Why Do We Fall in Love With Certain People? : 9 Reasons

Why do we fall in love with certain people
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Most of us once in our life fall in love with certain people. What is falling in love according to you? 

There will be several statements based on the circumstances and feelings of a person. It could be looks, emotional attachment, love at first sight, or other reasons like your imaginative person. The list goes on. That’s exactly why you are here right. To know why you fall in love with certain people.  

What is love according to science?

The researchers have spent several hours finding what’s actually love. It’s not as simple as it sounds. They characterized love in three stages on the basis of hormones lust, attraction, and attachment. The hormones that are responsible for love are dopamine, testosterone, estrogen, oxytocin, norepinephrine, serotonin, and vasopressin.


We will discuss them later in detail. 

Love is an intense feeling of deep affection. We all crave something that completes us. It’s a feeling that makes our soul, and body happy. It’s the life cycle of every living being on Earth. Hence we fall in love.

Various reasons have been cited for falling in love. Worldzfeed has made a guide on why you fall in love with certain people.

Reasons why we fall in love with certain people

SO, without waiting let’s get to know what are the actual reasons behind falling in love with someone. 


Feeling lonely and empty from inside could be a real reason you might fall for someone.

People who spent most of their time pretending to be okay in front of others are lonely from the inside. An emptiness deep inside makes the person vulnerable and even destroys their self-esteem and gets them into overthinking. 

And if they encounter someone who understands them they might fall in love. They share there are thoughts and feelings with them which slowly develop feelings of Love. 


Compatible means a person who shares the same interests and habits.

Love is something that happens randomly.

But being compatible with someone is also the reason why you love them.

Though it’s a bit difficult to find someone who shares the same interests and habits because we all are unique in our own way. But even if by chance we encounter a person with who we are similar in many ways then it is hard to resist falling in love with them. 

When you are compatible with someone, you enjoy each other’s company, you share the same interest in food and even your thoughts match various topics like marriage. 

You will be more connected and attached to people and will have the desire to grow together. 


Earlier we have mentioned hormones being the reason for loving someone. But how hormones are the reasons for falling in love.

Oxytocin, commonly known as the “love hormone”. It’s related to bonding, social attachment, trust, and caring sharing. 

A good level of oxytocin develops emotional bonding between two people. And it is released more when there is physical contact. Like if you hug someone, and basically builds your trust. And eventually leads to love.

 More Happy Hormones, the More desire for your Partner.

Oxytocin, dopamine, and serotonin are “happy hormones.” 

Attraction releases more dopamine in the brain thus more positive emotions and it eventually leads to an increase in levels of serotonin, thus helping your bond stronger.

The more the better. Truth is that females have a high level of oxytocin. 


We all want to feel special. It makes us secure and Happy. If you are affectionate about someone you listen to them, you help them, you share your feelings with them, and you enjoy their company. 

But when we are not getting it from anywhere we choose to look for it outside. 


Propinquity is a factor responsible for why people fall in love.

If you are close to someone that means you’re more likely to develop feelings of Love. 

The familiarity and closeness will grow as you spend time with the person.

Long-term repeated behaviors like spending time, sharing will make the beliefs stronger and healthier. 

Not only in interpersonal relationships but it also is a huge help to people who want to create their influence.

Like their Individuality

Some people fall for the person who they are. They connect with them easily and love them for who they are. 

Since every human being is unique in his own way. 

You like their attitude, personality, and behavior. And want to know them. 

We Want

We all want that one person in life with whom we can share everything. Happy moments, sad ones, our secrets, and everything that is related to us. We want that one soul who can experience all the ups and downs together.

Or we want to fulfill our desires like close proximity. But it’s proven that after some duration your romantic life will fade away. So how to make the relationship last longer? Love is not just fulfilling your desires, it is More than that. You have to compromise, you have to go through all the ups and downs together, care for each other, understand each other, and grow stronger together. 

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The common reason why we fall for a person is due to lust. Lust is a stage in which a person gets attracted towards a certain person, their physical looks mostly. 

Lust doesn’t last long, after fulfilling your physical needs the spark that is required to make the bond strong fades.


There is a fine between love and friendship. Friends are our parts of life with whom we explore so many different things. We learn with them, they help through our thick and thin. 

Life becomes so much easier with them. Sometimes we fall for our friends. We start liking them and realize that he/ she is the one with whom we want to spend our lives. Because friendship is one of the purest forms of relation.

Why do we fall in love with our friends?

It’s easier to fall in love with your friends. Well because of common history, similar ideas, and beliefs, stability, low expectations. Most importantly we are comfortable with them. 

But make sure the love is mutual. Because if it’s not then you might even lose your friendship as well. 


YOU now have got the idea why you fall in love with certain people. So, enjoy and embrace your love.

Love is a feeling which we feel in almost every relationship. Be its the relationship between a brother and sister, your parents, family, and many other relationships. The purest form of love is the love that your parents have for you. No lust, no desperation, no self-interest, no feeling lonely.


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