How to know if you smell bad

How to know if you smell bad
by benzoix

How to know if you smell bad: There are many ways to figure out if you smell bad or not. As our nose is unresponsive to our own smell, it’s hard to find out how we smell unless you try to find out. Don’t worry below I will tell you some steps to find out if you smell bad or not. I will also tell you how can you improve it over time.

How to know if you smell bad

To know if you smell bad or not, you can ask your female friend as they have strong senses for the smell. Moreover, you can lick your hand and then smell it to know if you have bad breath or not.

You eat garlic or onions daily

If you are eating garlic or curry in your diet then it is likely that you have a bad smell or breath.

The reason is that garlic and onions contain stinky sulfur compounds in it, which can stick in your mouth and even absorb in your bloodstream, and come out when you breathe.


According to MD, professors, and diet professionals, garlic and onions top the list in making your breath smell bad.

Ask about your body odor to female

The easy way to find out about your body odor is to ask someone you share a close bond with. We suggest you ask a female as they have a strong sense of smell and they are quick to react to bad odor.

However, at the same time, I want you to ask a person who doesn’t live with you has a close relationship with you. This is because if you ask someone you live with, then you will never get the true opinion as they either get used to the smell or don’t want to offend you.

People always maintain distance from you

It is very easy to figure out whether you smell bad or not if you pay little attention to the people around you.

If you go outside with your friends and you notice people are maintaining more distance from you than others, then that’s a sign of bad body odor.

To confirm the same you can ask your close friend or close one afterward in private.

Or you can try to get close to a person and if he pushes himself or herself away immediately then you should get alert and know that you have a bad body odor.

Basically, when one tries to push themselves away from you, they do it in a way that one doesn’t get offended so, you have to pay close attention and just notice the behavior.

Lick your hand and smell it

If you want to know you have bad breath then the easy way to check that is by licking your hand from the back. 

Just lick it fully with your tongue and then smell it, if the smell is bad then you have bad breath and you need to improve your dental hygiene.

You don’t wash your clothes after one wear

If you are one person who is lazy about changing your clothes pr garments every day then there are high chances that you smell bad.

One should wash their clothes every day, especially Under Armour and garments as they come in contact with the body stinky body parts like – the genital area, armpit, feet. So, need to make sure that you wash your socks, underwear, and undergarments daily.

Your sweat is visible

Well, if you sweat a lot and the sweat is vi

Smell your clothes

You can smell your clothes after wearing them to know how you smell. However, don’t smell it after you did any physical activity.

Smell it after a day when you took bath, used perfume, and wear washed clothes.

You have too much body hair

While growing body hair has been received as manly from ancient times, somehow people still believe that it attracts women. However, today that can actually be received as unhygienic.

If you have a lot of hair on your body then there are high chances that you smell bad. This also applies if you or of any other gender. Using a nice perfume will also be of no use if you have hair on your body.

The reason why it is so is, that too much hair on the body doesn’t allow the air to soak up the sweat. Moreover, too much hair actually closes all the doors for ventilation and you also sweat a lot more because of that, thus leading to a bad smell.  It also allows bacteria (responsible for bad odor) to cling in for a longer period of time.

You never take care of genetical areas

Bad genital hygiene is one of the biggest reasons for bad body odor. Genetical parts of both males and females are sensitive, produce more heat and skin is also very thin. And that can lead to friction, which causes a stinky smell.

Further, if you don’t pay attention to your genital hygiene like cutting down hair. Cleaning it with luke water every time you pee, then there are high chances that you will stink.

Consuming too much alcohol

Drinking alcohol on occasions is not a bad thing. It is also fine if you drink alcohol or wine now or then when you go out with your friends.

However, if you become addicted to it, or drink too much alcohol then it can not only be bad for your health but also increase the bad odor.

The reason why alcohol creates a bad odor is that the liver converts most of it into an acid. And some of which are released from the body through sweat or breathing. This will lead to bad body odor and breath.

Moreover, if you consume an excessive amount of coffee then your breath will stink as coffee have a drying effect just like alcohol and promote the growth of oral bacteria.

What is causing a bad smell?

Poor diet

If you are doing everything right from a hygiene and dental perspective, and still you smell bad or have bad breath, then the cause is diet.

Eating garlic, onions, curry on regular basis can lead to bad breath. Moreover, if you are drinking alcohol and coffee over it, then it elevates the chances of bad body odor as well.

Mouth infection or medication

Bad breath can be caused in many ways and sometimes it can be caused by any mouth infection like tooth decay or gum.

Moreover, medication can also make your breath bad by making the mouth dry.

Doing physical activity

It is a fact that doing physical activity does actually make you sweat and nobody likes a sweaty smell. The main problem is not when you are sweating but it actually is when it dries off and the cells break which gives a stinky smell.

So, that is why it becomes important to take a bath after one is involved in high physical activity.

Bad hygienic routine

As discussed above, bad hygiene is the main reason why one smells bad. So, make sure to develop and follow your oral hygiene and body hygiene routine. 

How to smell good

By knowing what is the cause of a bad smell, it is easy to figure out or develop a routine that will make you smell good. Below are some things you can do to get rid of bad odor.

Be hydrated

First, always make sure you are hydrated, doesn’t matter if it is winter or summer. Dehydration is the one reason for bad breath. 

One must drink 3.7 liters (for men), 2.7 liters(women) of water if he/she is not doing any intense workout. Further, increase the quantity if you do any type of workout.

Use a quality EDT or EDP perfume

It is always a good investment if you buy any good perfume that remains on your body for long and doesn’t create itchiness.

Most of the perfumes that are cheap contain synthetic fragrances (using chemicals) which can literally irritate the skin and make you sweat more and smell bad. So, buy a good EDT perfume from an authentic brand like Dior sauvage

Moreover, one should also know how to use the cologne properly to get the best results. 

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Have a regular dental checkup

Have a regular dental checkup to make sure you do not have any mouth infection or for the health of your teeth.

Use mouthwash after brushing

If you have bad breath then make sure you use a mouthwash daily after brushing your teeth.

According to the dentist, one should not use mouthwash more than two times a day as it can be harmful. You should also avoid swallowing the mouthwash.

Get a mouthwash like Listerine Cool Mint Antiseptic Mouthwash.

Use tongue scraper

According to researchers, a tongue scraper removes 30 % more volatile sulfur compounds on the tongue than any normal toothbrush. So make sure you use a tongue scraper daily in the morning before or after brushing your teeth.

Get a Medical Grade 100% Stainless Steel Tongue Cleaner.

Wear different underwear every day

Always wear different underwear every day to avoid any stinky smell. There is no need to wash your jeans unless you are not wearing the same underwear after one wears without washing it.

You should also avoid wearing underwear made of synthetic fabric as it causes rubbing which can irritate the skin and also produce more heat, thus leading to a stinky smell.

Take care of genital areas

As discussed above, one should always take care of their genital areas by removing the excessive hair with a good trimmer, using sulfate and fragrance-free soap.

It’s important to remove your genital hair every once a week for better hygiene.

Remove body hair

Just like the genital area, you should also remove the excess hair from your body. The main part that demands your extra attention is the armpits. If you are men then the chest is also another area that can cause a bad smell if you have excessive hair.

To remove your hair, use a trimmer if you are a man, and for a woman waxing is another alternative.

Before removing hair make sure to cut it short with scissors if you have long hair as it becomes easy to remove hair later with any tool (razor or trimmer).

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Always take sunlight

A lot of people skip this part because they don’t know sunlight can actually be beneficial in many ways besides its ability to cure vitamin D deficiency.

Wear breathable fabric

If you sweat a lot or smell bad because of it then you should always prefer to wear clothes made of natural fabric like – cotton, linen, etc as they are breathable and let the air pass through the fabric and prevent sweating.

On the other hand, you should avoid clothes made of  100 percent synthetic material like polyester or nylon, as they will make you sweat more.

Wardrobe care

It is important to keep your clothes clean and fresh. But the most important thing is to make sure your clothes smell good.

Most of the time you smell bad because your clothes stink for various reasons like – they caught the mold, they absorbed the hard smell from its environment.

To avoid such a thing, make sure your wardrobe is clean and doesn’t have any mold. On top of that, put cloth freshness in your wardrobe to make your clothes smell good.

Another thing that I want to recommend is to never put unwashed clothes like jeans directly in your wardrobe after using them.

Hang them out in sunlight from the inside(to prevent color damage) out to get rid of wetness. Or you can put them under a fan so that the sweat or wetness goes away with the air.

How to know if you smell good

People around you compliments you

There is no doubt that people around you will compliment you if you smell good. This is the best way to know if you smell good or not. However, this is not true always sometimes if you are in a place full of strangers then you might not get compliments but you will if you are surrounded by known people.

If a girl compliments any girl or man about their smell is always a solid sign of good body odor.

Asks about the perfume you use

Sometimes people may not compliment you directly and instead ask you about the perfume you use. So, if this happens to you on any day then it is a solid sign that you smelled good that day.

You attract people easily especially opposite sex

If you are a male then you will see women attract to you by your scent. The best way to notice this is when you are walking or sitting next to any woman and suddenly the woman looks up to you.

Similarly, if you are a woman and a lot of men compliment or come close to you, then surely, you smell good.

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