This 30 Minute Home Workout Completes All Your Gym Needs

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In our busy life if we can take out 30 minutes for our body, the whole day will work for us. Our body is structured not to stay still in one position, the body is meant to be mobile. Give at least 30 min to work out your body. Easy workouts that are simple and require no equipment and that you can do in morning.

Being fit is the new trend and home workouts becoming the best options to stay fit. Of course you can clear your tables to create space for workout and get up a little earlier, stretch a little and create a daily workout routine.

Here we have got easy and quick at home workout that you can do even in your living room.

Keeping in mind the important muscle we have combined these workouts to provide strength and enhance your core. Exercises gets your weak spots develop, get your blood flowing and heart pumping. Exercising at home saves your time going to gym and in this way you can give more focus to your life.


Below is our collection of the best exercises to start at home without any equipment. Must read to create a workout that fit your goals of fitness without leaving the house.

Ready to kick start your home gym!

Sit ups:

These are basic to start. It is a multi-muscle exercise that develops your abdominal area. To perform simple sit ups just lie down on your back.  Bend your legs on the ground. Place your hands behind your head to provide support to the head. Now slowly move your upper body towards the knees. Try touching the elbows with knees. Hold for 2 second and slowly lower yourself down to the ground. For any beginner 10-15 reps at a time will be sufficient.

Benefits:  This workout is helpful in strengthening the core muscle. Sit ups hit your abs hard, helping in you get a toned abdomen. Since these involve a range of movements of multiple muscles, it also works for hips and muscles in legs and chest.  For a full body home workout include sit ups as they may help burn more calories.


Squats focus on building leg muscle. One must include squats to provide strength to legs. Stand straight with your body tight and shoulder and legs width apart. To get more support keep your hands at the back of the head. Now bend your knees and push your hips backs with your back flat and chest lifted. Hold for 2 second and return to the starting position. Squeeze your butt at the top. Repeat for 30 seconds.

Benefits:  Squats are all round exercise and best for building overall strength.  Lower body targeted in a squat involves buttocks, quadriceps, hamstrings and also some of the core muscles.  All the variations of squats are a great exercise for the overall body. If you are falling short of time just do a 30-40 squats to keep you mentally and physically active.

Push Ups

Push up challenge is the ultimate to your body as it demands strength and proper technique.  To perform a perfect push up gets on the floor with the support of your hands and legs balancing your whole body. Keep your body and back straight. You can adjust your feet as per your comfort ability. Now inhale as you lower down with elbows until it makes an angle of 90 with ground. Exhale while go upwards to the starting position with help of your hands.

Benefits: Start with 5 perfect push up as a beginner and increase your count every day.  Standard push ups activate every muscle of the body. These simple daily workouts are highly effective in a busy schedule. Push-ups include major muscle strength like biceps; core muscles, triceps and lower body to balance while your movements.  When you involve large muscles the heart play an important role to pump oxygenated blood to muscles so this effective at home workout is your cardiovascular exercise.


To get in plank position, rest your body on the floor on the fours. Hold on your arms to balance your body.  Make sure your back is straight hips tight. Stay in this position for around 15-20 seconds. Keep on increasing your time and give every day a little extra push.

Benefits: Practicing one pose for a few minutes every day improve your strength, mood and body. Whether it comes to building core strength, immune system, increase muscle definition or faster metabolism plank pose reigns importance.  As your abdominal and back muscles gets stronger, you are less prone to back issues.


Whenever we are looking for home workouts, we want exercises that make us fit and improve our core. Lunges are a popular strength exercise that tone up body. Stand straight and keep one leg forward, lower your both knees to make an angle of 90 degree. Let the other leg touches the ground. Hold for a few seconds and then change the leg. Repeat the same for 15-20 reps.

Benefits: How lunges workout at home benefits your daily activity. A proper posture will make your achieve stability and a strong core. Lunges mainly target the muscles of lower body i.e hips and buttocks and helps in more flexibility. Spine is the strongest muscles, when some exercises put weight on your spine, lunges relax your spine.

Jumping Squats

Another exercise for the legs and cardiovascular system that includes multiple muscles like quads, hamstrings, calves, back and core muscles. Take the position of a regular squat until your upper thighs are parallel to the ground. Now powerfully take a jump as high as possible with your knees towards your chest in the air. Exhale during this portion and immediately squat down and repeat for a few reps.

Benefits:  Do not perform theses exercise with cold muscles, do a little warm-up like walking, jogging, jumps or stretching for better performance. This exercise accelerate your heart rate and helps you build leg and glute muscles. It is also consider one of the best options for weight loss. Jumping movements works on your balance and body posture.

Sometimes we get so busy that forget what our body needs. These home workout are specific when you have no time for gym, even you can work out these on your business trips or vacation to keep your mind and body balanced.

Of course equipments serve their own needs, but if you are set on your goals and want to just get moving and do some strength and core work. No one can stop to stay away from your goals of fitness.

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