How to stay calm ? – 8 useful tips

how to be calm

The average human being is trapped by problems like stress, depression, anger, and nervousness. Sounds as inevitable as its effects because they can cause serious illness. Learn to stay calm under stressful situations.

Not only it affects professional life but even affects us mentally and physically.

There are some moments where you must have lost your temper and after that felt guilty about the same. Becoming impatient and losing control may happen due to various reasons like terrible customer service, environment, and many more.

With time it will damage you from the inside and create many other problems like family issues.


You feel helpless and want to relax and calm down under stressful situations. For most people everyday situations like job interviews, public speaking are stressful and even pressurize them to the level that they quit. 

Learn to calm down to control your anger and nervousness. Give yourself some time to practice calm habits. Doing it on a daily basis will relieve your stress and help you to control your temper. Baby steps are the best methods for true change and with consistency, it will become part of you. 

Steps to stay calm

Breathe Deeply

The simplest way to cool down in pressurized situations is to take deep breaths. In a nervous state, your heart pulse goes up and there may be chances of problems in breathing. 

For, restoring oxygen levels, and calm you down, breathing deeply will help. The more the oxygen level the better the heart rate, and the better the blood circulation. 

Slowly inhale and hold it to a count of four, then exhale in the same manner. Repeat the process four to five times in a minute. Do this for a few minutes for a proper calming effect.

Practice regularly to stop your nervousness and control your temper. The plus point of breathing deeply is that you can do it anytime and anywhere.

Soothing Music

The unwanted noise can be a cause of your stress. You can’t stop the noise but you can avoid it. The best way to do so is to listen to soothing and some relaxing music. It’s a great source of stress booster and calming.

If possible try it at that very moment when feeling stressed and tensed. 

The melodious voice is passed through our ears drums to our mind making the tensed muscles relax and calm. And helps to destroy negative thoughts to some extent. 

Try this for half an hour anytime or before going to bed to sleep well. 


Reduce Your Caffeine

Caffeine is a great source of moderation for many but not for all. It sure has benefits as it gives you energy when you are tired. The consumption level of caffeine is different for every individual.

But excessive amounts of caffeine is harmful to your health. 

Sometimes you take caffeine when you are short of sleep. This will affect you mentally and even sometimes lead to headaches. 

Caffeine in high quantities leads to anxiety and depression. This may take a while and can be difficult at first but eventually, you will get used to it. The sooner the better so decrease your caffeine intake to avoid anxiety and depression.


Do Exercise

Consistency matters the most be it your work or doing exercise. There are many stress relieving and calming exercises.

Yoga and meditation are proven ways to calm you down. Its benefits and effects are related to your nervous system and stress response.

Chanting OM for a few minutes will have an effect on your brain, making your mind relax and spill away from the negativity.

Above all these, it controls your cholesterol level and blood pressure as well. 

Practice mindfulness exercises to get control over excessive anger and stress. Few minutes are nothing compared to the stressful life that you are going through. Challenge yourself and make a schedule and regularly follow it. 


Laughing Exercise- a stress reliever

Feeling anxious and stressed while laughing is difficult. Laughter is a great therapy for relieving stress and anxiety.

The laughter makes you calm and boosts you with positive energy making all your tension go away. Spend each day laughing and it will automatically get control of your anger means you feel calm. 

Spend time with loved ones or who make you laugh or watch funny movies and serials to lower your stress. Even you can rewind your happy or joyful memories for calmness.

Additionally, it also boosts your immune system and mood. Nothing is more important than your health so whatever you can do to improve it, follow it. 


Use distraction if something is troubling or stressing you. The best way is to stop thinking about the consequences and distract yourself by involving in activities like talking with close ones, walk, or try to watch some comedy.

These activities will calm your mind. Make yourself busy if possible to avoid any stress. 

For example, before getting into a heated argument excuse yourself and walk out from there, and think calmly about that particular thing.

After some time clear your points.

Make yourself busy as this will lower the chances of getting depressed. 



If you are stressed or depressed there are high chances that your posture will suffer. Instead of wasting your time on irrational thoughts use your time to relax by taking naps in between. 

Naps are a great way to relax if you have limited time. It will increase your energy level and freshen you. 

Continuously sitting for long hours and building concentration levels at the same time is a bit difficult. Go for a tiny break to clear your mind and calm yourself down. As it helps in greater productivity level and you will be able to finish your work on time. 

Other than that try some relaxing exercises or have small talk with friends or you can even listen to music.



A body gets tired by performing various activities. It includes your daily working, too much stress, anger, long hours of working and many other things. 

To loosen your tensed muscles and calm your body, take the help of a massage. Massage your body thoroughly for proper functioning. And brings a glow to the body.

Massage also helps to relieve the pain in your body.

Instant relief from anxiety is achievable by applying pressure with hands or fingers on some parts of your body. 

You may also lose your temper because of an empty stomach. Fuel your body with some energy by eating your food on time or having snacks. 

Don’t rush, take things slowly to avoid unnecessary tension and stress. Take one step at a time.

Nature too can relieve your stress and tiredness, so take breaks and hang out to have some fresh air.

If you’re really stressed ask yourself if it is the right thing to do and then take decisions.

Tiredness, anxieties, depression, stress, and anger make a life of an individual difficult. 

We are grateful that they are techniques and tools which can be used to manage anxiety and stress. 

Slowly and with time you surely will attain calmness. Take time, and give yourself time to bring positivity. Staying and positive in pressurized situations is possible, all you need to do is to follow these steps with consistency.  

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