How to Apply Perfume for Men ?

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Buying a good cologne is one difficult task. But to use it to its full ability is a master trick to have. Perfume is something that reflects you. People will never forget a good smell of you and surely will never forget a bad smell. There are a lot of good perfumes and a lot of bad perfumes in the market. But if have good perfume but you don’t know how to use it properly and get the full benefit out of it? Then, It can work the opposite for you. There are some points to consider before applying perfume on your body and today we will discuss them in detail. If you follow these steps you can be the best smelling man in the room.

How to apply perfume for men?

Applying perfume to your body is not a complicated trick to learn. There are some basics which you should keep in your mind while applying perfume to your body.

When to apply

Always Apply perfume after shower or bath because after shower your skin pores are wide and open. It is easy for oil to enter the pores and distribute which produces fragrance when applied to warm areas of your body.

Where to apply

Applying a perfume directly to you is not a great way to do it. You need to apply perfume on pulse points of your body where blood flow is more, which helps the fragrance of the perfume to be more aromatic and let it flow in the air.


Pulse points on our body are the softest parts of our body like on your wrist, behind your years down your ankles. But only two spots are proved to be best for men’s i.e one is behind your both years, second is on your wrist.

If you are going to any event or crowded place you can consider applying on your shoulders also.

How much is good?

The less you use is good. Every perfume is different from others, before applying any perfume to your body you should know your perfume concentration level.

Some perfumes are stronger than others. Three drops of light perfume are minimum and best for your day. But if you are going out at night you can increase the capacity of drops from three to five.

Keep changing your perfume for daytime and nighttime. Use light fresh perfume for daytime and for a night you can go for a strong, seductive fragrance.

Points to remember Always spray perfume from 6 to 7 inches distance. Not too close, not too far is good to go.

Don’t follow the mist technique. Never spray the perfume in the air and come under it to get the molecules set on your body automatically.

This is the wrong technique to apply any perfume or cologne. If you are going for any occasion and want to create an impression, you should apply one spray of perfume to your back because when you walk you will leave the scent trail behind you.

Don’t apply perfume directly on your skin like your chest because perfume will lose its durability when applied to low blood circulation areas.

Perfume has oils that need heat to work on your body and pulse points are proved to be the best areas for human skin.

Mistakes to avoid applying perfume

Mistakes are something that is common in humans. But we learn from them and get better. Most of the Times men make tiny or simple mistakes that can spoil the smell of your perfume.


Hygiene should be the no. One priority for everyone to get the best out of your perfume. Don’t apply perfume without taking a shower to avoid sweat smell. Because perfume works best on dry skin, if you apply on a wet surface of your body it will work opposite and stink.

Over apply

You don’t need to over apply perfume to get noticed in the crowd. Applying slight drops of perfume with perfection not only gets you noticed but also gets you a lot of compliments. Over applying perfume can make the other people uncomfortable because of its strong odor.

Patting or rubbing

Patting or rubbing your hands to distribute the cologne or perfume makes the fragrance of your perfume to dissipate because of the excess heat when you rub it. You will lose the intensity when you rub it.

Directly applying to clothes.

Directly applying cologne or perfume on your clothes is the wrong and worst way to apply it. Because perfume contains oils that will make you smell good when you apply it on your body. But applying directly on your clothes will make the oil stink and you will not get the results you want.

Using the same perfume

Perfume is like your shoes. Every occasion needs different shoes, same is the case with perfumes. If you are going out at midnight you need a strong perfume, In the day time, you need light.
Take time to select the best

Take time to buy perfume that suits your personality. Don’t look for casual perfumes available in the market, go for the best quality if it costs you a few more bucks. Don’t settle for cheap perfumes because they are so strong and will make other people uncomfortable to interact with you. The smell is important than your branded clothes. In a long time, people will forget about your clothes but the smell remains in their mind whether it is bad or good.

How to choose the best perfume for you?

Selecting a perfume can be time-consuming for most of the men but you learn by experience, which is why you need time to figure out what’s work best for you. Well, purchasing a high-quality cologne is a bit of a task and you need to keep some points in your mind before buying any expensive perfume.

Avoid buying online

In today’s world where everything is just a button press away from you. You need to be a little bit alert about products available on online platforms. If you want to test the quality of the perfume, you should buy it from department stores. If you are young and new in this cologne thing, you should always prefer department stores because you will get a lot of help in selecting the best for you from the department employees. They know what’s trending in the industry and what is going to suit you.


For testing perfumes durability or longevity, you need to test the perfume on your body. Applying different colognes on your wrist will give you a nice estimate of its durability. You can also check the smell of the fragrance by using stripe and caffeine for cleansing of nostrils but it does not give you a clear estimate of how it will work on your skin.

Ask a woman

If you want to test perfume and want to find out which smells good then there is no great option other than asking a woman or girl for help because of their ability to sense a good or bad smell. Always ask 4 to 5 girls to check the fragrance and whichever gets the more points is your way to go.

Difference between Eau de toilette, Eau de parfum

There are three types of perfumes present in the market i.e Eau de toilette, Eau de parfum, and Eau de Cologne. But the best versions of different perfumes come in Eau de toilette and Eau de parfum.

Both of the categories are different from each other in concentration. Perfumes or colognes are made from perfume oils that are diluted in alcohol and water and all three categories are different in their concentration level. If we talk about Eau de cologne is less concentrated than Eau de toilette which is less than Eau de parfum.

Which one lasts long?

The second thing you want in perfume after smell is it’s durability i.e how long it lasts. If you want a perfume that lasts long all day then you should go with Eau de parfum, because of its concentration it can last long for 7 to 8 hours if applied once. But if we talk about which smells best, then Eau de toilette dominance Eau de parfum lot of the times.

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Why FRAGRANCE is important?

Smell plays a very important role in everybody’s life. No one wants to smell like a garage tank when anybody is near you.

Seductive and attractive

Not a perfect reason to smell good but who doesn’t want to be attractive. Perfumes smell can make anybody a little bit more attracted to you. If you are going to any date or for a night out you should smell good. People are subconsciously attracted to you in a romantic and casual way. Well, if you want to impress anyone with your charm and vibe then get a nice seductive perfume bottle for yourself.

Increase status

Everyone has a status of their own but some have high status than others. So, if you want to increase one plus point in your favor and make people know you more than good smell can do wonders for you. If you are a sales or co-operate person not only you get compliments from your colleague but also get more benefits financially because people want to be more around people who smell good all the time. Tip- If you work in an office with many people, always go for soap fresh cologne.


Yes, not a professional way to describe the smell but a nice perfume applied correctly will surely get you a lot of compliments. Personally, when I started using cologne after high school, it has changed my compliments list from zero to many. Everyone loves genuine, nice compliments but if Don,t like then you can cut this point.

Long-lasting impression

A good smell creates a long-lasting in a person’s mind. Not only impressive but also create the memories of an event or person. Men should always prefer using good cologne after a shower every time because of the more sweating problem.


Every person has a different vibe whether it is good or bad. Similarly, every perfume has a different vibe to it, if you are applying strong fragrance then you give a seductive and Manly vibe. If you wear a chocolate fragrance then you will give more of a sweet vibe to other people. There are many other fragrances that give a different vibe like – tobacco and woody will give a bad boy vibe. The vibe is very important according to the occasion, you cannot wear strong perfume for office or fresh perfume at night. Choose according to the occasion.

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