Skin care for men ultimate and minimalistic guide



Ultimate and minimalist skincare for men guide. Skin issues say goodbye to them. This is basic skin care for men guide. Whether you have an oily, dry or any skin type, this is for you.

All people have different skin types dark, white, brown but what makes skin perfect?

It doesn’t matter what color or skin type you have. What makes a skin good is a natural glow on it. Below are some steps for your skin. If you follow this skincare for men routine you will never face skin acne, skin blemishes, skin bumps, skin irritation.


But to get results you have to follow the routine 100 percent.

1. Face wash routine.

The face wash routine is simple yet most of the guys do it wrong.

How many times should you wash your face?

Two times is must recommended.

1. In the morning– you have to wash your face just after you get up in the morning.

2. The night just before you sleep.- Most people ignore this but this must be required for your skin. The reason for it is simple. Skin pores store the dirt and which results in blackheads and whiteheads.


How to wash your face?

When you wash your face make sure the water is moderately warm, which will open face skin pores. Then apply face wash on your hands and rub it. Then apply on your face and massage it for 10-20 seconds in a circular motion with soft hands-on three main regions of your face.

1. Cheeks

2. Chin

3. Forehead.

This will make increase the blood flow in that particular region of your face. When the blood flow increases, the skin also starts to rejuvenate and start rebuilding. As a result, it promotes growth and helps in cleaning dirt better.

Rinsing off face wash

When you clean your face make sure that the water should not be too hot or too cold. The ideal water temperature should be room temperature or typed water ( slightly hotter than the room temperature)

Now wash your face with normal water.

Rule- Always use mild face wash. Don’t fall for brands. Use Ayurveda or herbal products. Make sure the face wash you use is 100 percent herbal and not only it’s ingredients.
If you do work out make sure you wash your face after a workout also.


2 Apply scrubber.


This is one thing that most of the men don’t do. Include scrub in your skin care men routine. It helps in removing dead skin cells from your skin and make it look cleaner.

Apply scrub 1-2 times a week. Don’t overdo it. Otherwise, it will damage your skin and make it dry.
While applying scrub on face. Use soft gentle hands and remove them in a circular motion. Keep doing that for 10-15 minutes.
Rinse your face with tapped water.

3. Apply sunscreen and moisturizer.

Sunscreen– Apply sunscreen every day when you go out in sunlight.
Sunscreen helps in protecting your skin from ultraviolet radiation (UV rays). Which are harmful to your skin and can damage skin cells.

Moisturizer – moisturizing skin is like giving water to a plant. Moisturizing a skin helps in providing nourishment to your skin and absorbs it. Skin can also absorb good nutrition just like our digestive system.


What to keep away when applying moisturizer?

Make sure you don’t use a chemical-based moisturizer on your skin. If you use it will clog pores of your skin, increase acne and even can affect a good bacteria on your face (which prevents your skin from damage). Use an only natural moisturizer for your face like-

Rosewater- It helps in providing nutrition to your skills which will reduce acne from your face.

How to use rose water?

Use a cotton piece to apply rose water on your face. Don’t use rose water directly with your hands on your face. Keep it clean and apply on your whole face with cotton.
Always apply moisturizer after face wash.

Use natural products like aloe vera.

Alovera is the best natural remedy for the skin. It will reduce acne and bring glow on your face. Alovera removes dead skin cells from your face and makes it healthy and glowing.


How to use Alovera?

Alovera is simple to use. Take a slice of aloe vera. Carry out the gel from the slice. Make a paste of the gel and apply it on your face. And keep on your face for 10-15 minutes. Then rinse off it with a taped water. It will stink a little bit.


4 Diet and nutrition.

Diet plays a very crucial role not only in your body but also in skin care for men routine. A good and bad diet can make a vast difference in your skin health. To keep skin healthy and glowing reduce

1. Intake of sugar. Cut sugar from your diet. Cutting sugar will also help in maintaining a healthy body.

2. Reduce intake of packed and fried snacks. Bad oils are harmful to your skin. It increases the dark circles and dead skin cells on your face.


5. Hot Steam

Taking steam twice or once in a week will be the best option for your skin. Steam bath helps in opening the pores of the skin and reduce the oil from the skin. Don’t overdo it. Overdoing will carry out the essential oils from your skin.


How to take steam at home for your face?

Step1. Take a bowl of water and put one green tea packet in it.

Step2. Boil it and cover it from the top, To stop the water vaporization.

Step3. Bring your face on the top of the bowl and covers it with a towel. Keep it for 20-25 minutes.


6. Apply face mask

Include a face mask in your skin care men routine. Apply a face mask once in a week. A face mask is a great option for you. If you struggle with blackheads or whiteheads.

Blackheads are the root of acne. If you don’t carry out blackheads from your face. Your skin will cover it up and which makes it difficult to get rid of it. And results in acne.

Make sure you apply a face mask once a week. After washing your face with warm water.

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