8 Most Underrated Animated Films Ever

underrated Animated films
underrated Animated films

It’s nearly impossible to keep track of all the great movies that come out. Every year there are great studio movies like Marvel and Dc. It’s impossible for you to check out every movie, that would be perfect for your taste. Animated movies mostly contain fairy tale stories, we have seen from childhood.  A young girl waiting to be saved by the Prince Charming, but that’s was a whole decade earlier. animated movies have changed a to, at first they were only for kids, but since the release of Frozen and it crossing 1 billion dollars on box office. Animated movies are now for everyone. These movies are critically acclaimed but couldn’t managed to get to everyone. These 8 films are the most underrated animated films from the past 25 years.

Underrated: Atlantis: The lost Empire

You are familiar with the name Atlantis, Aquaman home. But in this feature film, it doesn’t contain the Aquaman home, it’s like another continent with a hidden treasure. Now, you might get disappointed not able to see the Aquaman in an animated character. But don’t worry, the character is similar to that of Arthur Curry aka Aquaman. The only difference is that he won’t have a super strength or can talk to fish.

Back in early 2000, this movie gets a lot of appreciation from the audience but now the film has faded away. Atlantis: The Lost Empire has great animation with brilliant characters. This Disney movie is one of the underrated animated films in the Animation underrated movie list.

Underrated: Road To El Dorado

Most of the people never heard of it, despite its memorable storyline and great characters. The movie follows the story of two friends, who goes on various adventures to find the city of gold. The treasure is not an important part of the story but how two friends are always surrounded by difficulty and they live up to it. The story follows when two friends ( com artists) get their hands on a map which uncover the city of gold, El Dorado.


In terms of finding the gold and live a luxurious life. Now the question arises Do they discover the land and if yes how are they going to take soo much gold out if that place. they land on an adventure to finding gold.

Underrated: Batman: Mask of the Phantasm

Our beloved Dark superhero Batman. It’s never too much to see another Batman movie. From animated movies to real movies, there is enough movie to watch, but not all are good, some are bad and don’t get live up to the audience expectations. From its first introduction In comics, the character is loved by the fans. Most of the Batman movies are rated perfectly but not this. This movie has an amazing storyline and memorable characters.

Batman fighting evil in his batmobile is what we look in a Batman movie. The story of the Batman: Mask of the Phantasm is about when a criminal kills multiple people, Gotham has only one option to take help from the Batman.

Underrated: The Iron Giant

Animation has evolved incredibly, the first animation movie has a bad animation, I was good at that time but not now. As the technology evolved the animation changed too. The only bad thing about The Iron Giant movie is poor animation.

The movies about a young boy, who under mysterious circumstances finds an alien but not a small alien bigger than his house alien. after discovering the alien how a small boy managed to make friends with the alien and stop the government to find him. It’s a small friendship story with brilliant and memorable characters and was enjoyed by the kids very much.

Underrated: Spirited Away

Animation movies concentrated more on story rather than visual effects, we can say that with old animated movies. Now Animated movies have a lot of good visual effects and more music, which kind of ruined the story. The audience don’t a song for every situation, a girl happy or sad always sing a song, it creates a delusion fantasy world. But animation movies are not always, a young girl needs a prince saving her from evil people.

This story is different and it follows a young girl Chihiro/Sen whose life goes upside down after moving to a new neighborhood. Magic is a part of the story but not soo much fairy tale. When under mysterious circumstances her parents are turned into ginormous pigs, she has to find a way back (and to change her parents back), she accidentally makes her way into the spirit world. It is also the only non-English movie to win the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature.

Underrated: Anastasia

It’s a real story of the real princess in the early 1900s. The movie does not follow the real incidents but elaborated on circumstances that should happen. In reality, the princess died alongside her family but in the movie, it shows that she escaped and lived and reconnect with her family.

After escaping how she lived and her life journey to reconnecting with her grandmother. It has a great story and memorable female character, who lived a hard life and take every action, no matter the circumstances just to meet her family.

Underrated: Mulan

Animated films are usually, a young girl looking for a prince to find her first love. It’s a common phenomenon in every animated film are based. But not this animation movie. This animation film proves that we can see a girl not looking to find a lover or prince charming but can join the army and fight for ger country. This is the most underrated Animated films ever, with soo many memorable characters and brilliant storyline. Still, this is the underappreciated animated movie.

In this animated movie, the young girl is fierce, strong as men and can take down enemies by being in the army. The most popular and true quote ” A girl can do anything when it comes to her family”. The story is about a young girl Mulan disguises herself as a man and joins the army in his father place. It is the first action female-centered movie and let the world introduce, women can be in the army and fight the enemy.

Underrated: Brave

It’s none other than the 2012 animation movie Brave. Story about a young beautiful archer whose only purpose is to live by her own rules. It is an underrated Animated films with brilliant characters and a great storyline. A young girl who is fierce and strong like her mother. The introduction of the film shows when Merida (Princess) fighting for her hand in marriage. It’s nothing more badass than this scene. If the first scene is this badass, you should guess what great scenes the movie is filled with. It shows the complete act of bravery like we have seen In the Mulan movie.

Being the firstborn, she has every right to control her fate and only her decision when and which prince to marry. The first scene already describe the movie title, so what’s going to happen in the whole movie. Brave taught an important lesson of courage and bravery to all the girls. With an amazing story and brilliant characters, it’s in one the top movie which is the most underrated Animated films on ore list.

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