any bad odor. 

Further, make sure to check if there is moisture in boots before you wear them or when you put them in your wardrobe. If yes, then dry them at that moment to prevent any smell. 

Overall, if you follow these steps, then there is no way that Koolaburra is going to stink when you wear them without socks. 


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