Best accessories for men

Accessories add dimensions to your style. Wearing accessories with an outfit can change the whole outlook of your outfit.
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One of the worse things can happen when you spend your hard money on luxury clothes but still not get an edge, you know something is missing. And the situation gets worst when one of your colleagues rocking the same designer shirt you bought, and its the fact that you cannot stop people from buying that shirt, but you can add details with accessories to your style that provides you an edge.

There are a lot of men accessories available in the market, you don’t have to wear all of them, as it can work in a negative way for you. When we talk about accessories a lot of people think about lots of chains, diamond teeth, bracelets, etc. I’m not judging anyone, there are people who can pull them very well, actually, it’s the way I always think about accessories when I had no clue about styling. Well, to keep it short there are several types of accessories designed for particular occasions to match with particular outfits. But there are some best men accessories that every men should have in their wardrobe.

Why wear accessories?

Accessories add dimensions to your style. Wearing accessories with an outfit can change the whole outlook of your outfit.
Accessories are the best way to get an edge over others rocking the same outfit. Besides this, accessories are something that can tell about your personality, as every individual have different taste and preferences.
To make clear, all accessories are not specifically designed for style, some accessories items are designed to support and give style to your outfit.

Best accessories for men

There are accessories available that suit specific outfits, but first, we talk about the best accessories that every men above 20 should have in their wardrobe.



Best accessories for men

a watch is the most essential item of accessories that should never be neglected. Watches are the simplest item yet very important for every man to have in their wardrobe.
Watch is something that you can wear on any occasion depends on the watch you wear.

Wearing a nice formal watch on your wrist makes you look classy and responsible. As it is said that a men maturity level can be judged by his wrist, which means if he wears a watch or not. Watches do add an elegant and classy look, but it all depends on the kind of watch you wear with what outfit.


Best accessories for men

People do notice if you believe or not. Yes, we take our wallets out very often, but I can bet you, your wallet has a lot of things to say about you. It doesn’t matter how much money do you have or which currency you have. The minute you pull that Wallet out of your wallet, you have already told everything anyone wants to know.

If you have an old creepy wallet, it’s to change. Before buying a wallet make sure it’s not clingy that bulges your pants. Always invest in a nice slim wallet with a minimal design that fits properly in your pants.

Sunglasses and specs

Sunglasses are the best way to add a macho look to your style. They not only increase your style statement but also helps in protection from harsh lights, especially from sun UV rays on hot summer days.

Sunglasses are not limited to style and protection, besides that, they also help in fixing our facial symmetry, and make us look more attractive. Science says we usually look at people’s eyes first, where we find asymmetry most times. And sunglasses cover this portion of our face which tends to make us more attractive. So, now we know celebrities are not using big shades just to hide from paparazzi.

These are some essential and best accessories for men that you can rock with any outfit.


If you have a pair of suits in your wardrobe then its time to give them different styles by matching it up with different ties. The tie is the most essential item that everyone should have with their suits.
There are several different types of patterns available that you can try out with your suit.


Most of the men feel that they can not pull of rings, that rings look too feminine. but there are a lot of different options available out there, you can choose any that suits you best. That said if you are bold men you can go with skull rings, but if prefer simplicity then the simple black band is worth trying.

You can style rings with your casual outfits, and with suits depends on the occasion.

You can always try different sizes and styles with rings, there is no pressure to follow the trend.


Unlike any other accessory on the list necklace is more visible when you wear it on top of your t-shirt or jacket.  There are various interesting options available to choose from But always avoid huge chains on your neck because they will make you uncomfortable and even don’t look great, instead go for a simple thin necklace or chain with a little bit of character to it.


Now if you want to put it out from your basket it’s your bad luck because scarfs are rarely used by men and yet give a stylish and dapper look. Now, if you look at this way, suppose if you wear a jacket and T-shirt under it, it makes you look normal or one from them wherever you go, whether you have spent thousand dollars on a jacket, but if you add a scarf to your outfit it adds an extra layer to the outfit which gives you an edge over all other men with the same jacket.


Fun way to add a stylish modern look to any casual outfit, but you can also wear it with suits depends on the type of bracelet you choose. Bracelets are also a nice way to skip watch for one day, as they cover your wrist and don’t make it look empty or naked. But can you wear a watch and bracelet for each on one wrist? absolutely yes, there is no doubt, you can style it with a watch to add more dimensions to your outfit.


Well, you can not keep it out as mentioned above watch is the essential item that you should must-have in your wardrobe. Watches can work great with casual outfits also- you can style watch with polo shirts, t-shirts, or with any normal casual shirt if you choose the right pattern and color. Another point to keep in mind that you can not style the same formal watch with casual outfits, in some cases yes, like with polo shirts. But with t-shirts, you have to go with a little bit of pattern and funkiness.

What to look for in a belt before buying a suit?

Buckle type – Buckle for dress belts are more shinny than casual belts. Besides this, dress belts are smaller than other casual belts.
Material – Belts comes in a lot of different material but leather is the most suitable material for dress belts. but Belts generally comes in pure leather and faux leather made of cowherd, lizard, crocodile skin.
Belt width – Belt width is also important when you style it with a suit. Dress belts are generally thinner than other casual belts.

Watch – ​A nice pair of the formal watch adds an event and classy look to your outfit. Suit and watch pair works best like Tom and Jerry. Watch is the most important accessory item for formal outfits, if not for casuals. A nice simple watch on a man’s wrist tells about his value for time.

What to look in watch before buying?

1Match – The first thing you should be looking in a watch is, dies it compliments the suits you have. Always make sure to choose a nice universal color for a dress watch.

2Strap – There are different color patterns available in straps. You have to choose straps that match the color of your dress.
The second thing to look in a strap is material. Go with pure leather straps, if you are buying for a formal outfit. In case you are vegan, you can buy a chain strap, that fits in your wrist.

3Wrist fitting – look for a perfect wrist size in a watch. Don’t choose watches that are loose and tight on your wrist.

Best accessories for men

Cufflinks – cufflink is a stone or metal button usually considered as accessory material for men’s. Cufflinks are a sign of royalism, you can attach them on your dress shirt cuff to make it look more premium and formal. If you want to stand out at any formal event adding cufflinks to your shirt make it do for you.

Square pocket- These are the most important accessory item that provides colorful patterns to your suit. Cufflinks are available in different styles and patterns, you can choose any pattern and color that compliments your suit.  Silk material is considered best for square pockets.

What you should check in a tie before buying?

1 Check to match – take your suit jacket with you to the store to check if the pattern and color of the tie compliment the suit.
2 check length – Always buy a length and width that suits you. You can always ask tailor for customization if possible.
3 check quality – quality is very important for your tie, you don’t want your tie threads out, crumbling here and there.

Belt – ​belt not only helps in keeping your pant anchored at a place but also makes you look more neat and clean. Wearing a suit without a belt makes your dress look incomplete.
Wearing a belt is also helpful when you tuck in a shirt, to prevent the shirt from popping out.

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