How Greed can be Dangerous to our Life?

how greed is dangerous to our life
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Satisfaction is something we all want to have. Being human, different kinds of feelings prevail in our bodies. And our mind grows as we rationalize our thoughts. 

The basic feelings which each of us has our love, hate, anger, and happiness. We all are very well aware of the positive and negative feelings.

Desiring, and aiming to be successful is a goal of everyone. And we take every step to fulfill our desires. 

But the question here is what are you actually doing to achieve this? Is your mind prevailed by greediness? How Greed can be Dangerous to our Life?


How would you differentiate between greed and desires?

Nonetheless, we all need an answer. A definite answer is still needed: is greed has a positive side?

If yes, then what, and if no then what should we do to make things right.

Let’s first discuss what actually is greed.

What is greed?

Greed is an excessive amount of desire to enrich yourself. Often more than one’s proper share. It is definitely uncomplimentary in implication. It arouses many hands against you and the consequences are even worse. 

In simpler terms, Something did illegally earn more wealth.

It’s troublesome when everything goes against our will. 

A famous saying

” There is a sufficiency in the world for man’s need but not for man’s greed.”

by Mahatma Gandhi

In psychological studies, for greedy people, enough is never going to be enough. Their mind never attains peace and greediness is an outcome of a lot of anger, stress, and thinking.

Wealth is the most powerful weapon according to more than half the population of the earth. 

No doubt it’s the most important thing we need to survive but we forget it’s acting like parasites to our mind. 

Lets the live instances where greed has controlled the minds

  • Taking credit for the hard work of others

The easiest way to find a greedy person is by his behavior traits. 

You can see the real examples in your neighborhood, or around your working place. Taking the appreciation of something they don’t even deserve. The real hard workers are ignored and the ones imitating them get benefited. A sign that clearly shows that a person has a high addiction level of greed.

  • Avoiding to provide financial aid

If a person is unable to provide financial aid to their loved ones not because they don’t have but because they don’t want to provide. 

They want to achieve more in expenses of losing their backbones.

  • Trying to be more deserving

A deserving candidate or a person doesn’t have to act that they are more deserving. But another person’s greed comes in between and rips their efforts apart.

Their addiction to achieve more makes them blind and present themselves as the most deserving person in the room. 

“We are in danger of destroying ourselves by our greed and stupidity. We cannot remain looking inwards at ourselves on a small and increasingly polluted and overcrowded planet.”

Stephen Hawking

Why is greed dangerous?

Dangerous is just a word but the damage greed does to our life is unexpected.

Greed an addiction with unexpected outcomes. how hard you try once you got addicted to something like drugs. 

It requires immense efforts to come out of this.

Without a legal cure, you will risk your life. The more is not more anymore for greedy people. Always want more as there is no word for them to get satisfied.

A simple life of contentment and sharing will clothe us with perpetual happiness, good health, and long life.

What makes a greedy person?


Addiction is one of many reasons why a person becomes greedier. Their habit of asking for more and never getting satisfied with less. 

Like we get too addicted to social media, and once we get addicted then you will also welcome the problems with it. Stress is a major problem faced today by most people. And this is How Greed can be Dangerous to our Life. An addiction syndrome that changes life.


Sometimes a person grows through seeing their household problems. It’s even more impactful as they spend most of their time at home.

Deal them in less time or otherwise bear the consequences.

Don’t allow your past to affect your future with feelings like greed, jealousy, and anger. 

The door to more health problems is greed. So, control it before it controls you. 

How greed affects our life?

How greed affects our life? is greed controlling our minds? How greed is preventing us from moving forward in our lives? The answer is simple to guess, greed has been controlling our mind long before we actually know. And also the problems associated with it. 

Let’s see the problems associated with greed. 

  • Health- A proven fact in fact a reality with no wealth without health. Greed is controlling our mind, so means our mind is trapped by unfaithful beliefs of greed. More stress, less work. All and all making our brain functioning poorly.
  • Mind – greed straightly affects the mind, an invitation to more health problems. 
  • Less sleep– it’s a proven and even famous fact that greed is affecting our minds. And leading to many sleepless nights. More headaches less Focus.
  • Losing loved ones– in a race to obtain more and more we lose the support of people who are with us through our goods and bad times.
  • Less focused- Thousands of people are in a race with you but not with spirit to achieve more and more money but to build their brand value and stand out from the crowd. And with a clear cut focus on goals rather than a greedy mind.

Greed affects our day to activities making our life miserable. More stress, less work on goals, and eventually less to little focus. 

It is never too late to start. So, consult a specialist to get rid of the problem. 

You should have got a great idea by now, how dangerous is greed for humans. 

Greed can be a positive one too if taken in a positive way I 

If you work tooth and nail to get the job done. Cracking business deals and achieving greater heights of success with a positive mindset is always helpful.

Now you guys know How Greed can be Dangerous to our Life.

Want more now! Just kidding.