Men’s Summer Shoes 2021

Men's Summer Shoes 2021
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Men’s Summer Shoes 2021 – The step-changing nature of the fashion industry is common and it’s no different with shoes. While the pandemic wave in 2020 didn’t give an opportunity to the fashion world, now it’s back on track.

One common thing in the shoe industry is that it changes every year but not to a large extent. What do I mean by that? I mean it’s not the new shoes that drive the industry, it’s the same shoes but the crowd preference is what decides the fashion of the shoe industry.

What’s new in summer men’s shoes?

Well, the change in the industry is mild but it’s unique in some way. Now the trend is more into an experimenting cycle, which means it is not only limited to white and Black sneakers, though you can not get them out totally from the game


Trending shoes 2021

New balance or suede runners

New Balance Men’s 990 V5 Sneaker

Dad trend is back

Many of you will be surprised that how so-called dad shoes have made their comeback in 2021. Nowadays it seems that the younger generation prefers more comfortable shoes than any designer shoes.

The reason why new balance is on the top is that it is the new emerging trend along with loose and saggy jeans. It’s like history repeating itself.

After a huge change in the fashion industry in a couple of decades it’s more like now the fashion industry does have fashion but not comfort.

And there is no argument why people are shifting from more fashionable to comfier, whether it’s shoes, jeans or t-shirts.

New balance series 990 is a hit in 2021, the reason behind this is the comfortability of the shoes. The best thing about shoes is that you can pair them with blue jeans, black jeans paired up with a t-shirt and jacket. This trend is huge nowadays.

Not only has Panedamic changed our lives but also our way to observe the fashion industry in a different way.

The best thing about the year 2021 is that it is not limited to classics. A lot of basic runners are on the list, and there is no doubt why.

While tech runners are the new thing, still you can’t totally keep out the basic suede runners out of the game. Suede runners is a shoe trend in 2021 because of their Colourfullness and comfortability.

A lot of brands along with new balance like Asics and Novesta are the top prominent players. But before that you should know –Can you Wear Suede Shoes in Summer

New Balance Men’s 990 V5 Sneaker – Buy on Amazon


Converse Men’s Chuck Taylor All Star

Converse and Vans are some of the classic shoes out there. Many trends have changed in the years but not the white and black converse. While some say you can not go wrong with the converse.

Whether you are updating your shoe wardrobe or not, the converse should have a fixed spot in it. These shoes are more classic and built for fashion. With little soles and made of cloth they have got an edge in the shoe Industry.

Shoes like converse one star and vans are a neutral trend and have never seen a down line especially in recent years, and there is more than a 90 percent chance, that it will not see a downline in coming years.

What’s amazing about these shoes is that it’s all casual. It is a specific niche shoe that can be worn with almost all casual outfits.

Wear these with dark blue jeans, chinos paired up with a t-shirt, jacket, or shirt. What you should avoid while wearing these shoes is, shaggy and loose jeans because if your jeans are more open from the down, it will cover the whole shoes.

Because the shoe is mid ankle shoes you need perfect tailored or fit jeans or pants.

Converse Men’s Chuck Taylor All Star- Buy on Amazon

Chunky soles

Fila Men’s Strada Disruptor

Just like new balance, Gucci and some alternative brands like Adidas and Nike (also make running shoes) are creating a boom in the market with this latest trend.

Big soles and colorful designs on shoes are the new street trend. From celebrities to models to men to women all are driving this new boom of the fashion industry.

These big shoes look more like a pair of monsters on your feet and also make you look big because of the huge soles which are wider than the shoes themselves.

These shoes are in high demand. With many color patterns available in the market one can match them with a particular outfit.

The only bad side I can pick out from these shoes is that you are limited to experiment with different outfits while wearing them because of color patterns.

But I think this is not that much of a problem because there are many color options available that can go well with almost all outfits like black and white combination, white and yellow combination.

While chunky shoes are in-game today, earlier they are seen as ugly or garbage. And it’s a matter of time the fashion industry and people have changed their perspective in a different direction.

Well if we look at the long perspective then these don’t have the edge to stay that long like minimal black and white Stan Smith sneakers.

But despite that I would suggest you can experiment with them and who knows, they may become your go-to shoes for casual occasions.

Similarly, like the new balance you can wear them with jeans paired with any jacket or chinos and jacket. While these are the funkiest shoes out there you can try them with a fade or rough jeans.

One thing I would like to suggest to you all is to, make sure your jeans are not narrow or don’t wear skinny jeans. The reason is that tight jeans will make the shoes look bigger and your legs look more skinny and weak, which may ruin your whole outlook.

Fila Men’s Strada Disruptor- Buy n Amazon

Tech boost runners

Nike Adapt BB 2.0

Today everyone is revealed to the technology and everything is transferred in technology. Well, tech giants are taking advantage of the latest technology to attract the audience, shoemaker giants are not far behind.

Adding a spice of tech in anything and it becomes famous and trend and it’s the same with tech runners. I’m not against them, they sure do provide more benefits to the owner.

Tech runners came into the scene back in 2016 when Nike launched their Hyper adapt 1.0. While years later they make a lot more sense.

I guess Nike has a more forward vision for the future than any other shoemaker in the industry.

The best thing about tech runners is they are super comfortable and provide you with a customized fit that makes you feel shoes are part of your body.

And not to forget self-lacing technology makes these shoes a survivor and a player in the long run.

Tech runners are basically built for performance and because the health factor is increasing in humans so does the market for reliable shoemakers.

Nike Adapt BB 2.0Buy on Amazon

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Rough outdoor shoe trend

Merrell Men’s Moab 2 Vent Hiking Shoe

 Are you a fan of outdoor activities? Well, I guess a lot of you are, at least what this new shoe trend shows us.

And it is true that a lot of people have started involving themselves in outdoor activities to keep themselves near nature despite addictive technology and work pressure.

Well, I have discussed how pandemics changed our lives and our perspective of seeing life. Now people are more into sports activities or outdoor activities that’s why there are a lot of runners on the list.

Well, shoes like these are not new, some of you may have these in your wardrobe already. It’s all the perspectives of humans that changed the trend and brands like Hoka one are putting in their hard work to provide the people the best product and increasing their shares in the shoe industry.

Besides outdoor activity or any sports activity, you can wear them with jeans and a t-shirt for a casual day. These shoes have a rough and rugged look.

In some ways, they look a cousin of new balance sneakers but are less crafty and also less heavy.

Merrell Men’s Moab 2 Vent Hiking Shoe- Buy on Amazon

Minimal sneakers are always there

Black and white sneakers

adidas Originals Mens^Men’s Stan Smith Trainers

You can never put these pairs out of the game. All trends go but only some last and that’s what is the case with black and white sneakers.

Brands like Adidas which released there one of the classics Stan Smith is still a top Men’s Summer Shoes 2021 shoes and I think it is difficult for any shoes to push it down from its position.

Mostly they come in leather, may it be from Adidas or Nike. You can wear them with chinos, jeans paired up with a single layer(t-shirt or shirt), or a double layer (formal jacket or casual jacket).

One plus about these is, that you can wear them with casual outfits, semi-formal outfits like chinos and shirts, and lastly, you can also wear them with suits or sports jackets.

adidas Originals Stan Smith – Buy on Amazon


Loafers are in the game this year also. The simple structure and semi-formal look keep them in the game. And not to forget they are one the easiest shoes to pull off.

You can wear them with chinos paired with polo shirts or dress shirts. You can also wear them with jeans and polo shirts to get an edge in casual outfits.

Suede shoes

PUMA Men’s Low-Top Sneakers

Suede shoes are increasing their spot in top players. Every year suede demand is increasing and 2021 is the best year for suede because it is one of the top priorities for shoe customers.

Take any casual shoe and you will see the suede increasing demand. Brands like puma and vans are pushing it up for suedes.

And when the suede name comes the classic brown suede shoes are one classic piece that one should have in their shoe wardrobe.

The best thing about suede is that they provide class and causality at the same time and you can rock them with casual and semi outfits.

But before that, you should know suede demands care to keep their longevity alive. Rain season is a bad season for any suede shoes but except that it is one classic piece that enhances the outlook of your outfit. The increasing demand of

suede shoes in 2021 have no specific reason behind it, maybe people are more into simple and elegant style nowadays.

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