Best Gillette shaving cream

Best Gillette shaving cream
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Best Gillette shaving cream: Clean shaving is impossible with great shaving cream or shaving gel. Dermatologists recommend using shaving cream while shaving even for people with sensitive skin. it is because shaving cream hydrates the hair and skin, and provides a protective layer around the skin to avoid cuts and skin irritation.

The layer helps the razor, easily glide over the skin without creating any cuts to the skin, meaning you’ll have clean-looking skin without bumps in redness if you use shaving cream. When it comes to shaving, the best brand every person recalls is Gillette. So let’s check out the best Gilllite shaving cream.

Best Gillette Shaving Cream

Before beginning the best Gillette shaving cream list, you should accommodate these things that will help you achieve a clean shave. These include a body scrub, a sharp razor, shaving cream, and shaving lotion.

6 Best gillette shaving cream

Planet Kind by Gillette Protective Shave Cream

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The best Gillette shaving cream is not only good for your skin but for the planet too. It is built with formulating Parabens, SLS sulfates, alcohols, or dyes. Thus making it fully chemical-free shaving cream and comfortable to be used by every skin type( including sensitive skin).

This Gillette shaving cream is made with natural interdictions and the blends materials used are vitamin E and cucumber. When a person puts the cream on the face, it instantly creates a rich lather on the skin.

The lather acts as a shield on your skin and protects it from the razor blade. The excessive formation of lather causes the razor to move gently and smoothly on the skin. No use of the brush is required to form lather( can be done with hands).

Due to the rich lather, shaving around the edges is quite easy and also without cuts.

The packaging of this shaving cream is eco-friendly, due to its durable aluminum jar ( recycle material).

How long does it last: this shaving cream can last up to 12-16 weeks with appropriate use.

How it smells: Fresh peppermint smell, that can last up to 2-3 hours( not strong)

Effective on a close shave: Due to the production of rich lather, close shaving around the edges will never be tough).

Pure by Gillette

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Gillette specifically designed this shaving cream for sensitive skin. Previous Gillette shaving cream used to burn skin during and after shaving. Some people with sensitive skin would end up with a rash or skin irritation.

This Pure shaving cream is formulated without alcohol, dyes, parabens, and sulfates. Thus, no sensitive-skin person ever has to worry about skin irritation during shaving.

To make a razor slide smoothly on the skin while shaving, this shaving cream is filled with aloe ingredients. So, in the end, your razor will glide smoothly on your skin while removing all hair with ease and also protect your skin from cuts and skin irritations.

Note: For making lather, it can take about 45 seconds to a minute of vigorous rubbing with a brush( takes more time with hands).

How long does it last: this shaving cream can last up to 6 -8 weeks with appropriate use.

How it smells: Although also is mixed in the shaving cream, there is no additional smell you can encounter.

Effective on a close shave: Suitable for a close shave as it provides a lubricated surface for the razor to glide easily.

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King C. Gillette Transparent Shave Gel

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Tired of not getting proper beard shape during shaving, get yourself a King C. Gillette transparent gel. For a fully well-groomed beard, you want to pack the right tools, and this transparent gel comes in handy. With its transparency nature, it allows a person with proper vision to get a well-sleeked and shapely beard. With this, a person can easily style a beard around the edges which is impossible with other shaving gel.

Furthermore, it is fueled with glycerin and plant-based ingredients like aloe vera and white tea extracts. Formulated with these ingredients, this Gillette shaving cream soothes the skin and decreases the risk of cuts while shaving.

Apart from soothing skin properties, this shaving cream is equipped with a strong natural scent. Some people may find the smell too strong and the smell lasts up to 2-3 hours after the shave.

How long does it last: With one shaving session per week, this shaving gel can last up to 8-12 weeks(depends on how much you use).

How it smells: Blend of bergamot, geranium, and cedarwood that leave you with an aftershave fresh smell.

Effective on a close shave: The gel lubricates the skin prior to shaving, thus protecting it from cuts.

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Gillette Fusion ProGlide Sensitive

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The Gillette Fusion ProGlide Sensitive Shave Gel is an inexpensive gel for a quick, clean shaving experience. It is mainly considered as 2 in 1, as it is packed with a shaving gel to remove hair and provides skincare after the shaving is done.

While using this shaving gel, you can easily make rich lather in just a few minutes. You might need to use a brush and if you are using the hand you have to do the vigorous rubbing.

The rich lather makes it easy for the razor to slide and cut hair properly without creating any cuts or rash, redness, or skin irritation.

The bottle of this shaving gel is itself a masterpiece, as the innovative design of the cap locks the excess gel from escaping the bottle. So, will have never to worry about creating a mess on the bathroom floor.

Also, there is a gel gauge window, that lets to determine how much gel is left in the bottle.

How long does it last: It can last up to 9-11 weeks with appropriate use.

How it smells: Alpine scent – clean yet musk-ish.

Effective on a close shave: Not effective for close shave especially around edges. The layer is considerably thin to protect from the small cuts.

Series Shave Gel and Foam

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This is one of the first shaving gels, that you have probably encountered once in your life. Your grandparents or your parents probably have used it to shave their beards. this is like a vintage shaving gel with the same formula of 40 years. And nothing has changed in this shaving gel series.

It is formulated with aloe, that first hydrates the skin, then add a protective layer around the skin in the form of lather. The gel creates a rich lather, that helps to ease the process of shaving.

The lather is thick, so it’s good for people who are beginners in shaving or people who shake hands while shaving.

It is also suitable for sensitive skin and can protect from 5 signs: Nicks & Cuts, Tightness, Redness, Burning, and Stinging. Despite, thick lather, it can creates some skin irritation for sensitive skin people.

How long does it last: It can last up to 5-7 weeks with appropriate use.

How it smells: No fragrance

Effective on a close shave: Not suitable due to thin lather production. As it makes it hard to shave around the corners.

How to use Gillette shaving cream

To get a clean shave, you need to use the best shaving cream, but the task did not end up there. After buying the shaving cream, it’s time to learn how to use shaving cream. Despite how easy it sounds, it can be a complicated procedure. Why?

The sole purpose is to use shaving cream to get the rich lather that acts as a shield between skin and razor. But, if you don’t follow the correct step, you might not end up with a thick lather.

If you have been shaving for few years and always end up with cuts, The problem might not be shaving cream or razor, but what procedure you followed to create the lather from the shaving cream.

There are 3 different ways you can create lather from your shaving cream.

  1. Directly putting Gillette shaving cream on your face
  2. Using a bowl to create lather
  3. Placing on your hand with vigorous rubbing.

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Directly putting Gillette shaving cream on your face

It’s the fastest method of using shaving cream, as you just have to put shaving cream directly on your face. To create a thick lather and softening your hair, you have to follow these steps:

  • Wet Face: Use water to hydrate the skin, Before applying directly shaving cream on the face. This method increases the flexibility of the skin ( which further avoids cuts).
  • A small amount of shaving cream on cheeks: Before taking out the saving cream always hydrate your hands. as it helps to create a rich lather. By not using water, the lather created will be dry or thin. Place shaving cream on each cheek.
  • Rubbing: The creation of lather is a crucial part of having. And it is only created by rubbing the shaving cream. Swirl your hands or brush( in a clockwise direction to get instant lather)
  • Use brush or hands: For the lather creation method, you can use both, there is no difference. Although if you use a brush, use a synthetic brush and wet it before using it on the face.

Using a bowl to create lather

If you like old school method of shaving, you need to get yourself a bowl and a brush. his methods are mainly used by barbers all around the globe. To begin his shaving procedure, you have to follow these steps that will help you achieve a thick lather:

  • Wet Your Brush: Soak the shaving brush in hot water( mild temperature). This loosens the hardness of the bristles on the brush. After a few minutes remove the brush and make sure that it doesn’t drip. (Excessive water is not good for creating rich lather)
  • Put Saving cream inside the bowl: Add a small amount of shaving cream and then add few drops of water inside the bowl.
  • Mixture: Use the brush, and swirl it. The continuous motion will create the foam, and after some time it will be ready to be put on your face.

Placing on your hand with vigorous rubbing

This process is similar to the first method of putting shaving cream directly on the face. However, this method has a slight advantage. If you directly place shaving cream on the face, then afterward to create the lather, you have to rub your face skin. Face skin is sensitive and sometimes you can end up with redness or skin irritation because of it.

However, if you place shaving cream on the hand, then you just have to rub until you get the thick lather. You don’t have to do a vigorous rubbing on the face skin.

This will allow you to get rid of any skin irritation or redness that occurred after shaving. Although, you might have to take twice shaving cream as sometimes the lather is not enough, or you will end up creating a mess on the bathroom floor.

But still is the best shaving method to create a rich lather and to get a clean shave without any cuts or redness.

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