What happens if you wash your hair everyday?

What happens if you wash your hair everyday?
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Hair is a very important part of our personality, and it demands care. Most people are not aware of the care their hair needs, they follow the same process, doesn’t matter what type of hair they have. Besides that, the common question that people ask about hair and doesn’t get the answer that satisfies them is – What happens if you wash your hair everyday? There are many myths and assumptions revolved around this query, but dermatologist do have their own answer. Let’s find out what happens if you wash your hair everyday

What happens if you wash your hair everyday?

Washing your hair is a must to keep your hair clean and healthy. Although, if you wash your hair everyday it will also lead to hair fall and dry hair. If you have too oily hair or scalp then washing your hair everyday may suit you. Washing hair everyday is a personal preference, some people see no side effects. But if your hair or scalp is dry then you may notice dandruff or irritation in your hairs.

It is recommended to wash your hair once a week if you have dry hair. If you have developed the habit of washing your hair everyday without knowing the type of hair and how oily your scalp is, then you will rinse off many natural oils and moisture from the scalp which is responsible for hair growth and health.

How often should you wash your hair?

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Most people are obsessed with clean and fresh hair, which makes them shampoo their hair every day. Oily hair is considered as bad and dirty, but in actual oil is also a must for your hair to style it properly and give shine to the hair. Too much release of sebum leads to too much oil in the scalp.


Some people wash their hair everyday with detergent shampoo which rinses off all the moisture and oils from the hair and makes it dry which leads to hair damage. But nowadays people apply conditioner after use of shampoo to nourish their hair or provide moisture in hair. Using a conditioner does not mean you can wash your hair everyday. You should only wash your hair when it is dirty, too oily, or you applied any product that can not be removed with water.

Signs when you should wash your hair

Too oily

Too oily in hair is always a sign that you should wash them. Though there are not too many people in the world who have too oily hair because their scalp is able to produce more sebum than the average scalp. Too oily hair is also a sign of teenage years, yes people who are in their teenage or adulthood years are likely to have more oil in their hair than people over 40 or older or below 18.

People who don’t have too oily hair should avoid washing their hair everyday, as it leads to dry hair. There are very few people whose everyday hair washing routine suits well, most of the people have normal hairs who should wash their hair after 2 days.

If your scalp doesn’t produce too much oil or produce too little oil then you should avoid washing your hair. You should only wash your hair once in a week or if you think your hair is too dirty.


In this modern era everyone from teenager to an adult, everyone uses products to style their hair. Products are made of chemicals that are not healthy for your hair if you leave them for a long period of time. If you use any kind of product in your hair then you know that you have to remove it every night. Most of the products used now are so strong that you can not remove or rinse off them simply by water, you need a shampoo to do the work. So, if you apply any product you have to wash your hair everyday, besides the fact that your hair is dry, thick, or curly, else it will lead to Frizines, grey hairs, dry hair, etc.


Dirt in hair can damage your hair, it also gets attached to hairs if you go outside on streets or polluted areas. Always protect your hair from dust or dirt while cleaning or walking on the road with a cap or cloth, so that you don’t have to wash it every time you walk through the dust. If you do have dust in your hair, don’t wait for long to wash your hair, just wash it. Most of the time washing with water can remove the dust particles if your hair is not too oily. Too much oil in hair can attach the dust particles to hair which can only be removed with shampoo.

Hair type

Knowing your hair type is important to figure out how you can take care of your hair. If you have thick or wavy hair then, you need to wash your hair less because the sebum produced by your scalp is not enough to cover the thickness or to provide moisture to the curls. Sebum is very important to provide natural moisture to the hairs. So, if you have thick, curly or wavy hair, then you should avoid washing your hair everyday, else it will remove all the natural moisture from your hair.

On the other hand, people with straight or thin hair have extra sebum or oil to cover the hair, which can make your hair too oily. So, if you have straight or thin hair then you should wash your hair often, after every 2 days if your hair is not too oily. You can also wash your everyday if you have too much oil in your hair. Pick your washing day according to your preference, as se people feel good and clean after washing their hair everyday, but most people hair suits the wash after every 2 days.

If you use detergent shampoo to wash your hair everyday then it may lead to hair fall and dryness. Avoid using shampoo everyday.

After workout If you workout, or do any kind of physical activity that makes you sweaty then you should wash your hair after every activity. During an intense workout or activity, the scalp produces a lot of sebum which makes your hair look dirty and unhygienic. So, always wash your hair after every workout with shampoo, and don’t forget to condition your hair. Besides that, wearing any type of cap or hat overhead for a long period of time may lead to oily hair or sweaty hair, so wash your hair if you wear any cap or hat in the summers.

What happens if you wash your hair every day? Oil is important for your hair to give hair a shine and grace. Regularly washing your hair not only remove the oil from the scalp bit also leads to dandruff problem. Overwashing is the main reason behind dandruff because it will dry off the scalp which in return cause dandruff. On the other hand, oils are not always necessary for your hair unless you have dry hair or curly hair. You can shampoo your hair as you like, or when you feel you have to. Most people in America wash their hair every day with shampoo, the reason behind that is excess use of style products or they like clean hair. You can wash your hair when you feel so, but also remember that too dry scalp can ruin damage your hair.

Dealing with thin hair, know how to make hair thick

How to take care of your hair?

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Do not use dry shampoo unless

Do not use dry shampoo unless you can’t get up from bed or you are outdoors for hiking. Dry shampoo is an alternative for shampoo in which you don’t need any water to rinse off the shampoo from your hair. Use organic shampoo with fewer chemicals and no added fragrance. While applying shampoo to your hair make sure to apply it in roots instead of on the hair directly or at the ends.

Wash with conditioner

If you have rough or dry hair then the best alternative for a shampoo could be a conditioner. You can wash your hair with only a conditioner instead of using shampoo. Conditioner is not as strong as shampoo so it will not able to remove 100% of dirt or product from the hair but can provide moisture to curly and thick hair.

Wash only with water if

Wash your hair with only water if you have dry hair or you just want them fresh. Avoid using shampoo every day just to make your hair look fresh.

Tap with soft fabric

To soak the water use a soft fabric or soft towel on your hair and tap gently instead of rubbing it hard on your head.

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