Does Jaggery increase weight? 

does jaggery increase weight

It’s good to see that you have started concerning about health. In our busy days, we hardly get time to plan meals with workouts. Therefore changing a few food items with natural ones is a great choice. Like replacing refined sugar with natural sweetener “jaggery”.

The sweetness of the mouth is the sweetness in the mouth. Every type of food we eat and enjoy in one way loaded with richness of sugar. Sugar everywhere can put health at risk. Even workouts would fail to recover the damage from sugar. When there is a healthier option then why would go for white sugar? Yes, jaggery is the substitute for sugar. But there are misconceptions that jaggery increase weight. If you are also hearing the same around you then this article will let you make your choice for jaggery. 

Does jaggery increase weight? 

No jaggery doesn’t increase weight. This is a common misconception or myth you can say. To understand it better I used a simple formula for calories measure of sugar and jaggery. If you are on weight loss you know how important it is to calculate your calorie intake. And that’s what I used. 

But if we measure the calories for sugar and jaggery it’s not that large. Then by replacing the sugar with jaggery would be nice or not? 


 To answer this let’s first understand what is jaggery? 

Jaggery is a natural sweetener made from boiling sugarcane extract or juice until it hardens into a solid brown block of sweetness. The product known as gur in India is unrefined. It contains more nutrients than refined sugar because of molasses which are refined to make white sugar. 

Jaggery nutrition values

10 g of jaggery contains

38.3 calories

9.6 g carbohydrates

9.5 g sugar

Trans fat 0 g

Protein 0 g

Apart from this, jaggery contains essential nutrients and vitamins, Calcium, Potassium, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Iron.

Comparing this natural sweetener when added to tea or dessert jaggery help to reduce weight. Here’s how:

  • Trans fat is highly reduced if you are on a weight loss. The good thing is jaggery is trans fat-free. There’s is no amount of trans fat in jaggery, in short, you can easily end your sugar cravings with a piece of jaggery. 
  • Low calories= easy weight loss. Jaggery has fewer calories that complete your daily calorie requirement. 
  • It’s a common fact that digestive system health is essential for weight loss. Eating a piece of jaggery after a meal aids digestion, scientifically proven. 
  • Cleaning and detoxing the stomach is as important as skin. Jaggery helps To flourish toxins and impurities out of the body, kickstart the metabolism rate, which makes it easier to lose weight. 
  • Higher levels of zinc and potassium in jaggery tackles the water retention in the body. You can easily manage your weight loss routine with a small piece of jaggery. 

To finally close it, jaggery is packed with micronutrients. Compared to white sugar which only contains empty calories, jaggery gram by gram is more healthy and beneficial for weight loss. 

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How beneficial is Jaggery for health? 

Not only weight loss, there are multiple reasons why this natural sweetener is gaining popularity among fitness enthusiasts. 

  • Jaggery is absorbed at low rate than sugar. Therefore it doesn’t raise the blood sugar levels in the body. Although jaggery is sucrose but being unrefined and natural it is a better alternative. But anything that goes out of limits will react inversely. 
  • One of the common deficiencies people especially at a young age is iron deficiency. Every mineral is important for our body, like iron the essential one. Lack of iron in the body cause fatigue, weakness. To add some quantity of iron on your daily basis, grab a small piece of jaggery to prevent anemia. 
  • Control the blood pressure levels. If you suffer from low or high blood pressure, jaggery helps to create a balance. The presence of potassium and sodium maintains the acid levels. 
  • Eating fried and junk or any heavy meal slows down the digestion process. This could happen if you have a late-night party yesterday, overeating the best solution is just consume a piece of jaggery with warm water. 
  • Immunity booster. When winters call immunity falls? Cough, cold,  infection are common from cold weather conditions. Antioxidant-rich with Iron, selenium, zinc, magnesium, and phosphorus keeps you warm allowing better blood circulation in winters and improves immunity. 
  • Maintains the intestine functioning. Not just a substitute for sugar,  jaggery has more reasons to be included on daily basis. Switching to jaggery gives you about 8% of your Magnesium and Potassium, and about 15% of your Iron requirements. You will start observing results when you consume the right amount on daily basis. 

Although the benefits are enough to make jaggery versatile. But people with diabetes always consult a doctor before increasing the jaggery consumption. 

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How much jaggery is safe per day?

We have various reasons to include jaggery but how much to include is always the next question for healthy consumers. If you are simply replacing sugar, and not looking to overall intake, then even a natural superfood turns bad to your health. 

Recommended dosage for Jaggery

1-2  tablespoon 

equivalent to 7to 10 g on a daily basis

A healthy person can consume it after a heavy meal. 

Note: For weight loss consume it empty stomach with warm water and lemon. Or you can add it to your herbal tea. 

Which color Jaggery is best?

You can enjoy the benefits of jaggery if it is pure and unrefined. There are multiple types of jaggery available in the market. You need to know which is the pure one. If you belong to India, you can easily find organic jaggery but in other countries make sure of the color type to purchase. 

There are three types of jaggery available. 

Sugarcane jaggery

It is made from sugarcane juice. It is hard and dark brown in color. 

Palm jaggery

Palm jaggery is made from the extract of palm trees. it’s soft and delicate that melts in the mouth. with time it gets salty and bitter.

Coconut jaggery

The darkest and hard coconut jaggery is produced from unfermented coconut sap. The most common difference is the sucrose level. Coconut jaggery doesn’t contains sucrose but is rich in iron and magnesium.

Since you know the types of jaggery, if you are going for a purchase check the purity levels of the jaggery. There are 3 parameters to check the purity of jaggery in the market. 

  1. Color: The color of the pure jaggery is dark brown. Yellowish colors available are chemicals added. As dark is the actual color of caramelization of sugar when the sugarcane juice is boiled. 
  2. Taste: Do taste a piece before buying. The natural organic jaggery is slightly salty with a touch of bitterness.
  3. Break it: The original jaggery formed from sugarcane and coconut is hard to break. 
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