How to Be More Charming and Attractive : 11 real life tips

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Charm can be Natural and can be built too. Why do people feel good around charming personalities? Why are they always considered to be the best? What outranks them from others? Why are we more attractive to them?

The answer lies down in the characteristics they have. They are far better than the people who are successful but are extremely rude. They look for agreement rather than contradictory discussions. 

Charms have such an effect on us that we can’t easily forget the charming people. We always want to be around them or be with them. 

The charming and attractive qualities that we are looking, resides inside us but we are not aware of it yet. The charms also depend upon how we see ourselves, situations, and behave with others. Your best is yet to come.


How to Be More Charming and Attractive

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Show vulnerability

It is seen that charming people don’t hesitate in showing their vulnerable side to the world. Like most of us. They are unaffected by any negativity and show their true self. This shows their simplicity and people will respect them even more. Showing your vulnerable side isn’t bad instead it will only reflect that you are real. You will gain trust and really bring joy to you.  At first, you might feel awkward, but you are also well aware of the fact that slow and steady wins the race. And people will also not laugh at you and they too understand that everything is fine. 

Skin Care

By now I assume that you know how charming people look. By look, I mean their outer look. They take proper care of their skin. They always dress neatly and cleanly. And keep their body moisturized. A mandatory step to keep your charm is with healthy skin and body. 

If you can look good with some makeup and look fit with a workout then why not use it to advance yourself. The basics you know how to take care of your skin and body.

Dullness can lead to many problems like pimples, then tension and worries. It’s better to take care of it before it becomes worse. 

Neatly dressed and freshness are also the reason why we get attracted to charming personalities. So, take care of your skin for bringing charm in you.

Be Genuine

Genuine people are liked by everyone and catch people’s attention. You like people who understand you without even telling them anything, they make you feel special, they respect your point of view or whatever you are sharing with them. They smile with you and then you naturally feel important. Their ability to bond is the essence of charm. 

Make your bonding ability stronger so that others will feel comfortable around you. Try to converse in a friendly manner instead of winning the conversation. Keep your ego aside and show them you are genuinely interested. The world appreciates sincerity because they know what’s temporary and what’s genuine.

Avoid Contradiction

What do most of us often do when communicating? We discuss, share opinions that lead to an argument. That’s how we try to win an ideal conversation. Without looking deep into the topic we take this on our ego and end up yourself in an argument. Because it’s easy to take a different side rather than automatically agreeing. 

Charming people mostly avoid contradiction, they present themselves in such an outstanding way that will be more of an agreement than an argument. They look for positive points and share their views and opinions by elevating any chances of argument. 

Make a conversation more like an agreement and try to explain your points in a polite manner. Start from small and then it will automatically become a habit. The charms hidden in you will start coming out if you try these little things.


Charming people have the ability to talk openly.  Sincerity is what makes them stand from others. They prefer sincere questions and genuinely want to know you. 

You will feel special in their presence, that’s the most captivating quality they have. And makes you open to a great degree. 

Build and bring a charming and attractive side of yours by following these steps. Remove your social anxiety and work on your weaknesses. Once you take a step forward then practice it as much as you can to be a charming personality. 

Learn more and more, it will only help you. 

Remember Names

The worst is when you forget someone’s name whom you should remember. But charming people have very good names. They remember even little detail about the person to a great degree.

For instance, you meet someone after a long time but are unable to recognize his or her name or if he/she forgets your name. How would you feel? Not good right. 

So try to remember the names of people you have to remember. This will make them feel proud and good about themselves and for you too. It will also build a stronger bond. 

Don’t just talk but listen too

The people with charm are good listeners. But what do most people do? They only talk and talk and behave like they are superior to others. Don’t force your views on others. It will put you down. 

The charming people observe and listen to every conversation they are involved in. This way others will feel good too. And will create a mutual understanding between two or more people. 

Be a good listener too. Never interrupt and let them share their story. Researchers say that people who listen carefully, have more chances of earning trust.

Say with Confidence

Whatever charming people say they say with Confidence. Whether it’s their opinions or accepting their mistakes. 

If you hesitate while speaking it will seem like you are weak even if you are not. And it will not have that much effect. 

Instead of fearing, put your views or tell anything with confidence. Accepting mistakes may seem like a big deal but trust me it’s not. It’s better than all lies that you say while hiding one mistake. Openly accept it, remember it’s a part of everyone’s life. Rather regretting, learn from it.

Treat Everyone Same

The most fascinating quality that charming people have is treating everyone equally. They don’t serve people on the basis of color, gender, occupation, and profession.

A positive vibe of energy encircles the room if you treat everyone the same. And we are more attracted to people like these.

With kindness, you can win the heart of everyone and earn their respect. 

Look For Mutual Understanding

Charming People focus on the positive aspects of the situations and look for mutual understanding. 

Mutual understanding is a must to gain trust and build strong relationships. We always want someone who understands us and provides us with the right guidance.

A must-have quality to earn respect and trust. The backbone of any relationship is trust and so it becomes even more important to understand your partners and relations better. 

Be Attentive

Most individuals act like they are paying attention to the conversation. In actuality, they are present only physically not mentally, and even use mobile phones or other means to distract themselves from the conversation. 

It does make a difference as it can affect us in many ways. 

You can only do one thing at a time either you can talk or use phones. So give time to everyone and everything. 

Charming people are attentive and enthusiastic, they smile, they take an interest, and make others feel good. That’s the reason they are charming and attractive. 

Create your own charm and personality by focusing on yourself. Show your real side to the world instead of wasting your time thinking and fearing. 

Stay positive, you will surely attain what you are expecting in your life. All you have to put in is just a little effort. And do the practice. 

…  Do best and be more charming and attractive.

Hi, gurbi is a fashion blogger, designer, and fashion consultant. He is 25 yrs old man who love the world of fashion.